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What are the major conferences in college football?

American college football teams play most of their games against schools in their own conferences. The best-known Division I FBS college football conferences are the Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC (Southeastern Conference), ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference), Big 12, and the Big East.

Which teams will be in college football’s first 16-team Super Conference?

Analysis: This one is easy. College football’s first 16-team super conference is set. Alabama and Auburn shift from the West to the East, while Texas and Oklahoma join the West Division. Missouri also swaps divisions to reunite with a couple of its old Big 12 rivals.

How are teams selected for the College Football Playoff?

All 10 conference champions, plus two at-large teams chosen by a selection committee, advance to the expanded College Football Playoff. The teams are seeded by the committee. The top four receive a first-round bye, while seeds 5–8 host seeds 9–12 at their home stadiums the first weekend of December.

Should the College Football Playoff alignment be aligned?

Spreading around the heavyweight teams to more conferences increases playoff access, which should help with recruiting. The alignment also would theoretically provide the have-nots of college football with a chance to stand toe-to-toe with the haves.


What determines college football conferences?

All ten FBS conferences hold a conference championship game to determine the winner of the conference. Between conference games, non-conference games, a conference championship game, and up to two bowl games if ranked among the top four college teams in the country by the College Football Playoff Committee.

What is the best conference in college football?

40 percent of the conference won their bowl games by 15 or more points. Not one of these games was played against a Group of Five school. Ladies and gentlemen, the best conference in college football is: The Big 12 Conference.

Why are college football teams changing conferences?

College football teams no longer have to win their division in order to reach their respective conference championship games. The NCAA Division I Council has voted to allow FBS conferences to pick the two teams that will play in the conference championship as opposed to going by division winners.

What is the toughest conference in college football?

Why the SEC Is the Real Toughest Conference in the NationToughest Conference in College FootballConferencePoint TotalSEC18.5Pac-1218ACC143 more rows

Is the Big 10 better than the SEC?

BIG TEN. The SEC is on pace for its most lopsided decade ever against any one conference, beating the Big Ten by an average score of 31.6 to 22.9. That’s despite the fact that the Big Ten finished 3-3 against the SEC last season, including postseason wins by Ohio State and Wisconsin and Indiana’s big upset at Missouri.

Who are the big 5 football conferences?

They are part of the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of NCAA Division I, the highest level of collegiate football in the nation. The conferences are the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Big Ten Conference, Big 12 Conference, Pac-12 Conference, and Southeastern Conference (SEC).

Will the Big 12 remain a power 5 conference?

For the moment, it looks like the Big 12 will remain a Power Five league, though one with only eight of its original members. Those eight have stuck together long enough for a realignment lifesaver to come their way.

Why are Texas and Oklahoma leaving the Big 12?

The news that both the Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns would be leaving the Big 12 for the SEC was earth-shattering for two reasons: it made the SEC out as what would ruin college football for certain, and it made the future of the Big 12 painfully uncertain.

Will Big 12 expand again?

The Big 12 may be getting even bigger than initially expected. On Friday, the Big 12 extended membership invitations to BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston. Those moves came after Oklahoma and Texas decided both would be leaving the conference to join the SEC.

What is the weakest power 5 conference?

Pac-12 Showing No Signs of Ending Reign as CFB’s Worst Power 5 Conference. At least one power conference will be left out of the College Football Playoff every year.

Why the SEC is the best conference?

The SEC is by far the best conference in college football in terms of producing NFL talent. That’s neither hyperbole nor an opinion — it’s a fact. Going back a decade the conference has witnessed 512 players selected in the NFL Draft, 129 more than the ACC, which is second in that time span for most players drafted.

What is the best d1 conference?

SEC. The SEC has six teams ranked in Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama and Auburn. … Big East. The league got off to a blazing start even though its Final Four contender Villanova lost two marquee games at UCLA and to Purdue at the Mohegan Sun. … Big Ten. … Big 12. … ACC. … Pac-12. … WCC. … American.More items…•

Which conference has the best chance of bringing two teams into the playoffs?

