How much does it cost to rent a conference room


On average, renting a hotel conference room runs from about $70 to $160 per hour. This means that for a standard two-hour meeting, you’ll end up paying $140 to $320 for the use of the venue. Rather than charging by the hour, some mid-range hotel chains may charge roughly $250 to $300 for the day.


How to affordably rent a conference room for a day?

These are just a few examples of the kinds of events that work well in conference rooms:

  • Interviews
  • Board meetings
  • Video conferences
  • Team building events
  • Focus groups
  • Workshops
  • And more!

How much does it cost to rent a conference room?

Once the time comes to do it, though, you’ll probably be asking yourself: How much does it cost to rent a conference room? If you go with the hotel conference room option, it will run from about $70 to $160 per hour on average. That equates to around $140 to $320 for the use of the venue for a typical two-hour meeting. In this article we’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of renting a conference room from a hotel vs. an office space provider.

How do I Reserve a conference room?

You may reserve a conference room for immediate use by using the touch screen in front of each room. To make advance bookings go to Please fill out the purpose field with as much information as possible. This enables us to direct your guests to the appropriate room.

How to reserve a conference room?

  • office space -Jordan Smith (05/23/14)
  • I completely agree with your article. …
  • Sample letter to reserve a meeting room -Renita Rodrigues (03/25/14)
  • Sample letter to reserve a meeting room My organization is conducting a one day training course for its staff and would like to rent your meeting room for the purpose. …

What is typically included in a meeting room rental rate?

On average, an all-inclusive meeting room will run $75-$165/hour. This pricing includes all technology needed, such as computers for each attendee, WIFI, Wired Internet, LCD projector, screen, instructor work station and speakers. Snacks and refreshments plus set up, onsite tech support and service fees included.

Is conference room is private space?

The conference rooms are also private spaces inside a coworking. Unlike private offices, they are indicated for occasional use. In other words, you should use them when you need to meet customers/partners and make presentations.

Is conference room same as meeting room?

A conference is when two or more people get together to discuss a topic. Therefore, a conference room (also known as a meeting room) is a room that is set up to facilitate this meeting.

What kind of rooms do they need for the conference?

Let’s look at the six most common layouts for meeting rooms and discuss their suitability for your conference needs.Bоаrdrооm Style. The setup for a boardroom style conference room iѕ very ѕimрlе. … Hоllоw Sԛuаrе Style. … U-Shape Style. … Auditorium Stуlе … Classroom Style. … Banquet Style.

How large is a 20 person conference room?

Conference Table Size GuideTable SizeMin. Room SizeSeating Capacity18 FT x 4 FT (216″x48″)24 FT x 10 FT (288″x120″)14-16 People20 FT x 4 FT (240″x48″)26 FT x 10 FT (312″x120″)16-18 People22 FT x 4 FT (264″x48″)28 FT x 10 FT (336″x120″)18-20 People24 FT x 4 FT (288″x48″)30 FT x 10 FT (360″x120″)20 People6 more rows

How many people fit in a small conference room?

Small meetings rooms, also referred to as huddle rooms, are designed for small groups of people, up to about six per meeting but often more like two or three.

What is another word for conference room?

conference roomboardroom.meeting room.

How big is a conference room?

Size and Seating Capacity “Cheat Sheet”Conference Table SizeSeating CapacityMinimum Room Size72″ (6′) L x 48″ W4-614′ x 12′84″ (7′) L x 48″ W4-615′ x 12′96″ (8′) L x 48″ W6-816′ x 12′120″ (10′) L x 48″ W8-1018′ x 12′11 more rows

Why do we need conference room?

Focus: a conference room creates a quiet environment without distractions, which allows everyone in the room to focus. Not only that, but you’ll be able to hear one another, too. You can get down to business with ease, without the distractions and noise in a public space, such as a coffee shop.

What happens in a conference room?

