How to cite a speaker at a conference apa


Citing a Lecture in APA

  1. Formatting the speaker’s name The Speaker’s name should be written in reversed order. …
  2. Placing the year your source was published When citing the year the source was published, place the year only and enclosed it with a parenthesis. …
  3. Place the title of the source
Conference Presentation References
  1. Provide the names of the presenters in the author element of the reference.
  2. Provide the full dates of the conference in the date element of the reference.
  3. Describe the presentation in square brackets after the title.

How do you cite a speech using APA?

APA Style. ” states that “You don’t reference the speech itself!” Instead, you find the speech in a source such as a book, film, or website and cite that. For example, if you are using Ronald Reagan’s “Remarks at the Brandenburg Gate,” you would find a source that contains the speech and then cite the source according to the proper style …

How do I cite a copy of a speech?

Method 2 Method 2 of 4: Following APA Format

  1. Look for a transcript of the speech in a book or journal. In APA, you don’t cite a speech itself. …
  2. Start with the author’s name for a video or website. You should always put the last name first and in alphabetical order.
  3. Include the year and month of the speech was uploaded in parentheses. …
  4. Write the title of the speech in italics. …

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How do you cite APA in APA style?

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How to quote a professor lecture?

  • The professor’s name (last name, first name)
  • The type of communication (such as “Personal interview,” “Classroom presentation,” or “Personal letter”)
  • The date (in day, month, year format)
  • If the document is written, add the medium (“MS” for manuscript [handwritten] or “TS” for a typed document)

How do you cite a conference presentation in APA?

Reference Page Format: Presenter, P. P. (Year, Month Days). Title of the presentation [description of the presentation]. Title of Conference. City, State, and Country where the conference took place.

How do you reference a conference speaker?

Reference examples Family name, INITIAL(S) (of the presenter). Year. Title of the presentation. Title of conference, date of conference, location of conference.

How DOI cite a speaker from a webinar in APA?

A reference for a recorded webinar generally requires the following elementsPresenter.Date (year in brackets)Title of the webinar.Description [Webinar]Organisation.URL.

How do you cite a speaker in APA 7?

Professor’s last name, Initial of first name. year, month and day of lecture. Lecture title in italics [Lecture recording].

How do you cite a conference presentation in APA 6th edition?

Presenter name – last name, initial(s). (Year, month). Title of paper – italicised. Paper presented at the Conference name, Location.

How do you cite a virtual conference presentation in APA 7th edition?

Italicize the title. After the title, in brackets, add a description of the contribution (i.e., conference session, poster presentation, keynote address, etc.). Be sure to use the description that the conference uses. Add a period after the brackets.

How do you cite a webinar presentation?

Year. Title of the presentation [Webinar]. [Online]. Publisher/sponsor of the webinar, date delivered.

How do I cite an online seminar in APA?

Use the following format for online seminar items: Author Lastname, First Initial(s). (Year, Month Day of Seminar). Title of seminar: Any subtitles [Type of document].

How do I cite a zoom meeting in APA?

If you’re citing a speech, poster, or conference session, use the following format: Presenter, A. A., & Presenter, B. B. (Year, month and days). Title [Type of Contribution]. Conference Name, Location.

How do you cite a professor’s lecture?

Last Name, First Name of professor. “Title or Subject of the Lecture.” Class lecture, Course Name, College Name, Location, Month Day, Year.

How do you reference a live presentation?

Describe the presentation in square brackets after the title. The description is flexible (e.g., “[Conference session],” “[Paper presentation],” “[Poster session],” “[Keynote address]”). Provide the name of the conference or meeting and its location in the source element of the reference.

How do you Harvard reference a guest speaker?

Family name of speaker, Initials. OR Name of company/organisation Year (in brackets) Title of presentation (if applicable). Visiting speaker/presentation for Module Code: Module Title. Date of visit.

How do you quote a guest speaker?

How do you cite a guest lecture? The citation for a guest lecture follows the same format as any lecture series. Therefore, in APA, MLA, and Chicago, you need to include the guest’s name, the title of the lecture, date of the lecture, location of the lecture.

How do you list a conference presentation on a resume?

