How can i record a conference call on my computer


  1. Download and install FoneLab Screen Recorder, you can launch the program on your computer. …
  2. Choose the desired area you want to record, you can choose a full screen to capture the conference call on accordingly. …
  3. When you are ready, you can click the REC button to capture the video as an attendee. …
  4. After finishing the recording process, you can click the Save icon to save your recording file to the computer. …

Once you’re in the meeting, click the icon with the three vertical dots in the lower right hand of your screen. A menu will appear, and on the top of it, you should see a “Record meeting” option. Click that to start recording.May 4, 2020

How to check if I am in a conference call?

  • Take the call from somewhere other than the conference room where the leader is, so you can do meaningful work.
  • Let the organizer know in advance by email that you have to leave the call after the first 30 minutes. …
  • For meetings that are 100% useless, suggest to the organizer that they be held every other week instead of weekly.

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How to run a successful conference call?

Top tips for running a successful conference

  • Establish a unique identity or brand. Once you are clear on the overall objectives of the event, it’s important to share what the event is about and why it is …
  • Location, location…realization. …
  • Calculate a budget and stick to it. …
  • Choose your speakers carefully. …
  • Get online. …
  • Feedback is essential. …

How do I start a conference call?

Method 2 Method 2 of 2: Find a Conference Call Provider

  1. Find the right service provider. Companies such as GoToMeeting or Skype let you set up audio/video conferences for a number of people.
  2. Get all the information that the participants will need to call in. Usually this is a phone number and some kind of password.
  3. Schedule your conference call and invite other people to attend. …
  4. Set the right environment. …

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Can I record my conference call?

Most conference call hosting services include an option for recording the conference call. The recorded call will remain on the conference call system for a specified time where it can be accessed using the same dial-in number and access code from the original call.


How can I record a conference call?

How to Record a Lifesize Conference CallDuring a call, click on the circular “record” button.If prompted, enter a recording key.The recording icon will appear.To stop recording, press the red “stop recording” button. Subscribe to Blog.Your recordings will automatically save to your account.

How can I record a free conference call on my laptop?

Press *9 to begin recording. The system will prompt for your subscriber pin. To stop and save the recording, press *9 a second time. The following touch tone commands are available to all callers that call in with a # key after the access code.

How do I record a call on free conference call?

With, it’s easy to start a conference call recording. If you are on a call via computer, simply hit the RECORD button located at the top of the toolbar. If you are calling via telephone, *9 will enable the recording.

How do you record a live conference?

0:0513:14Here to Record – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipRun some audio cables on some video cables. And have all our cameras setting up ready to go.MoreRun some audio cables on some video cables. And have all our cameras setting up ready to go. Basically. I pretty much do all the filming myself.

Can conference calls be recorded?

The short answer is, yes. But there is some gray area too. Basically there are two kinds of required consent for call recording: One Party and Two (or All) Party. One party consent means that only one party, typically the caller doing the recording, needs to give consent.

How do I record a meeting on my Windows laptop?

Get startedSelect Create > Record screen in Microsoft Stream.When prompted by your browser, select Allow Microsoft Stream to use your camera and microphone.If you select Block, your camera and microphone will be disabled. … Select the Webcam icon or Microphone icon. … You’re now ready to start recording!More items…

Can I record a conversation on my laptop?

If a laptop or PC is running Windows 10, then the user already has access to Voice Recorder as it comes pre-installed. While there are tons of audio recording apps out there, Windows 10’s Voice Recorder is likely to be enough for many users looking for a quick and easy recording solution.

How do I record Teams meeting without permission for free?

1. Du RecorderDownload DU Recorder from your App Store or Play Store, and open Microsoft Teams Meeting to join a meeting.Open DU Recorder, and you will see a floating icon appear on the edge of the screen. … Tap on the floating button followed by the record button, and then you can start to record your meeting.More items…•

Your Free Meeting Recorder

In addition to high-definition audio recording, every account includes free screen sharing recording and free video recording . So go ahead — record those meetings, whenever and wherever they happen. Want the shortcut? Hosts just use a few taps of the phone keypad commands . Or use free apps for any device.

Manage and Record Conference Calls Free

It’s all in the details. No matter how speedy your notetaking, something will inevitably get missed. But don’t let it get you down. Just capture and store important meeting information with a free conference call recording.

Share Your Audio Recordings

You recorded. Now what can you do with your conference call recordings? ​​​​​​​

Record Conference Call with Third-Party Recorder

Software that majors in online conference are large in number, which means users have to get used to lots of different operations of each software. The dilemma is also true of those software’s intern recording features.

How to Record Conference Call with Intern Audio Recorder?

Under most circumstances, participators of a conference have no right to record a meeting with the software’s intern recorder. It is the hosts or paid subscribers who can do so.

Is it Illegal to Record Conference Call?

According to Zoom Privacy Policy, no meeting participant should be recorded without consent and the disclaimer at the beginning of the meeting should include an agreement that nobody but the host is allowed to record.


Compared with Third-Party recorder, the intern recording features of conference software fall short in that they impose many limitations on its users, which I think, is the case of protecting participators’ privacy.

