How to clear conference in ssb


Be Clear In What You Are Answering – During the conference, a candidate can be asked questions by any of the assessors. Stay alert and direct the correct answer to the correct person. Don’t get confused in the questions. The questions asked are casual.


How to clear the SSB interview?

In order to clear the SSB interview, the candidates should develop certain traits and characteristics that will enable them to easily clear the SSB interview. They are: Augment their ability to be responsible and take ownership of a situation.

What is the purpose of the CSC conference in SSB?

C onference, in general, is a meeting of people who exchange opinions on a particular topic. At Service Selection Boards Conference takes place on the 5th Day (not the final day as your final day will be on last day of medicals) of your SSB Interview.

When does the at at Service Selection Boards conference take place?

At Service Selection Boards Conference takes place on the 5th Day (not the final day as your final day will be on last day of medicals) of your SSB Interview.

What is SSB in NDA?

SSB is a process which brings out an Officer from yourself. But some of you make it by getting a recommendation and most of the others gets rejected. Rejection is a bad word you ever want to hear for you. Whether you are a fresher or a Repeater, being conference out is the worst feeling you can ever have.


What happens in conference in SSB?

Conference in SSB interview happens on the 5th day of SSB testing, in conference, all the assessors of a particular board including the president and deputy president, meet each other to discuss and prepare the results of candidates on 5 days testing.

How long is conference in SSB?

All these tests are conducted in the five day duration of the SSB Interview Process and at the day 5 i.e. the final day of the interview is called the Conference Day.

Why do people get conference out in SSB?

NEGATIVE ATTITUDE: – Being too much apprehensive, judgmental about the things at the SSB. When you want to complain, the points are plenty but these things will only lead you to oblivion. POOR QUALITY RESPONSES/PRE LEARNT IDEAS AT PSYCH TESTS: – You need to understand that one size doesn’t fit all.

How do I clear SSB in first attempt?

1 Know SSB’s tests and procedures inside out. … 2 After following tip no 1, do good practice and form test-wise preparation habits. … 3 Don’t ignore Current Affairs. … 4 Some things you should have detailed knowledge about- … 5 Brush up your Technical/ Academic knowledge. … 6 Know your native state/town better.More items…•

What do they see in SSB interview?

The main critical traits of candidates assessed in SSB interviews are personality, intelligence, compatibility, and potential. The interview panel emphasizes mental fitness than physical fitness for the candidates, but a certain level of physical fitness is required to clear the Interview.

What is the full form of SSB?

Services Selection Board (SSB) is an organization that assesses the candidates for becoming officers into the Indian Armed Forces.

What to do after completing SSB conference?

What To Do After Getting Conference Out In SSBMake Sorrow of Your Rejection: Making sorrow of being conferenced out is a normal thing done by the entire candidates. … Introspect your Mistakes: After reaching your home, hostel, restroom, introspect your mistakes you have done during your 5 days of SSB.More items…

How many candidates are screened in SSB?

How many candidates are selected in SSB? 368 vacancies for every single NDA recruitment and almost 2.5 lakh aspirants from all around the country participate in the written exam. Out of these, only 545 (approx.)

Is TES SSB easy?

Well, SSB Interview is a tough entry. It is not easy to clear. Well in the case of NDA entry, It is hard to clear even Written examination and those who clear the written exam will proceed for the SSB Interview.

Is SSB very tough?

SSB is difficult but not impossible. If they can crack it one go, you can too. Read here tips to ace CDS SSB in your first attempt. Combined Defence Services (CDS 2019) written exam concluded on September 8, 2019, and now the candidates are eagerly waiting for the CDS written exam result.

Why SSB interview is tough?

This is because in real life situation, an officer has to perform judiciously and efficiently under pressure, so a candidate must give positive response under pressure. The constraint of time is applied in the testing and most of the tests are designed in such a way that they get difficult with time.

Which is the toughest interview in India?

SSB interviewSSB interview is the most extensive and toughest among all the interviews conducted for government job examinations. To become an officer in Indian Armed Forces, you have to clear the SSB interview.

What is recommended candidate in SSB?

Recommended Candidate at SSB These candidates are those who have been through stage one, stage two testing and were recommended by the board. You will be grouped with the not recommended candidates only.

How do you get recommended in Smash Bros?

SSB Day 3 and 4 is group tasks1.Group discussion. Give 2 or 3 points very calmly that’s it. … 2.Group Planning Exercise. Very important test . … 3.Progressive Group Tasks. Be normal, be courteous to your group members.4.Half Group Tasks. … 5.Individual Obstacles. … 6.Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race. … 7.Command Task. … Lecturette.More items…•

How Is Conference Conducted ?