The ACC, more than any other Power 5 conference, has the best chance of bringing two teams into the four-team field. It’s impossible to forget the Atlantic Coast Conference’s 0-6 bowl record. Yes, Notre Dame’s temporary loyalty brought two teams into the playoff, but all were eliminated in a decisive fashion. With such a large distance between the top few teams in the league and the rest of the field, no one gained more from conference-heavy scheduling in terms of national perception. During bowl season, this becomes much more apparent. Miami is ranked 10th, while North Carolina is ranked 17th. With an 8-3 record, NC State could be the best-unranked team in the nation, while Boston College, Virginia, and Wake Forest are all above .500.

Is the Pac-12 in the playoffs?

While the Pac-12 is still mathematically ineligible for the playoffs, the fact that only three of its teams are ranked in the top 25 in the new playoff rankings does not bode well for West Coast football. Despite the addition of the No. 22 Washington Huskies to the Pac-12, the No. 20 USC Trojans had a game cancelled, and the Oregon Ducks lost, dropping to No. 23 overall. Its mediocrity was secured when 5-0 USC lost in the conference championship game to the same Oregon team, ensuring that the playoff committee will have no unbeaten Pac-12 team to consider. With sophomore standout Kedon Slovis at quarterback and a strong defence led by All-American safety Talanoa Hufanga, the Trojans might as well have made a national splash in a complete season’s worth of games.

Punish the Worst

Why not punish the worst teams? If you don’t win a single game, you are clearly inferior. You shouldn’t remain in the elite leagues.

How to Partner Conferences

It is time to relegate the likes of Vanderbilt, Rutgers, and dare I say it? Kansas. If the power conferences becomes four 16-team super conferences, then let’s make some affiliations. Place the Sun Belt in below the SEC. Conference USA can be the second tier to the ACC. It’s obvious the Mountain West should be the second league to the Pac 12.

Why is the ACC hesitant to add a ninth conference game?

Now, some conferences will argue against this idea because it will hurt their College Football Playoff chances. This is a reason why the ACC and SEC have been hesitant to add a ninth conference game. If everybody is playing by the same rules and you genuinely are the stronger conference, then it shouldn’t matter.

How many seasons can you play in a 14 team league?

In a 14-team league, this means you’d never go longer than three seasons without playing a conference opponent. In a 12-team league like the Pac-12, you’d never go more than one season. Of course, the 10-team leagues like the Big 12 and Sun Belt throw a wrench in the gears, but it’s one that could be solved quickly.

Is a conference game better than a buy game?

First of all, conference games are better products than buy-games. Second, nine-game schedules are inherently dumb because half a conference gets five home games, while the other half gets four. That creates an imbalance right from the start. That’s the kind of thing that should be avoided.

Will Texas Tech play twice in 2020?

For instance, last year, Texas Tech and Kansas finished ninth and 10th in the conference. They could play twice in 2020, while Oklahoma and Baylor (first and second) would play twice. Or it could just be a rotating opponent.

Who suggested the Big Ten and Pac-12 have stumbled upon an idea that should have already been adopted?

The Big Ten and Pac-12 may have stumbled upon an idea that should have already been adopted. By Tom Fornelli.

Does Alabama play Florida?

Alabama hasn’t played Florida in the regular season since 2014. The Tide have played the Gators in Atlanta for the SEC title twice in that time. This isn’t a problem isolated to the SEC. North Carolina and Wake Forest scheduled a nonconference game last season even though both play in the ACC.

When will the ACC amnesty another school?

So let’s say that the ACC amnesties Wake Forest and adds Notre Dame in 2018. The ACC then cannot amnesty another school until 2022. It incentivizes the bottom-feeder teams not only to be competitive, but also to not put themselves in hot water with the NCAA.

Is college football perfect?

College football is not perfect. It’s an ever-changing product that has a community debating ways that it can be perfect, but no solution to “fix” the sport is perfect. That’s my way of saying what I’m about to propose is in fact, not perfect.

Is Texas A&M a rival to Kansas State?

Texas A&M gets a new, legitimate rival while Kansas State gives Mizzou a new rival and helps the SEC’s efforts to add a significant market in Kansas City. Oklahoma to the Big Ten always seems like a possibility, so this time, it finally makes sense for both parties.


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