How to conduct an online conference


What do I need to run a virtual conference?
  1. Define your conference strategy. You need to start by clearly outlining your target audience and who you want to attend your conference. …
  2. Prepare the content. …
  3. Choose your platform. …
  4. Market your conference. …
  5. Enable your attendees to network and interact.

How do I start a virtual conference?

How to run a successful virtual meetingCome prepared: familiarize yourself with the meeting agenda beforehand.Introduce participants to one another at the start of the meeting, if they’ve not already met.Make sure you’re in a quiet location with minimal background noise, where possible.More items…•

How do I host a virtual conference event?

10 tips for hosting virtual eventsSet clear goals from the start. … Choose the right platform to host your virtual event. … Choose the right time for your event. … Promote your virtual event. … Develop a clear agenda that includes speakers and timeframes. … Include moderators at your event. … Engage your audience. … Prepare to troubleshoot.More items…•

What do you need for a virtual conference?

Here are a few types of event tech you’ll need for a virtual conference:Registration.Abstract management.Mobile event app.Appointments.Onsite engagement.Attendee tracking.Surveys.Video platform.

How do you run a good virtual conference?

Virtual events take just as much advance planning as a traditional conference. … Time zones still matter – make sure participants aren’t shut out by being in the wrong time zone. … Provide both synchronous and asynchronous content during the virtual event.

How to hold a virtual audience?

1. Use video if at all possible. Even when delivered by the best speakers, it can be difficult to hold a virtual audience’s attention with a slide-based presentation, alone. Most webinar platforms support videoconferencing, and virtual conference speakers should absolutely make use of that capability. When your audience can see the speaker …

How to make a virtual conference interactive?

Even large virtual conferences, however, can be made more interactive simply by using the audience polling features which are available in many online event platforms. Explain to the audience how to submit questions via the platform, and encourage them to do so, be it during a designated Q&A period at the end of the session, or during the program. Make sure speakers keep an eye on questions as they are submitted, so they can address some of them on the fly during their prepared remarks.

Why are virtual conferences being moved?

While some events have been canceled or postponed, others are being moved to an online, virtual setup in order to safeguard the health of attendees and presenters. Virtual conference events aren’t new (indeed, some very large ones are held each year). However, they are unfamiliar to many meeting planners, and it’s important to understand …

What to give to remote attendees at a conference?

To help enhance the perceived value of the event for remote attendees, give them something tangible to take away from each speaker’s program , such as a coupon for a digital copy of the speaker’s book, or even just a written summary of key points and tips to remember to actualize the speaker’s advice. These might not be a perfect substitute for the experience of attending a conference live, but they at least provide some additional value to remote attendees, helping to favorably influence their impressions about the virtual conference.

Can a live speech be a virtual event?

A speech that works well in a live venue may not translate perfectly to a virtual one. Speakers may not at first realize it, but gestures and other visual cues that they (sometimes unknowingly) use during a live speech won’t work in the virtual event. For this reason, speakers skilled in virtual events will utilize special materials for that delivery medium, such as a modified slide deck which helps convey information or emotion that wouldn’t otherwise be communicated effectively across a digital medium.

Can speakers do A/V checks?

Most speakers can do A/V checks at live events in their sleep, as it’s an exercise with which they are exceedingly familiar. That’s not the case with virtual events. Even if a speaker has done virtual sessions in the past, there’s no guarantee their next virtual event will use the same technology platform as their last. Great speakers leave nothing to chance when preparing for an event, and that approach is especially important with virtual sessions. Check everything in advance – audio/video quality, screen sharing, host-to-speaker private messaging, audience Q&A – and do it all with the same equipment and internet connection that the speaker will be using on event day.

Is virtual meeting as successful as live conference?

Online virtual events may be foreign to many meeting planners, but – if properly executed – they can be just as successful and engaging as live, in-person conferences. The key (which applies no matter what the conference medium) is to relentlessly focus on the quality of your audience’s experience.

Why do people use Zoom?

We used Zoom as our Webinar platform for delivering live sessions . One of the many reasons we like Zoom is that, unlike GoToWebinar – which we had been using – it allows you to enable chat feature in addition to a Q&A feature during Webinars (GoToWebinar currently does not support chat during its Webinars). People are increasingly comfortable using chat as a tool and we had some really good exchanges during the sessions at our events. To help spark these exchanges, we made sure we were prepared to ask relevant, provocative questions during sessions and that we continually encouraged participants to contribute.