Add the section title to your resume. If you’re listing all the presentations, call it “Conference Presentations.” If you chose the top five, call it “Selected Conference Presentations.” 3. Type the name of the presentation first. This should match what was printed the program or listed online for the conference.

How do you cite a conference presentation on a resume?

List the name and date of the conference. Underneath your presentation title, list the name and date of the conference or event where you gave your presentation. Include the month and the year.

How do I format a DOI in APA Style?

Include the DOI at the very end of the APA reference entry . If you’re using the 6th edition APA guidelines, the DOI is preceded by the label “doi…

When should I include a DOI or URL in an APA journal citation?

In an APA journal citation , if a DOI (digital object identifier) is available for an article, always include it. If an article has no DOI, and…

When should I use “et al.” in APA in-text citations?

The abbreviation “ et al. ” (meaning “and others”) is used to shorten in-text citations with three or more authors . Here’s how it works: Only i…

How many authors do I include in an APA reference list entry?

You may include up to 20 authors in a reference list entry . When an article has more than 20 authors, replace the names prior to the final listed…

Why do we use APA style in research?

Because conclusions in scholarly papers are drawn using these sources as evidence, it is important that the citations are as accurate …

What is the most current APA style?

These recommendations are for the most current APA citation style, the sixth edition. Citation styles are never set in stone and are often slightly updated and modified every few years. Check the APA website (see Resources) for information on the most up-to-date citation style to ensure your papers are always cited and referenced correctly.

Why is it important to cite sources as accurate as possible?

Because conclusions in scholarly papers are drawn using these sources as evidence, it is important that the citations are as accurate as possible so that audiences are able to independently verify the information.

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Do you put a personal speaker citation in a reference?

Do not place the personal speaker citation in the reference list. Because it is an unpublished work, there is nothing that can be physically looked up to verify the information.

What is conference citation?

APA Conference Citation. By definition, a conference is a gathering or meeting of a group of people to discuss a certain topic or theme. Its various types differ on the purpose, organization and participants. The first thing you need know is the guide in citing the authors.

Do you need to write publisher with DOI?

There is no need to write Publishers, Company or Inc. with the name of the publisher. List the DOI for conference papers or proceedings found on the web. Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a unique alphanumeric string used by scholarly publishers to provide persistent link to content in the internet.

How to cite a conference paper that has not been published?

To cite a paper that has been presented at a conference but not published, include the author’s name, the date of the conference, the title of the paper (italicized), “Paper presentation” in square brackets, the name and location of the conference, and a URL or DOI if available. Author name, Initials.

What to do if an article has no DOI?

If an article has no DOI, and you accessed it through a database or in print, just omit the DOI. If an article has no DOI, and you accessed it through a website other than a database (for example, the journal’s own website), include a URL linking to the article.

If You Attended the Conference

List all sources at the end of your essay in alphabetical order by the authors’ surnames, on a page headed “References.” Give the author’s last name and first initials; the year and month of the presentation; the title; the name and type of conference and its location.

If You Got the Information Online

When the source is not the presentation itself but an online abstract from a conference, cite that database directly, notes the Wisconsin handbook, which provides this example:

Conference Sessions & Presentations

Include a label in square brackets after the title that matches how the presentation was described at the conference: include all authors listed as contributing, even if they were not physically present.

Conference Session

Fistek, A., Jester, E., & Sonnenberg, K. (2017, July 12–15). Everybody’s got a little music in them: Using music therapy to connect, engage, and motivate [Conference session]. Autism Society National Conference, Milwaukee, WI, United States.

Paper Presentation

Maddox, S., Hurling, J., Stewart, E., & Edwards, A. (2016, March 30–April 2). If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy: The effect of parental depression on mood dysregulation in children [Paper presentation]. Southeastern Psychological Association 62nd Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, United States.

Poster Presentation

Craig, S. (2019, April 10–14). The cultural importance of obsidian in the upper Gila area [Poster presentation]. Society for American Archaeology, Albuquerque, NM, United States.

Symposium Contribution

De Boer, D., & LaFavor, T. (2018, April 26–29). The art and significance of successfully identifying resilient individuals: A person-focused approach. In A. M. Schmidt & A. Kryvanos (Chairs), Perspectives on resilience: Conceptualization, measurement, and enhancement [Symposium].


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