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Should your next conference have live music or video?

It’s usually the more expensive option between the two and can, if done correctly, be a key factor that makes the event memorable. Live music typically means higher energy. By having live musicians in the mix, the conference adds another layer to the experience.

Should you play music at a business conference?

The best way to avoid that experience is to fill it with music. This concept is especially true at a business conference where there is lots of talk and little energy. The music played at a conference will make the event stronger, directly influencing the flow of events, ambiance, and the energy of the room.

What are music conferences?

These music conferences call in industry professionals, producers, artists, promoters, record labels, and enthusiasts.

Should you use streamed music for your next event?

Streamed music means control. It also means being at the mercy of your sound equipment. But with streamed music—especially if you hire a DJ—you can curate conference songs and create a schedule around the event itself. You lose the personality of live music, but perhaps your event doesn’t call for live musicians.


2. Put together a few, high-quality demos of your latest material

If and when the time comes for you to show someone in the industry your work, I’d highly recommend that it be professionally recorded. I should say, first of all, that if you’re so new to the process that you don’t feel like you have songs that are ready, there’s no harm (and plenty of good) in not bringing any of your music to a conference.

3. Simple business card

You’ll be meeting lots and lots of people at these conferences. It’s never a bad idea to have a very simple business card with your name and contact information on it. This can include a link to a site where your music is available to listen to but, as I mentioned above, only if the songs (and the recordings) are ready for prime time.

5. Remind yourself not to come on too strong

Speaking of networking, there are, without a doubt, right and wrong ways to do this. Because we, as songwriters, are passionate about what we do, our tendency is to want to tell an industry decision maker all about ourselves and our songs and make them love us. This often comes off as being pushy or, at the very least, annoying.

6. Leave yourself a little down time

A week (or even a couple of days) in an industry town can be intense. Things tend to get started early and go late. As important as it may be to maximize your time while you’re there, don’t forget to leave yourself a little time to reset between events and meetings.


It’s important to remember that careers aren’t made in one week so you shouldn’t put pressure on yourself to hit a grand slam home run at every conference you attend. As a matter of fact, those dramatic successes almost never happen in the space of a few days. Instead, relax and enjoy the process.

Make A Game Plan Before Attending A Music Conference

First of all, should you even be going to this conference? If you don’t have a showcase, where industry people can come and actually see you play live, I would save my money. There’s nothing better than showing the industry exactly what you can do, and without a live show, as an independent artist, it’s a waste of time.

Do Your Research On The Conference

Once I decide who I need to target, I start researching their company, what the company does, and what specific people do in that company. If they’re a company that specializes in heavy metal, I don’t waste my time, I’m a pop rock artist, so I move along.

Call On Connections In The Music Industry

Once you’ve further narrowed down the list of people you’re trying to meet, you need to figure out if you have any connections to these people whatsoever.

Track Down Email Addresses

If you can’t find a personal connection, you’re going to have to go email hunting.

Get Personal

After you’ve put in all of this work and you finally get to meet the people you’ve been trying to meet, make sure you make the most of it. Absolutely do not undersell yourself, and let them know what you’re doing with your music. When you’re talking to industry, don’t ever lie, but don’t be afraid to sell yourself.

Follow Up

A couple of days after the conference, be sure to follow up with whomever you’ve made contact with. I find relationships to be like second languages: if you don’t use it, you lose it!

Why is music important in a conference?

The music played at a conference will make the event stronger , directly influencing the flow of events, ambiance, and the energy of the room. Music, at any event, is an extremely important factor—and can be the difference between a room thriving with conversation and one that falls flat on its face.

How does music guide the crowd?

The Music Can Guide the Crowd – The music you choose can help guide the audience when transitioning between speakers to networking time. It can tell them, now is the time to talk and be social, or now is the time to quiet down. For instance, selecting a specific song for the moment speakers walk up to the microphone will automatically tell …

Why do grocery stores use slower music?

For instance, grocery stores often use slower music because it helps shoppers lessen their pace, meaning they have more time to peruse the aisles— ultimately ending in more purchases.

How does music tell people how to feel?

