How do conference call lines work


A conference call is a telephone call involving multiple participants. Also known as a teleconference, people invited to the meeting can join by dialing a number which will connect them to a conference bridge. These conference bridges act as virtual rooms that allow several people to host or join meetings.

How does a conference call work?

How does a conference call work? 1 Step 1: The organizer sets up the conference bridge#N#A conference bridge is basically a server that can answer, merge,… 2 Step 2: The organizer calls the participants#N#In this example, the organizer will use their IP phone to add different… 3 Step 3: The conference call begins More …

What is the role of software in a conference call bridge?

Software plays a large role in whether the bridge has capabilities beyond simply connecting multiple callers. A company can have its own bridge or can contract with a service provider for conference call hosting.

What are the different types of conference call services?

Note that many newer conference call providers have switched to online services, not just for web conferencing that includes video, but also for audio only. These services rely on VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, which uses digital audio files to transmit sound over the internet instead of traditional analog signals.

What are the benefits of using free conference call?

There are no hidden charges. Talk as much as you like, for as long as you want. Conference call participants only pay standard local rates. It’s Secure. meets or exceeds industry security standards, including data encryption and firewalls to protect stored data.


How do you dial into a conference line?

To make a three-way call from your Android smartphone:Dial the first call, and wait for the recipient to pick up. … Tap the Add Call button.Dial the second number.Touch the Merge or Merge Call button.Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add more callers to the conference.More items…•

Can others see my number in a conference call?

Only the meeting organizer can see your number.

How many calls can be added in a conference call?

five callersSetting up a conference call with an Android mobile device is a simple process that only takes a few steps. Conference calling on Android supports up to five callers at once. Setting up and managing a conference call on Android devices can be completed in the six steps listed below.

What should you not do on a conference call?

5 Things You Should Never Do on a Conference CallMultitask. You might think you excel at splitting your attention in multiple directions. … Chew, Smack or Snack. … Forget About the Beauty of Mute. … Wear Noisy Jewelry. … Subject Your Colleagues to the Noisy Din of the Airport. … Related Posts:

How can I do a conference call without the other person knowing?

Tap “Hold Call + Answer”. This will mute your current conversation and put it on hold. Select “merge call” to add the incoming call to the conference call….To do this:Tap > near the top of the screen.Tap the green Private to the right of the individual’s name. … Press “merge calls” to rejoin the conference call.

Does conference call cost extra?

While conference calls with no extra cost are possible, sadly they aren’t always offered by providers. Some teleconferencing services require participants to dial expensive numbers, meaning their conference calls cost money – sometimes lots of it.

How long does a conference call last?

The average conference call lasts 45-60 minutes. If you are planning a call that will be longer than two hours, be sure to plan for some time to allow callers a brief break. Be sure to let your callers know how long the meeting should last.

How do you call multiple people at the same time?

How do I make a conference call on an Android phone?Step 1: Call up the first person you want to include in your conference.Step 2: Once the call connects, tap the “Add call” button. … Step 3: Find the next person you wish to add to your call and select their contact number. … Step 4: Tap the “Merge” button.More items…•

How Do Conference Calls Work?

In this article we will summarise how conference calls work, to help you on your way in choosing the right solution for your company.

The Process of Call Conferencing

The basic necessity for a conference call for over 15 users is the conference bridge, this is a server that operates similarly to a telephone. A conference bridge has the ability to answer numerous calls at the same time because it can accommodate up to 1000 separate ports.

How Does a Conference Call Work?

A conference call is a voice call between three or more people at the same time. Conference calls that use phone lines need a conference bridge or a server that can accept multiple calls at once.

How to Dial Into a Conference Call

To protect your security and keep the call private, most phone conference services require the use of an ID or dial pin before you can enter the call.

Getting Conference Call Services for Your Business

Are you interested in trying conferencing calling for your business but not sure you want to commit to a pricey subscription plan? If so, consider using free conference call services instead.

Is Conference Calling Right for You?

In simple terms, how does a conference call work? If you don’t have your own bridge, you’ll need another company’s services to host your calls. Often, it’s easiest to use another service to connect with other participants.

What is a conference call?

A conference call is a telephone meeting. Participants dial in using a conference bridge number, which connects them to a common virtual meeting room that can be joined by people almost anywhere in the world. The meeting organizer may also call participants individually to add them to the conference line, a practice known as ad hoc conferencing.

What is web conferencing?

Web conferencing software allows an organizer to set the key parameters for the online meeting, such as its dial-in, PIN, and URL, from a web interface or dedicated desktop or mobile app. This provides a bit more flexibility than having to handle everything from an IP phone. For these types of conferences, the bridge is the web server behind the conferencing service. Since everything goes over an IP network such as the public internet, calling costs can be kept down, e.g. when making international conference calls between farflung remote teams.

How to do ad hoc conferencing on IP phone?

IP phone with ad hoc conferencing. Step 1: The organizer sets up the conference bridge. A conference bridge is basically a server that can answer, merge, and manage multiple calls as needed. Before any conference call can be conducted, a bridge must be in place so that two or more participants may dial in to the same number or join the same URL.

Do you need a pin for a conference call?

The needed dial-in number or URL would have been shared most likely via email or instant message. Depending on the conference call software/hosting being used, a PIN may be required as well. This can be keyed in via telephone keypad.

Can a bridge be hosted?

Bridges may be internally hosted or instead entrusted to an outside hosting provider. In this example, the organizer will use their IP phone to add different numbers to the main conference call. On a device like the Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series, this can be done using the Conference button.

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No. is a free-to-use conferencing platform with local dial-in codes in over 80 countries. FreeConferenceCall offers upgrades to the base service to support free users.

International Conference Calls Are Easier Than You Think

For all intents and purposes, international conference calls work in the same way as regular conference calls — the basic steps are the same.

Toll-Free International Conferences Vs. Local Dial-In Numbers

There are two main kinds of international conference calls. Now that we’ve covered how international conference calls work at a basic level, let’s discuss toll-free international conference calling vs. using local dial-in numbers.

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How to Set Up an International Conference Call

The specific steps of setting up an international conference call depend on your conference call provider. At Branded Bridge Line, set up couldn’t be easier. All of our plans include international lines, so if you ever need to host an international conference call, you don’t have to worry about getting hit with unexpected costs or fees.

Are International Conference Calls Expensive?

When it comes to how international conference calls work, you’re probably wondering about the costs associated. When you’re potentially dealing with callers from all over the world, it seems like the long-distance fees would really add up.

How to secure conference call?

Secure your conference calls by creating a passcode or PIN number for your conference bridge . When callers dial the extension or phone number of the conference call, they will be required to also dial the PIN number before they are able to enter the call. PIN numbers ensure that your calls are kept confidential and that only appropriate persons can …

What is a conference bridge?

Equipment familiarly known as a “conference bridge” can answer many separate phone calls at the same time and link— or “bridge”—them together. That way, the group of callers can speak and listen to each other as if they were all in …

Can you suspend team meetings?

Team standups and department meetings don’t have to be suspended during times when some or all of your coworkers are remote working. Just take your meetings virtually by hosting a conference call. Participants can call in from wherever they are working to give updates on their work projects or brainstorm your company’s product development roadmap.

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