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How do I deploy the Cisco IP conference phone 8832?

Then, connect the injector to the network with an Ethernet cable and plug the injector into the electric outlet. Wireless connection—The Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832 can connect to a Wireless Access Point using Wi-Fi. This deployment requires the power supply (CP-8832-PWR or CP-8832-PWR-WW).

Can I set up conference calls and meetings on the IP phone?

Setting up conference calls and meetings is possible on the Cisco IP Phone in order to talk with multiple people in one call. While on a call, you can dial another contact to add them to the existing call.

How do I set up conference calls and meetings on 8800 series?

This article aims to show you how to set up conference calls and meetings on your Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series. Step 1. While a call is active, press the Conference button on your IP Phone. Step 2. Punch in the phone number of the contact you wish to add to the call and then press Call. Note: In this example, 705 is used as the contact number.

How many of your board meetings occur over Cisco video conferencing?

That’s not very sustainable, so we changed it. Now, 75% of our board meetings occur over Cisco video conferencing. ” Keep your teams happier, more productive, and more connected than ever before with powerful collaboration tools designed for the small business. Are you a Cisco partner?


How do I connect to a Cisco Webex Meeting?

Tap Join meeting in your email invitation when it’s time to join the meeting. Tap Download to install the Webex Meetings app and join the video conference. To join the meeting by phone only, tap the number on your screen. Tap Open after the app installs and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Statement.

How do I join a meeting on the Cisco app?

In the Join a Meeting field, paste the meeting URL and then click Join. Click the Join button next the meeting name in the Upcoming Meetings list. The Join button appears just before the meeting is scheduled to start.

How do I find my Webex conference code?

The Host access code appears under the Accounts section. Look under the specific account you are using. To receive a separate host confirmation email with the host access code, schedule your meeting directly from your Webex website.

How do I use Polyex video conferencing with Webex?

Join by dialing the video address Open the virtual keyboard or get the remote control for your video system. For example, tap Call and then tap the keyboard button on the keypad. IP address for an instant or scheduled Webex Personal Room meeting or a scheduled Webex meeting. Enter the meeting number when prompted.

How do I join a Cisco Webex meeting on my laptop?

1. Press CTRL key and click on Join Webex Meeting . Below Screen will Appear on laptop and desktop. (On Mobile, you will be asked to install Webex App, please install from google play store or iPhone app store to join meeting).

How do I join a Webex meeting without a link?

What is the ‘Join as Guest” option for Cisco Webex Meetings Online?Enter your name (This is the name that will appear in the Participants panel for your meeting), your email address, and the meeting password (if required).Click the Join button.

What is the Webex code?

If you’re using the Webex Calling app on your mobile device, the steps are slightly different: Tap New Call , go to your dialpad, enter *58#, and then press Call . You can use push-to-talk for intercom-like functionality to communicate with another user, or group of users. Enter *50, followed by a user’s extension.

Why can’t I join my Webex meeting?

Close all open web browsers, open a new browser, and try to start/join the meeting again. If you are still not able to start/join the meeting, clear cache and cookies in your web browser, see: WBX37919 – How Do I Clear the Cache and Cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer?

How do I create a Webex code?

From the customer view in, go to Places or Users. Select the User or Place that you want to generate an activation code for. Select Add Device. You’ll be presented with a QR code and a 16-digit activation code.

How do I join a room in Cisco Webex?

Tap the Join Webex button on the home screen. Enter the meeting number that is listed in the Webex Meetings invite, and tap Join to join the meeting. If you’re joining a Personal Room meeting, you can use the person’s name or email address to search for their Personal Room. Tap Join Webex.

How do I dial into a Cisco video conference?

Dial the video address of the host or IP address listed in the meeting invitation and enter the pound sign (#) when prompted. You must also enter the meeting number when prompted when dialing the IP address.

What is Webex SIP address?

Webex SIP Addresses and Users Users can find their Webex SIP address by going to My Profile in Webex Settings at

Does Poly studio work with Webex?

Poly has the widest range of Cisco Interoperability Validated headsets and solutions for all Cisco Collaboration platforms including Cisco Webex Meetings, Cisco Webex Teams, Cisco Jabber and Cisco Unified IP Phone.

Can Polycom connect to Webex?

Complete the Polycom Request Form & e-file it to the case from which you are requesting to appear by Webex. 3. Once the clerk accepts your request and schedules the meeting, you will receive an invite email notifying you of the scheduled polycom.

How to enable star code on IP phone?

Enable Star Code. Step 1. Using your computer, log in to the web-based utility of the IP Phone and click Admin Login > advanced. Step 2. Click Voice and the Extension where you want to enable the Star code. Note: In this example, Ext1 is chosen. Step 3.

How to add another contact to an existing call?

Add another contact to an existing call. Step 1. While a call is active, press the Conference button on your IP Phone. Step 2. Punch in the phone number of the contact you wish to add to the call and then press Call. Note: In this example, 705 is used as the contact number. Step 3.

Can you have two calls on Cisco IP phone?

While on a call, you can dial another contact to add them to the existing call. If you have multiple lines, you can also combine two calls across two lines.

What is Cisco 8832?

The Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832 provides accessibility features for the blind, and for the visually, hearing, and mobility impaired. Because many of these features are standard, users with disabilities can access them without any special configuration.

What is Cisco Collaboration Problem Report Tool?

You can use the Cisco Collaboration Problem Report Tool (PRT) to collect and send phone logs, and to report problems to your administrator. If you see a message that the PRT upload has failed, the problem report is saved on the phone and you should alert your administrator.

How far away from the microphone is the Cisco 8832?

The Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832 supports two wired expansion microphones, available in an optional kit. Use the expansion microphones in larger rooms or in a crowded room. For best results, we recommend that you place the microphones between 3 feet (0.91 m) and 7 feet (2.1 m) away from the phone.

What is Cisco Self Care Portal?

The Self Care portal is part of your organization’s Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Can Cisco 8832 access Wi-Fi?

The Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832 can access a Wi-Fi network. You need a power adapter to power the phone. The Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832 NR cannot be used with a Wi-Fi network.

Does Cisco have a third party application?

There are third-party applications such as real-time captioning on Cisco IP Phones, Text Telephones for the Deaf (TDD/TTY), Real Time Text (RTT), hearing/voice carry over (HCO/VCO), audible caller ID, inline amplifiers for handsets for louder call sound, “busy lights”, audio/visual emergency notifications through Cisco IP Phones ( supporting users with disabilities), etc.

Does Cisco 8832NR support Wi-Fi?

The phone also supports an optional set of two wireless expansion microphones. The Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832NR (non-radio) version does not support Wi-Fi or wireless expansion microphones. The phone can be used for a 20 x 20 foot (6.1 x 6.1 m) room and up to 10 people.

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What is Cisco conference bridge?

Conference bridge for Cisco Unified Communications Manager is a software or hardware application that is designed to allow both ad hoc and meet-me voice conferencing. Additional conference bridge types support other types of conferences, including video conferences. Each conference bridge can host several simultaneous, multiparty conferences. Both hardware and software conference bridges can be active at the same time. Software and hardware conference bridges differ in the number of streams and the types of codec that they support. When you add a new server, the system automatically adds software conference bridges.

What is Cisco Meeting App?

Cisco Meeting App (can be native or with a WebRTC compatible browser) Skype for Business. A minimum release of Cisco Meeting Server 2.0 is required to use the Cisco Meeting Server conference bridge. The Cisco Meeting Server supports SIP as the signaling call control protocol.


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