How did the genoa conference improve relations


Why is the Genoa conference significant?

Conference of Genoa, (April 10–May 19, 1922), post-World War I meeting at Genoa, Italy, to discuss the economic reconstruction of central and eastern Europe and to explore ways to improve relations between Soviet Russia and European capitalist regimes.

What were the outcomes of the Genoa conference?

Thus, the Genoa Conference ended in failure, though the USSR succeeded in gaining recognition as an integral part of European diplomacy and in bolstering its relationship with Germany.

When did the Genoa conference happen?

April 10, 1922 – May 19, 1922Genoa Conference / Period

Why was the Genoa conference a failure?

With the Treaty of Rapallo pulling Russia and Germany out of the main picture, the conference lapsed into a stalemate. The major powers at first agreed on a contingency package of financial aid to Russia, but the Allies could not agree on the final plan and so nothing was offered.

What was agreed to in the Rapallo Pact?

The Treaty of Rapallo was an agreement signed on 16 April 1922 between the German Republic and Soviet Russia under which both renounced all territorial and financial claims against each other and opened friendly diplomatic relations.

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