How can men apply to grace hopper conference


Men can attend GHC too. You just have to apply online the usual way, and try getting a ticket. Tickets sell out extremely fast, especially when the conference is in-person. Unless you have company/college sponsorships, get a ticket asap to get in.Sep 14, 2021

What is Grace Hopper Celebration?

Grace Hopper Celebration is the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. It is produced by and presented in partnership with ACM.

What scholarships and complimentary registrations are available for the Grace Hopper Celebration?

Scholarships and complimentary registrations offer funding to students, faculty and women of color in tech to attend the annual Grace Hopper Celebration. Take a look at the scholarships and complimentary registrations offered below to attend our Celebration.

How can we help women and non-binary individuals attend GHC?

We provide a limited number of scholarships so women and non-binary individuals from boot camps or other certification programs can attend GHC virtually. offers complimentary registration to overlooked women and non-binary individuals who are under-tapped in the tech industry.


Who can attend GHC?

EligibilityFaculty or staff in K-12 or higher education institution.Student (if under 18, must be accompanied by a chaperone).Government employee.Individual working for a nonprofit.Individual who is currently not employed.More items…

How do you become a member of GHC?

Eligibility for Students You must remain a full-time student enrolled in an accredited degree program at a college or university at the time of the celebration (September 2022). Those graduating prior to the celebration are not eligible unless accepted to another related degree program (such as a M.S. or PhD program).

How much does the Grace Hopper Conference cost?

While this conference can be very beneficial to students, it can also be very expensive, as a student ticket costs $450. Once airfare and lodging are included, the total expenses can exceed $1,000.

What is the purpose of Grace Hopper Conference?

GHC is a three-day conference designed to bring together women in computing to discuss research and career interests. The conference includes presentations on a variety of topics, professional development activities, an open source day and much more. Find out what each day has to offer below.

How many get GHC scholarships?

This year, we are sending a total of 910 student scholars to GHC 19, 133 of whom are international students….Congratulations to Our GHC 19 Scholars.Race/EthnicityNumber of Student Scholars*Percentage of Student Scholars**Underrepresented Minority***35839.34%Women of Color****66873.41%6 more rows•Sep 5, 2019

What is Grace Hopper Celebration scholarship?

GHCI Student Scholarship Program provides funds to women who are pursuing Undergraduate course Masters or Post- Doc Courses. Faculty to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration. The program offers wide-ranging networking opportunities to the participants. They get to meet new people, discover new interests and more.

Is GHC 2022 Virtual?

For 2022, GHC will be going hybrid! GHC Scholars will participate in the virtual component of GHC and receive exclusive opportunities such as pre-GHC programming, professional development, and networking opportunities.

The sessions

The content of the sessions was great and very diverse. There were plenty to technical talks, career advise and discussion panels. For me the highlight of the conference was a panel titled Should I Stay or Should I Go?, featuring some amazing women leaders. This was a discussion about identifying when it’s time to make a change.


As part of the Microsoft team I also spent time at the recruiting booth. This is something I really enjoy doing and it was particularly great at GHC. It was fun to share experiences, give encouragement and advice and to represent Microsoft Research. I was amazed by the quality of the students that stopped by the booth.

The social

Being from Mexico I’m technically a minority in the US computer software industry. But to be honest, I’ve never really felt this significantly, perhaps because the industry (and Seattle) is very ethnically diverse. But GHC was a great glimpse of what it feels like to be in the minority, gender wise.


We have many GHC sessions aimed at students and faculty from all types of training institutions, and also provide scholarships for them to attend.

Early, Mid, and Senior Career Women

GHC offers content for all career levels. Stay tuned for more information!


Participate in our annual Top Companies for Women Technologists program and show your commitment to promoting diversity.

Change Agents

Discover best practices on driving change in the tech world through our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Focus Area (DEIB).

Support GHC

Show your commitment to diversity by becoming an Partner and/or by sponsoring GHC.

GHC Students and Faculty Scholarship

The GHC Scholars Program provides funds for women who are either undergraduate students, graduate students, or post-doc students, or faculty to attend our Celebration virtually.

GHC Boot Camp Scholarship

We provide a limited number of scholarships so women and non-binary individuals from boot camps or other certification programs can attend GHC virtually.

GHC 22 Advancing Inclusion Complimentary Registration offers complimentary registration to women of color who are under-tapped in the tech industry.


How will my company benefit from sponsoring Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration?

Resume Database (Sponsors)

Do all users from the same company need to use the same code for accessing the vGHC resume database?


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