How to deliver real value and impact when hosting a virtual conference?

If you want to deliver real value and impact when you host a virtual conference – and, as a result, prime your attendees to return for your next offerings – you need to put effort into “curating” the experience in way that helps bring out the value of the content in much the same way that a well-curated exhibit in a museum greatly enhances the value of the objects on display.

What is content call?

In general, the content call was a way to make sure the presenters had begun actively thinking about their material and that there was enough time for us to help fill any gaps or act on any good ideas that came up.

Why is it important to stream video on Zoom?

Thanks to platforms like Zoom, streaming video as part of a live Web event has gotten dramatically easier and less risky over the past several years and even just a small amount of video can make an online event feel much more personal and intimate – helping to boost attendee engagement.

What are the criticisms of virtual events?

Mix in meaningful social. One of the typical criticisms of virtual events is that you don’t manage to get the same networking and interaction that you do with face-to-face events.

What does “vendor” mean in business?

By “vendors” I mean companies that sell products or services that are of value to your target audience, but that don’t compete with whatever you provide. Ideally, whatever the vendor sells should complement your products or services. In our case, this meant primarily working with learning management system (LMS) vendors, as most of our attendees use or plan to use a learning management system.

Why are sponsors important?

Finally, a sponsor’s brand can be valuable in helping to bolster your own brand and the credibility of the event which , again, helps to attract attendees.

Define your goal

First things first: what do you hope to achieve with your online conference?

Plan ahead for your online conference

You can only plan a successful conference if you know what your ideal audience is. It is, therefore, imperative to specify the buyer persona .

Choose a format

It is vital to define the format of your conference in advance, so you can inform those who will be invited to speak to the public.

Invite good guest speakers

If it is a conference, it must have a guest speaker. The question is: who?

Pick a platform

Choosing the platform to host your online conference is one of the most important decisions of the whole process.

Promote the conference

Conference promotion should be initiated only when you feel your plan is concise, and that you can count on the right tools to ensure the event is carried out successfully.

Monitor the results and continue the dialogue

Suppose you don’t have the data to understand audience satisfaction, the scope of the conference, and the rate of engagement at the end of the conference. In that case, you will lack information essential to your actions in the future.

Why are online conferences important?

Online conferences are an excellent way for newer companies to increase their brand recognition while also generating revenue by selling products during the online conference or charging a registration fee.

What is needed to pull off a successful virtual conference?

Pulling off a successful virtual conference requires a significant amount of planning regarding not just presentation topics and guest speakers, but also webinar software, security, and audience engagement.

What Are the Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Conference?

Learning how to host a virtual conference offers numerous benefits outside of cost savings related to event space, travel, and hotels.

What are the Best Virtual Conference Platforms?

None of the above advice on how to host a virtual conference will make any difference if you don’t choose the right webinar software.

What is lead generation in virtual conferences?

Speaking of lead generation, the data you collect on attendees during the virtual conference through things like live polling and Q&A sessions can help you to improve your marketing strategy, product launch, and any future virtual events you host.

Why are agendas important for conferences?

Agendas are helpful in learning how to host a virtual content since they provide an outline of how you’ll transition from one subject or speaker to another.

Why do you take polls during a virtual event?

Taking live polls and surveys during your virtual event help hosts to evaluate how engaged the wider audience is and gives attendees the chance to share their opinions as they would at a live event. It keeps them involved in the presentation from afar.

What are the benefits of conference calls?

Knowing how to host a meeting online with GoTo Meeting is only part of the equation. Here are some reasons why you should be using conference calling for your business.

How many countries does GoToMeeting have?

GoToMeeting offers toll-free numbers for more than 50 countries.

How long is the GoToMeeting trial?

Setting up conference calls or online meetings requires that you register an account with GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting offers a free 14-day trial so you can get a feel for the service before you commit to anything. Once you have an account, sign in to access your options on the “My Meetings” page.

What is a GoToMeeting call recording?

GoToMeeting call recording creates a digital record and transcript of your conference calls, so you can review, share and keep meeting details for future use .

How much does a conference call cost?

