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General Conference can refer to: General Conference (United Nations), the recurring meetings of Member States for the specialized agencies of the United Nations such as the International Atomic Energy Agency and UNESCO. General conference (Latter Day Saints), a meeting open to all members of a particular Latter Day Saint denomination.

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What happens at General Conference?

Many General Conference talks come about as a result of current issues that the church faces. Church leaders are actively involved in current, real-time concerns. They travel around the world and meet with local members. Through these meetings, local concerns are discussed, contemplated, and addressed.

What makes a good general conference talk?

General Conference talks are almost always centered around a specific gospel topic. I think it is important to identify and understand which doctrine or principle is being taught. This allows you to complement the general conference talk, rather than follow the over-used technique of “read, discuss, repeat.”

How can I teach from General Conference?

Digging into quotes, by discussion or by using supporting scriptures, can be a great way to teach from General Conference. A whole lesson could be built around the Elder Renlund quote above.

Is General Conference being interpreted in other languages?

This year marks the 50th year that the Church has been interpreting general conference into other languages. General conference was first interpreted in 1961 into four languages: Dutch, German, Samoan, and Spanish.


How do I study for general conference?

Studying General Conference1 Look for Invitations and Encouragements. … 2 Watch for Cause-and-Effect Statements. … 3 Prepare Questions. … 4 Look for Lists. … 5 Watch for Repeated Phrases and Overall Themes. … 6 Study Particular Words, Scripture References, and Notes. … Set Goals to Practice What You’ve Learned.

How do you read general conference talks?

The English texts of the general conference talks are available on Gospel Library, both in the app and online at

Are topics assigned for general conference?

General conference talks vary in length from about 5 to 20 minutes. Topics are not assigned; each speaker chooses his or her own subject matter.

Where is ulisses Soares lds from?

São Paulo, BrazilUlisses Soares was born in São Paulo, Brazil, on October 2, 1958. He married Rosana Fernandes in October 1982. They are the parents of three children and five grandchildren.

When can I read general conference talks?

Available on the General Conference YouTube channel within 24 hours and Gospel Library by the Wednesday after conference weekend.

How is LDS different from Christianity?

Though the label “Christian” is often associated with particular creedal claims which the Church does not adopt, Latter-day Saints use it to express their belief in the divinity of Jesus Christ. Latter-day Saints believe Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. 2015 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

What is the purpose of general conference?

President David O. McKay (1873–1970) summarized the purposes of general conferences: “(1) To inform the membership of general conditions—whether the Church is progressing or retrogressing, economically, ecclesiastically, or spiritually. (2) To commend true merit. (3) To express gratitude for divine guidance.

Who is speaking in general conference?

Speakers include the prophet and leader of the global Church, President Russell M. Nelson, and his counselors in the First Presidency. The conference also features messages from members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and other Church leaders.

How many general conference talks are there?

It consists of five general sessions. From April 2018 to April 2021, the priesthood session was held during the April conference, with a General Women’s Session (for females 11 years and older) held during October’s conference.

Who is the youngest apostle LDS?

John Willard YoungLDS Church ApostleNovember 22, 1855 – February 12, 1924Called byBrigham YoungReasonBrigham Young’s discretion37 more rows

Who is the youngest apostle?

John the ApostleJohn the Apostle (Ancient Greek: Ἰωάννης; Latin: Iohannes c. 6 AD – c. 100 AD) or Saint John the Beloved was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus according to the New Testament. Generally listed as the youngest apostle, he was the son of Zebedee and Salome.

Where is Elder Gong from?

Redwood City, CaliforniaGerrit W. GongGerrit W. Gong 江文漢BornGerrit Walter Gong December 23, 1953 Redwood City, California, United StatesAlma materBrigham Young University (B.A.) Oxford University (M.A., D.Phil.)Spouse(s)Susan Lindsay (1980–present)Children429 more rows

How often does the General Conference meet?

It meets once every four years. Clergy (pastors) and lay (local church members) delegates are elected from every Annual Conference around the world to worship, pray, debate and vote as one body. Bishops preside at the sessions of the General Conference but do not have the privilege of voice or vote in its deliberations.

What are the duties of the General Conference?

What is the Commission on the General Conference? 1 selecting the site and dates of General Conference; 2 planning the opening day schedule of the General Conference and other special events and orders of the day throughout the session; 3 working to assure full participation of all General Conference delegates including accommodation for languages and physical challenges of the delegates, and access to approved licensed childcare during the session for children of General Conference delegates; 4 working with the United Methodist Publishing House to produce the Advance Edition of the Daily Christian Advocate prior to the General Conference and the Daily Christian Advocate containing high-importance information during the session; 5 recommending the per diem allowance to be paid to the elected delegates for housing and meals; 6 and setting the number of legislative committees and assignment of legislative materials to those committees in consultation with the secretary of the General Conference and the business manager of the General Conference.

What is the protocol of reconciliation and grace through separation?

The Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace Through Separation and other legislation before the General Conference that have high potential for debate and amendments will be considered when we are able to meet in-person so as to allow full and equitable participation by delegates from around the globe.

How many members are on the General Conference?

The Commission on the General Conference consists of 25 members.

What is the purpose of the Special Session?