Conference rooms are for conference calls, board meetings, management discussions, and other major decision-making situations. They are some of the most elaborate meeting rooms in an office, both in terms of AV gear and furniture. Only companies of a certain size or maturity will truly need conference rooms.

How do you set up a conference room?

7 Steps To Make The Best Conference Room For Your OfficeChoose the right conference room equipment. … Standardize the conference room technology and equipment. … Conference room must-haves and nice-to-haves. … Ensure Sufficient Network Bandwidth for the conference room. … Make the conference room technology easy to use.More items…•

How do you secure a conference room?

6 Ways To Ensure That Your Meeting Rooms Are SecureControl preparation materials. When preparing materials for a presentation or conference, limit the use of physical data as much as possible. … Assess the space. … Using wireless presentation systems. … Verify attendees. … Brief participants. … Restrict the devices used.

Hotel Conference Rooms vs. Co-Working Conference Rooms

Just about all large hotels and even some motels offer conference rooms. Choosing to rent a hotel rather than a co-working conference room has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s go over some of the pros and cons of choosing a hotel for your next important meeting.

What Type of Amenities Do Conference Rooms Provide?

This article has already covered what a rented conference room package should include, so let’s take a look at some of the optional extras. You can expect to pay more for audio and video technology, but a basic package is sometimes included. For example, all Corporate Suites conference rooms include Apple TV.

Benefits of Renting a Conference Room

The benefits of renting a conference room from a co-working provider like Corporate Suites basically boil down to cost, convenience and choice. Prices start at just $30 per hour instead of several hundred dollars for the entire day, and rooms are available in all of New York’s most important business districts.

How much does a meeting room cost?

In the country as a whole, the average meeting room costs around $30 at the low end to $250 at the high end. If you rent the space for a full day, rather than by the hour, the hourly price may be cheaper — you might end up paying around $400 to $700 to for a small room, or $1,000 to $1,500 for a larger room. Here are a few examples of the kind of …

How many people can fit in a meeting room?

A meeting room that can comfortably accommodate just six to eight people will be significantly more affordable than a larger space with a capacity of 20 to 40 people. Additionally, if the room includes additional features like the needed A/V hookups, projector, catering services, technical and administrative support, parking, and so forth, …

What is peerspace?

Peerspace is the easiest way to book the perfect meeting space. Enjoy the largest location library and hassle-free bookings today. Peerspace is an ideal place to locate the right room for your next meeting. Across hundreds of American cities, you’ll find thousands of venue options.

What are the factors that make a meeting successful?

One of the most important factors for holding a successful meeting beyond the agenda, the list of attendees, and, of course, the catering — is where you hold the meeting. That’s why anyone who’s planning a meeting should put a fair amount of effort, as well as resources (i.e., time, money, and energy), into renting the right space.

Is a meeting room in Midtown more expensive than a meeting room in Inwood?

For example, a meeting room in Midtown, NY, will be much more expensive, on average, than one in, say, Inwood, at Manhattan’s northern tip. And in Cincinnati, the wealthiest neighborhood is called California (also known as Grove Park), and its meeting spaces will be much costlier than those in the more affordable neighborhood of Madisonville, …

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Hotel Conference Room in 2021?

Let’s start by discussing location. A hotel conference room located in a destination city, like Las Vegas, will cost much more than a conference room situated in other areas of the country.

What Other Amenities and Services do Hotels Offer?

When you rent a conference room venue at a hotel, you’ll have access to more amenities. Today, almost all hotels accommodate you with WiFi as a standard option included in your hourly/daily fee.

Alternatives to Hotel Conference Rooms

If you’re looking for a smaller space or something a little more unique, you can look for conference rooms near you. These local spots are generally cheaper to rent, though they may not offer all of the amenities and services of hotel space.

How to Make Your Meeting Space Look and Feel Professional

Take a look at your budget and keep in mind the costs of decorating your event spaces. Remember, when you’re hosting an office event or conference, it’s essential to appear professional.