To begin with, every one of the applicants proceed to stand by in the sitting area outside the conference room.

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What is SSB interview?

The SSB interview seeks to bring to light the candidates who exhibit Officer Like Qualities (OLQ’s) the most. The interviewing officers are on the lookout for candidates who are able to strike a lasting impression through their abilities to lead a group, work well as a team member in a group and also boost the team’s confidence and determination through their conversations. The intention of the SSB interview is to scientifically analyze the psychological potential and outlook of the candidate. In order to clear the SSB interview, the candidates should develop certain traits and characteristics that will enable them to easily clear the SSB interview. They are:

How long is the SSB interview?

The reason why the SSB interview is conducted over five days is to give the interviewing officers’ ample time and enough information from the various tests so as to be to pick out the most appropriate and deserving candidates to undergo training at the NationalDefence Academy.

What is Minerva Academy?

There are a number of well recognized institutes such as Lt. Col. Deol’s Minerva Academy which has been in the line providing coaching to young aspirants and offer training in all psychological tests, outdoor and indoor group tasks as well.

Where is the SSB interview conducted?

The primary focus of the SSB interview is on the intelligence as well as the personality of the candidate and is conducted over a five day period in the campuses of SSB at various locations throughout the country such as Bangalore, Allahabad and Bhopal.

How to improve the effectiveness of delegation and execution of initiatives?

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of delegation and execution of initiatives. Develop their level of expertise in reasonable and sound reasoning/ judgment. Strengthen their organization and management skills.

Who is Uday Kumar?

Author: Uday Kumar. A retired Naval Officer from the Indian Navy. He blogs at and helps his readers with tips to clear the SSB Interview. The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.

What is a C onference?

C onference, in general, is a meeting of people who exchange opinions on a particular topic. At Service Selection Boards Conference takes place on the 5th Day (not the final day as your final day will be on last day of medicals) of your SSB Interview.

How long does a conference last?

Generally Conference lasts for 30 Seconds to 60 Seconds, however, if you are one of those whom the Board wants to confirm their findings then it might last for 10-12 Minutes to 1 Hour which is an exception case.

How important is being friendly in a group?

Being friendly with your group is very important since there are almost 7-8 tasks which you have to do as a group and where it counts whether or not your group likes you. Since the testing is done in groups hence it is important that each one in your group likes you. Be friendly and non-judgmental towards others.

Why is dress up important?

Your dress up is important in casting a good impression in front of others. Be careful about what you are choosing to wear. You have to be dressed appropriately according to the occasion. Hence choose your dress wisely; there are guidelines available for both men and women on what all they can wear in SSB.

What is the best way to prepare for an interview?

It is necessary for the interview that you know yourself well, be prepared with all the data about yourself , like your grades, achievements and good/bad qualities etc. In a similar manner, you must be aware of the details about your family like their occupation, good/bad points etc. Make sure that you know in details about your hobbies or the games you have played.

What is SSB positive?

The ‘be positive’ funda. SSB is all about positive attitude, so be it your psych tests, interview, GT Series or anything else, be positive. Your personality should reflect that you are an assertive person, right from your answers in psych tests to your personality and behaviour in GT and Interview.

Is it better to practice before a psych test?

Practice makes everyone perfect. Practising will make you better and nearly perfect, it is advisable to practice for the Psych Tests well before, this is so because these tests are done under a very strict time constraint if you are practising for them in advance; it’ll help you a lot in managing the time there.

Is nervousness a war in the SSB?

Nervousness can be your biggest enemy in the SSB. Prepare well before and beat the nervousness. There is no use of being nervous, it is not a war, take is just like a simple interview, go like a roaring tiger and clear it! Also Read: Let’s Crack SSB Interview.

Importance of O.I.R & P.P.D.T

Most of the candidates are not aware on about the both part of Screening or Phase I Testing importance. First of all candidates must know how these test help them to clearing Phase-I.

How to Clear Day 1 Screening Test in SSB Interview

But the P.P.D.T: is the most important part of the Phase-I Testing because candidates selection for Phase-II Testing is full depended on it only. Your performance in this test decide that you will stay for another 4 days or not. P.P.D.T has two parts such as:

Tips in Discussion Test

Narrate your story confidently with good clear voice because the first impression is the last impression and nobody can stop you for 1 min (except assessors).


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