In general, a good conference call service may cost anywhere from $14 to $40 per month depending on the plan you select. See GoToMeeting pricing

How to host a non-scheduled meeting?

If you’d like to host a non-scheduled meeting right away, you can do that from the “My Meetings” page. Just click “Start your meeting,” and then click “Share” to send meeting details to your attendees. To begin a scheduled meeting, go to your meeting history, find the correct meeting and click the “Start” button.

What is conference call etiquette?

Conference call etiquette includes being on time, giving your full attention to meeting participants and not interrupting others who are speaking. Just as you wouldn’t show up late for a critical in-person meeting, you should be punctual when conference calling as well. When you are not speaking, it’s courteous to keep your microphone on mute to avoid any feedback or unnecessary noise.

Why is it important to have a clear agenda?

Like an in-person event, having a clear agenda will allow you to identify gaps and anticipate any shortcomings on the day of.

What are assets in a conference?

Assets are key to connecting your new conference experience to your brand. This is how attendees will familiarize themselves with your brand and your event so make a good first impression!

What are the tasks that are shifting to online?

With a lot of our tasks shifting to online: grocery shopping, schooling, doctor appointments, it’s no surprise that event planners and companies have found a way to adapt to this new way of living to bring together audiences through virtual conferences.

How to get more traction in a conference?

Work with your speakers on sharing the event with their networks — cross-promotion often creates the most traction.

Is a virtual conference different from an in person conference?

A virtual conference should be no different than an in-person one, in terms of the value you bring to the attendees and your business.

Can things go wrong in virtual conferences?

There are things that can and will go wrong — it’s inevitable (just like in-person conferences). Taking the time to properly prepare and plan in advance will set you apart from other virtual events.

Can you do too much planning for a virtual conference?

Before jumping into any event, we must plan and if this is your first time hosting a virtual conference like us, you can never do too much planning. As you begin to map out your goals and dreams for your virtual conference, there are a few key things to remember as you bring your in-person brand experience online: …

How to Make Conferences (Online and In-Person) More Interactive

As mentioned, the success of all events, virtual or in-person, comes from audience engagement, where you give attendees opportunities to interact with each other and connect to your brand. After all, events are meant to spark networking, questions, and learning.

Below Is a List of Our Top 20 Interactive Virtual Conference Ideas To Ensure Your Online, In-Person, or Hybrid Event Is a Success

Your audience likely uses social media, like Facebook and LinkedIn, to engage with their friends, family, and professional network. That’s exactly why this sits at number one on our list of virtual conference ideas.

Which Interactive Conference Ideas Will You Use to Make Audience Engagement a Key Component of Your Virtual or Hybrid Event?

Now that venues are opening back up, you can implement these interactive conference ideas to transform your next event into a truly hybrid experience for your audience.

Why do people use Whova?

Many organizers provide access to the Whova app prior to their events to let attendees virtually socialize and discuss various topics, one-on-one or in virtual groups, making everyone feel more connected by the time the event comes around. Every attendee has a professional profile, allowing them to find others with whom they have common interests. The ice breaker and in-app chat, in particular, make it fun for strangers to get to know one another on a personal level and communicate with both new and old friends.

What is a hopin?

Hopin. Hopin is an all-in-one platform for planning online conferences, offering everything from a virtual reception to breakout sessions, a mainstage, and networking events.

What aspect of business seems to be untouched by virtual experience?

However, there is one aspect of business that seems, until recently, almost entirely untouched by virtual experience: conferences.

When is Hubspot’s virtual partner day?

On April 7-8, 2020, HubSpot launched its own virtual Partner Day. The Partner team used Zoom, a popular video conferencing tool, and sent each presenter a “video kit” with a mic, camera, lighting, and backdrop, so that participants could experience an optimal viewing experience from each of the day’s virtual speakers. Additionally, attendees used Zoom to network with other partners.

Why do people host virtual conferences?

For one, it can lower the price of admission, enabling smaller businesses with limited budgets to purchase tickets to your conference and offer their own unique insights.

What is online conference?

Additionally, an online conference enables you to create a product — recordings from your conference — that you can continue to share and use as a lead generation tool for months and years after the initial live launch.

What is run the world?

Run The World is accessible to a variety of small and large organizations, including non-profits, startup and enterprise businesses, and individual experts who’d like to host online workshops or bootcamps. Image Source.


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