Guide to Record on is an HD audio conferencing platform that offers screen sharing and video conferencing options for up to 1,000 participants. hosts more than 40 million conferences annually, making it one of the world’s largest and most recognized conferencing providers.

How to Record Free Conference Calls with Third-Party Software

Compared with the built-in recording tool, a third-party alternative could bring various extra tools and functionalities. For instance, you could record the conference call along with the stream from your webcam or only record part of screen. EaseUS RecExperts is one such feature-packed third-party alternative.

Other Optional FreeConferenceCall Recorders

Here are two other choices that you can choose to record the online meetings on FreeConferenceCall, and each of them has its own features. Keep reading this part to know their characteristics.


This post answered the question “how to record Free Conference Call” and guided you to record what you need using a built-in tool and third-party software.

FAQs About Free Conference Call Recording

There are some answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you still have some problems with the Free Conference Call recording, those contents may help you.

How to record a phone call on an iPhone?

You could put your iPhone (or Android phone) into speaker phone mode and have the call that way. Place a recording device nearby — or use your computer’s microphone — and record the call like you’d record an in-person conversation. This is an easy recording method, although does require a separate recording-device.

Does Google Voice have a call recording?

Google Voice deserves a special mention because it can be so convenient. Google Voice contains a “call recording” feature you can enable in its web interface.

Is it illegal to record a phone call without the other participant’s knowledge?

Bear in mind that recording a phone call without the other participant’s knowledge is illegal in certain locations. This just means you have to inform the other participant that you’re recording the call when you begin speaking.

Do apps record calls?

Some applications do exist, promising to record your calls. They often charge you by the minute for the calls you place through the app. Advertisement. Apps do this by routing the calls through their own servers, where they’re recorded and a recording is presented to you.

Can you record a voice chat on a computer?

If you’re having the voice chat on your computer with any voice-conversation program — from Skype to Gmail’s call-any-phone feature — you can record it like you would any other audio on your computer.

Can you record yourself talking in headphones?

You’ll hear yourself talking in your own headphones as you speak into your microphone, however, this will also allow you to easily record your own speech along with the other person’s speech just by recording the Stereo Mix channel.

How to record a video conference on Panopto?

It’s that easy. 1. Click the video recorder icon at the top, then turn your webcam video off. Panopto Express automatically detects connected recording devices …

Why record live meetings?

Recording live meetings can turn in-depth conversations into productivity-enhancing information assets that capture every detail exactly as it happened. It also lets you keep your focus on the goals and discussions at hand — without being distracted by taking notes.

How to share audio in Panopto?

Next, click the checkbox to “ Share audio ” in the bottom left of the window. By sharing your system audio here, you’ll capture everything that’s said during the meeting.

How to share a meeting recording in Panopto?

To host and share your meeting recording with Panopto, you’ll need to sign up for a free Panopto Basic account (or log in if you have an account through your organization or school). Click “ Send to Panopto ” at the bottom of the screen you see after you stop recording in Panopto Express.

Can you hear yourself in a Zoom meeting?

This step ensures that you’ll be able to hear yourself speak in the meeting recording along with all other participants. For example, if you’re using Zoom, open Zoom and go to “Settings” then “Audio” to see the microphone input that Zoom will use for a video call, then choose the same device in Panopto Express.

Can you share screen during video conference?

In the event that you need to share your screen and present during a video conference or video call, it’s recommended you share and present from the same screen you’ve chosen to record. This will enable you to see your screen share in your recording with the recording configuration explained above.

Can you record a meeting on Panopto Express?

With Panopto Express, you can easily record any online meeting with just a few clicks, even if you’re not the meeting host, regardless of the video conferencing solution you’re using. Record online meetings and video chats in:

Part 1: How to Record A Conference Call with as Host

Just as mentioned above, enables you to record a conference call and keep track of everything that happens in the meetings. It provides a hosting account with Admin Console to capture laptop screen on Just learn more details about the process as below.

Part 2: Best Alternative to Record A Conference Call with

What should you if you were only an attendee of the conference? Can you record a conference call on with any account? How to capture the screen and audio with high quality? FoneLab Screen Recorder that enables you to capture video screen, record audio files, and take snapshots.


When you want to record a conference call on, you can learn more details about the process from the article. only enables you to record a meeting with the hosting account for all the tracking information.

Recording Conference Calls with Microphones

For the best quality, microphones should be placed directly in front of the presenter.

Digital Devices for Recording Conference Calls

Digital voice recorders provide the simplest way to record conference calls.

Recording Multiparty Conference Calls

A multiparty conference call is one in which there are multiple presenters in different locations.

1. Record conference calls on through mobile

Step 1. Open the FreeConferenceCall application on your phone and start a conference call as a host. Then press *9 to start recording and you will be asked to enter the Subscriber PIN. If it’s right, you will come back to the conference and the recording will start automatically.

2. Record on on your computer

Step 1. Launch FreeConferenceCall or navigate to the official website. After joining a conference call, there will be a menu bar at the bottom. Click the Record button to start the recording.


In this article, you can learn two efficient ways to record on The built-in recorder allows the host to record conference calls easily. If you are an attendee or want no notification, please free download the AnyMP4 Screen Recorder to record conference calls on


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