The purpose of the Special Session will be limited to gaining a quorum in order to suspend the rules for the sole purpose of allowing the use of paper ballots to act upon 12 pieces of legislation that would enable the church to effectively continue its work until the postponed 2020 General Conference is held in 2022 .

When is the Technology Study Team meeting 2021?

The Technology Study Team report was reviewed and discussed at the Commission on the General Conference meeting on February 20, 2021.

Who determines the jurisdictional conference?

All five Jurisdictional Conferences meet at the same time determined by the Council of Bishops. Elected clergy (pastors) and lay (local church members) delegates from the Annual Conferences within the boundaries of the jurisdiction comprise the voting membership of the Jurisdictional Conference.

How to help members learn from general conference messages?

Activity Ideas. There are many ways to help members learn from general conference messages. Here are a few examples; you may have other ideas that will work better in your quorum or Relief Society. Discuss in groups.

Who should emphasize the message of the Twelve Apostles?

On occasion, the bishop or stake president may also suggest a message. In general, leaders should emphasize messages from members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. However, any message from the most recent conference may be discussed.

What is a general conference talk?

General Conference talks are almost always centered around a specific gospel topic. I think it is important to identify and understand which doctrine or principle is being taught. This allows you to complement the general conference talk, rather than follow the over-used technique of “read, discuss, repeat.”.

What are action items in a conference?

Action Items. Most conference talks include invitations to act . When teaching from a conference talk, it’s a good idea to extend that same invitation. If the talk is about missionary work, for example, and the speaker extends the invitation to pray for missionary opportunities, it may be appropriate to also extend that invitation.

Who said “Overcoming the world is being less concerned with our online connections and more concerned with our heavenly connection to

Elder Neil L. Andersen observed, “Overcoming the world is being less concerned with our online connections and more concerned with our heavenly connection to God.”. Quotes can be used in many ways. Digging into quotes, by discussion or by using supporting scriptures, can be a great way to teach from General Conference.

Reading Method

You can read the official summaries on These are nice, short, cliff-notes style summaries of the important points from each talk. There’s a page for each session, and they’re updated before the session is even over.

Listening Method

Did you know your brain can process the spoken word much faster than most people speak it? That’s especially true in Conference where they’re going at the speed of the teleprompter. That’s to make sure the translators have time to say the same things in other languages. So you can process what you hear in Conference, much faster than they talk.

Resources Shown

Creator of Mormon Life Hacker. Tevya keeps a blog called Sacred Symbolic, about things he learns in his daily scripture study and other learning. His business Fiddler Online, creates WordPress websites for small businesses.

Why does the Adventist Church hold a business session every 5 years? What is the purpose of the GC Session?

General Conference Session is a global spiritual gathering and a constitutionally required business meeting that has been held every five years since 1970. Its purpose is to vote on global leadership, set the direction of the Church for the next five years, and vote changes to the Constitution, Fundamental Beliefs and Church Manual.

Do you have to be a delegate to attend the GC? How many delegates are there? How are the delegates chosen? What is their job?

GC Session is an open meeting—anyone can attend—but only delegates and invitees have the ability to speak and only delegates may vote. This year, 2,713 voting delegates are expected to attend. Each union nominates delegates to represent its field. In addition, delegates representing major church institutions are selected.

How can members benefit from attending the Session?

Attendees gain an understanding of the world church and how it operates. They will literally see people from more countries and language groups than any other meeting in the Church and possibly in the world.

Describe a typical day at GC Session from beginning to end

For those working behind the scenes, the day starts with a Steering Committee to determine the agenda items for the day. The first public meeting is morning worship, followed by a business session that lasts until lunch. There is another business session in the afternoon.

How does the process of electing church officers work? What offices are filled at a GC Session? At what point in the session is the GC president selected?

A nominating committee is formed to nominate General Conference officers, departmental directors and associate directors, and division officers. The president is selected first and joins the Nominating Committee to offer recommendations on all the other nominations, which the committee may choose to accept or reject.

How can church members get updates on the proceedings and voted actions at GC?

Adventist News Network and Adventist Review will be covering the event.

Can I volunteer to help at the meetings?

Due to the technical nature of the General Conference Session events we are not able to accept any volunteer workers.

COVID-19 & GC Session 2022

Because of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) the General Conference Executive Committee voted on January 12, 2021, for the second time in 10 months, to postpone the 61st General Conference Session. The new date will be June 6-11, 2022 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America. Learn more about the action from Adventist News Network.…

Attending GC Session

The General Conference Session, currently scheduled for June 6-11, 2022, is an event that many members of our church around the world have been looking forward to for some time.


Tens of thousands of people from all over the world will be attending the 61st Session of the General Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. While the majority of attendees will be members and friends of our world Church, just over 2,500 will have delegate status. You are receiving this brochure because you have been selected…

The History of the General Conference in Session

What is Session? The General Conference Session is the forum for electing world church officers and voting changes to the church’s Constitution. Delegates also hear reports from each of the 13 administrative regions of the church.


Ted N.C. Wilson, President of the Seventh-day Adventist church Welcome to the website of the 61st General Conference Session of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, to be held in St. Louis, Missouri, from June 6-11, 2022. The General Conference Session has been adjusted to this date and place because of the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis that has…


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