The Music Can Tell People How to Feel – Music has a direct correlation with the way we feel. Thus, you can use it as a tool to draw your desired emotion out of the crowd. For instance, when guests are walking in, playing an upbeat, high-energy song can foster the perfect ambiance.

Is music an interactive conference?

Music is a great interactive conference idea that can definitely make an impact. But remember that it’s an event, not a party, and the last thing you want is to distract your attendees.

Is live music more expensive than a conference?

Live music depends greatly on the budget, location, and the business conference activities. It’s usually the more expensive option between the two and can, if done correctly, be a key factor that makes the event memorable.

Why are music conferences important?

Music conferences are invaluable when looking to learn and to grow in the industry. There are so many types to choose from depending on what kind of thing you like – small and intimate, huge and overwhelming, hyper-focused or more general.

What is the Do It Yourself conference?

At this conference, you will learn a ton and get a chance to network with like-minded artists, with the ultimate understanding that “do it yourself” doesn’t have to be as lonely as it sounds. The event promotes actionable industry education, access to the best brands in the music business, and an indie community that welcomes musicians of all ages and genres. You’ll learn from active leaders in the space, get one-on-one mentoring, make lasting connections, and walk away with both a plan of action AND the fire to get it done!

How many days is the songwriters event?

The event promises three days of performances, informational panels, and musical inspiration! The EXPO is renowned for providing aspiring songwriters and composers with networking opportunities, one-on-one feedback and real-world advice from established songwriters. It is an unforgettable and authentic experience.

What is the 60th anniversary of the Music Business Association?

The Music Business Association’s 60th-anniversary conference brings together global power players and industry enthusiasts committed to the future of music monetization for 100+ panels, presentations, workshops, private meetings, cocktail parties, live music, and more. They offer panels that breakdown the latest news in the music business all while teaching you how to apply it to your personal brand.

What is Canadian Music Week?

Canadian Music Week (or CMW as many refer to it) is an industry conference and music festival held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.This conference leading annual entertainment event dedicated to the expression and growth of Canada’s music, media and entertainment industries. It has an amazing amount of panels, keynotes and showcases.

What is South by Southwest Music Conference?

The South by Southwest music conference allows attendees to explore the future of the music, media, technology, and cultural realms . Its mission is to bring all people together to talk about diverse topics and ultimately give insight into this ever-changing industry while fostering creative and professional growth. Plus it’s a great party.

What is the fold music conference?

This is the world’s largest gathering of the fold music industry and community. This conference’ s main purpose is to focus on creating and maintaining a conversation about spirituality in art, collaboration, and innovation. This is an amazing conference is a fantastic opportunity to see folk music in the amazing hotel room settings they offer.

When is the Winter Music Festival 2020?

WINTER MUSIC CONFERENCE (WMC) Event Dates: 25th – 28th March 2020. Ticket Pricing: To be announced. Location: Miami, USA. Despite the name, Winter Music Festival is based on one of the sun-soaked beaches of Miami Beach, Florida. It’s here you can learn while sharing your skills and enjoy meeting like-minded people.

Where is the i360 conference?

Based in Brighton’ s iconic i360 complex and referred to as the UK’s foremost electronic music conference, which isn’t, unfortunately, a free conference, but this event and it’s sub-events make up one of the biggest conferences on the map.

What is the ASCAP convention?

With a key focus on songwriters primarily, ASCAP has been at the forefront of songwriting conventions worldwide over the past 14 years. In its 15th year, 2020 will mark a rebrand where the event will be further tailored to those looking to expand their songwriting skills and grow their knowledge of publishing and ASCAP affiliation.

What is BBC Introducing Live?

A major event for those looking to excel their careers in music & business, BBC Introducing Live is a must for anyone looking to take their career to the next level and learn vital information about the industry and how it works.

When is the Amsterdam Dance Event 2020?

Event Dates: 21st – 25th October 2020. Ticket Pricing: To be advised. Location: Amsterdam, Holland. The 2020 edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is in store to be a big one. It’s the 25th anniversary of the popular event in the electronic dance community and in the industry as a whole.

What is Midem networking?

Perhaps the most notable networking event in the industry, Midem has been uniting labels, managers, performing rights organisations and many of the key players for decades and continues to make a name for itself as the biggest international networking event in the music industry .

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