How can i find papers published i amia conference


What is included in AMIA 2022 Clinical Informatics Conference submission content?

The AMIA 2022 Clinical Informatics Conference submission content may be based on a range of published or unpublished works including projects, research, papers, pilot programs, and/or quality improvement initiatives. *Need inspiration?

What is AMIA’s policy on panel and workshop proposals?

In recognition of AMIA’s commitment to diversity, individuals submitting panel and workshop proposals are encouraged to ensure that participating members represent a diversity of gender, race, ethnicity, as well as career level and thematic expertise relevant to the topic of the workshop. Inclusion of students in workshops is especially encouraged.

Is Amia responsible for the information listed incorrectly or omissions?

AMIA is not responsible for the information listed incorrectly or for any omissions in this step. Any complaints from your co-authors about the way they are listed or why they are not listed will be directed to you. References must be included in the PDF document. Links to web pages will not be accepted.

How can we foster an inclusive culture within AMIA?

Using language that respects the autonomy, dignity, and experiences of marginalized communities is an important first step towards fostering an inclusive culture within AMIA.


Current and Past Winners

1st Place (Martin Epstein Award): Do Traditional BMI Categories Capture Future Obesity? A Comparison with Trajectories of BMI and Incidence of Cancer


Although AMIA offers awards to research contributions by students at many of its events, the oldest Student Paper Competition awards date back to the early days of one of AMIA’s predecessor organizations, the Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care (SCAMC).

When is the AMIA 2022 conference?

AMIA invites you to share your solutions, ideas and innovations with your applied clinical informatics colleagues at the AMIA 2022 Clinical Informatics Conference (CIC), May 24-26, 2022 in Houston, Texas.

What are the negative outcomes of clinical documentation overburden?

This ever-increasing documentation burden leads to a variety of negative outcomes including note bloat, clinician burnout, decreased job satisfaction, increased medical errors, and more hospital-acquired conditions. The SPC looks to the CIC community to offer their experience, recommendations, and solutions that address this crisis;

Can a submission be rejected without review?

IMPORTANT! Submissions that do not meet the following requirements may be rejected without review. Read the submission guidelines and follow the sample format ( Word, PDF)

What is an AMIA Knowledge Center?

The AMIA Knowledge Center is an informatics-specific collection of enduring content designed specifically for AMIA members and meeting attendees.

What is multimedia in conference?

Multimedia: a gateway to conference multimedia including tutorial and presymposia presentations, poster slides and audio.

Who reviews AMIA proposals?

All proposals are peer-reviewed by a panel chosen from the AMIA membership, including representatives from each AMIA Committee, who possess a broad range of expertise. The Conference Committee uses the comments from the Peer Review Panel to schedule the conference.

How many hours of sessions are accepted for the online conference?

About 30 hours of sessions are accepted for the online conference, with a mix of 25 minute and 50 minute proposals. Typically, the Committee receives more than double the number of proposals that can be accepted.

How long is a workshop?

Workshop. Workshops are a half day (3-4 hours) or full day (6 -8 hours) training designed to teach or refine skills. Archive Tour. (25 minute tour + 10 minute live Q&A} A recorded or live tour of your archive, followed by a live Q&A. Typically these are scheduled during the mid-day break. Alternative Format.

How long is a screening presentation?

A 50 minute screening presentation. The session may include speakers/discussion but the screening portion should be minimum 35 minutes. Poster Presentation. A 5 minute pre-recorded session with a poster image. The poster image will be posted to the conference website.

How many sessions can a speaker participate in?

General Notes. Speakers may only participate in two sessions during the AMIA Conference and must be registered to participate. When asking speakers to participate, it is important that you are aware if they are part of other proposals. If more than two sessions are accepted with the same speaker, that speaker will be asked to withdraw from one …

What is the purpose of peer review panel?

The Conference Committee uses the Peer Review Panel’s notes to program the best balance of sessions and workshops. The categories you check will help the Peer Reviewers consider their comments, and will help the Conference Committee in balancing the final program.

Why is it important to indicate that your session or workshop is a committee or group sponsored project in your session description?

It is important to indicate that your session or workshop is a committee or group sponsored project in your session description to allow consideration by the Peer Review Panel. A Google spreadsheet is available to connect individuals seeking ideas and/ or collaborators for session and workshop proposals.


Registration for the Conference. All speakers are expected to register for the Conference. Those who are not AMIA members, and who are attending and speaking at the Conference for the first time, may receive a complimentary one day registration. Please note that there are Conference grants available to reduce costs.

Recorded Sessions

We hope to use pre-recorded presentations as much as possible during the Conference.

Live Sessions

We know everyone won’t be able to pre-record their session, and some sessions – like Lightning Talks – work better as live sessions.

Recording your Presentation

PowerPoint and Keynote both support recording a presentation as part of their basic functionality. We can also provide brief how-to documentation.


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