How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is a great way to promote your event. Make sure to include sharing buttons on your website and links to your guest speakers’ social accounts. You may also want to create a hashtag for the event and include it in your messaging.

Why In-Person Conferences are on the Rise

Due to the pandemic, many companies have had to rely on virtual meetings; however, this has left business professionals feeling isolated and disconnected.


Before you start looking at conference rooms for your event, you will need to agree on the number of delegates attending and the type of event you are holding. Once this has been established, you’ll have a more realistic idea of the size of venue your meeting requires.


Another critical factor to the cost of any conference room hire is the location. Venue and meeting spaces in more central districts of major cities are likely to be in greater demand, potentially making them less readily available when needed and adding a further premium to the cost.


Stand up meetings can work in some contexts (i.e. where mingling is important), but usually, seating will be required. If you’re planning a sit-down event, you’ll need to decide on the best layout for your tables and chairs and ensure your conference room has enough space for everyone to be comfortable.

Equipment and services

Your event might also need provision of on-site equipment and services, whether to support a presentation to potential new clients, delivering an all-day training session or videoconferencing with a remote team. Additional features can lead to additional costs.

Choosing your venue

Given a set number of delegates, your choice comes down to available budget, accessibility and organising any arrangements for your conference. If you’re simply looking for a conference room to host a board meeting or presentation, our serviced meeting rooms are a good place to start.

We have a better way – we include everything

On average, an all-inclusive meeting room will run $75-$165/hour. This pricing includes all technology needed, such as computers for each attendee, WIFI, Wired Internet, LCD projector, screen, instructor work station and speakers. Snacks and refreshments plus set up, onsite tech support and service fees included.

Meeting Room Variables

Location – Large metropolitan cities have higher costs. All locations are vetted.

How much does a conference venue cost in the UK?

In the UK, a conference venue can cost on average around £22 per person according to Tagvenue’s 2019 data. Of course, conference venues come in a whole range of sizes, from large expo centres to hotels or even to theatres, halls or ballrooms and your choice of venue will affect the cost. However, knowing a good baseline price estimate is …

How far ahead of the event do you need to book a conference venue?

How far ahead of the event do I need to book a venue for a conference? According to Tagvenue data, most conference venue booking takes place at least 60 days before the event.

What is flat session fee?

Charged by the hour or the session time, a flat session fee is suitable for conferences of a shorter duration. This could also be a suitable fee type if you are searching for extra space for your conference and must look for room hire outside of your main venue.

What is a conference venue?

A conference venue offers not only the proper size space – with both large and smaller event spaces for a variety of exhibits, break out rooms and meetings – it also gives you flexibility with regard to arrangement and technology that is crucial when managing crowds of significant size.

What is a DDR conference?

The Day Delegate Rate (DDR) is a fee for a conference that is charged per attendee and is based on a full day-long meeting. The DDR often covers the use of the venue, as well as some catering options, along with a general AV package. This option is a particularly good fit for conferences as it also often includes dinner. As an addendum to the DDR, hotels can offer the option of a 24-hour rate (an extra rate that can be charged if the meeting goes late and attendees need accommodation). The DDR is most suitable for conferences that will run over the course of a few days.

How much does it cost to rent a meeting room?

On average, the price to rent a meeting room can be as little as $20 to as much as $500 per hour. Most companies are going to spend anywhere from $20 to $75 per hour. Cubicles that fit 1 to 3 people can cost $10 to $20 per hour, while conference rooms that fit up to six to eight people can cost upwards of $18 to $35 per hour.

What is included in a meeting room rate?

Meeting room rates, at a minimum, should include the basic accessories and materials needed to facilitate a meeting or conference. This will include the tables, chairs, a projection screen and sometimes the audio equipment and projector for a fee.

Where are meeting rooms usually held?

Meeting rooms are often considered rooms where meetings or training sessions are usually held, commonly found in hotel chains across the United States. They are usually rented by companies if there is no space available to hold these events in their private office or they need …


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