How selective is the national student leadership conference



What is the National Student Leadership Conference?

The National Student Leadership Conference is a program that hosts career-focused leadership conferences for select high school students (as well as some programs for middle school students) over the summer. The NSLC markets itself as a highly selective program that only accepts students with exceptional leadership…

What does NSLC think about student nominations?

In their marketing materials, NSLC emphasizes the fact that students must be nominated as a way to show its “competitiveness.” However, these nominations are sent to thousands of students each year, most of whom NSLC knows very little about.

What is a NSLC leadership program?

NSLC markets their programs as a way to help participants gain leadership skills and learn about future careers while experiencing life on a college campus. The programs last between 6 and 18 days in length, depending on the subject they focus on.

Should students go to leadership conferences?

Anne Heitz, a guidance counselor at Fort Madison High School in Fort Madison, Iowa, believes attending leadership conferences can be “a neat opportunity for children.” But she worries that a scarcity of financial aid shuts out low-income students. “It doesn’t have any equity to it,” she says. “That gets me going right there.”


How Do You Apply to NSLC?

Anyone who is currently a high school student and has a “B” average or higher is eligible to apply for NSLC. The first step is being nominated or i…

What Are The Benefits of Participating in NSLC?

So does that mean the NSLC is all bad? Not at all. Below are the main benefits you can get from attending an NSLC program.

What Are The Drawbacks of Participating in NSLC?

While NSLC can have benefits, there are also drawbacks to participating in one of its programs. I discuss some of the most important drawbacks to t…

Should You Participate in NSLC?

So, how useful is NSLC? It depends on why you’re interested in participating. Some people find NSLC programs fun and informative while others see t…

Summary: Is NSLC Worth Your Time and Money?

The National Student Leadership Conference is a program that it can offer beneficial and interesting opportunities for high school students, but no…

What is NSLC in high school?

Established in 1989, NSLC is a program focusing on career and leadership skills for high school and middle school students. High schoolers live on college campuses across the United States, while middle schoolers can participate in the residential program or commute. Affiliated universities include:

Do you have to be nominated to attend NSLC?

NSLC purports to be a Tier 1 or 2 activity, noting that students must be nominated to attend. But in reality, the program actually doesn’t require a nomination as a prerequisite — students can apply themselves, and as long as they have a decent academic record, their chances of acceptance are quite high.

Raise Awareness

Awareness of and ability to explore aspects of own identity, culture, etc.

Increase Knowledge

Understanding that a true leader values and empowers all the members of the group.

Plan for Social Action

Take a leadership role in service projects and other programs that serve the cause of social justice

How many students attend the Congressional Youth Leadership Conference?

The company that organized the conference, a direct-mail powerhouse called the Congressional Youth Leadership Council, runs an alphabet soup of such conferences that it says are attended by 50,000 students a year.

Who is Zoe Velling?

One participant in the middle-school forum, Zoe Velling, of Ashburn, Va., told me the program helped her to realize that at heart she was a peacemaker , and to assume that role more assertively. Since returning home, she had mediated a conflict between two friends, one of whom had hurt the other’s feelings.

How many students signed up for the inauguration?

At least one lawsuit has been filed over its conference during the inauguration, and in February, after nearly 25 years in operation, it lost its Better Business Bureau accreditation. At least 15,000 students, many of them alumni, signed up for the event before knowing the election’s outcome.

How much did parents pay for the Wharton conference?

Parents paid $2,300 to $3,000 for students to attend the four-day program, a total of more than $40 million. Malcolm Evans, a sophomore at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, left the conference early in frustration.


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