How to create a conference call 3cx


How to place a conference call on your 3CX phone – for ALC phones

  • Creating a Conference from 3CX MyPhone.
  • When you are already on a call:. Click on the button ‘Create Conference’ – shown below your active call. The Create…
  • To create a new conference call:. In the Call Conference tab, click on the create conference button. The Create Call…

To invite additional participants to an ongoing call:
  1. Click the “Conference” button in the dialer pop-up in the web client, desktop app or smartphone.
  2. Search for who you want to add to the call by name or extension, or enter their phone number.
  3. Press enter and they will be automatically dialed.


How to set a personal call queue with 3CX?

Queue Options

  • “Callback” – enable callers to hang up and get a call back. …
  • “Wrap-Up Time” – gives the agent the specified time in seconds to enter notes into the call record, after taking a call.
  • “Maximum Callers in Queue” – when this number is reached, calls are routed according to the settings in the “Destination if no answer” section.

More items…

How to activate 3CX Phone System?

Set up Hotkeys

  • Open the 3CX Desktop Application.
  • Click “More” on the left side navigation panel and select “Settings”.
  • From the dropdown menu in the top right of the screen, select “Hotkeys”.
  • On each line, click the pencil icon which then allows you to simply press the key combination desired.

How can I connect a 3CX Phone?

  • If your public IP changes, the FQDN will still point to the old one. Access the server using your public IP (for example https://81.x.x.x:5001)
  • You can also try accessing it using your local IP ie. https://10.x.x.x:5001
  • The PBX only answers on port 5001 if the firewall has forwards sending that port to the internal IP for your PBX. …

How to set up 3CX?

“New install” – If you are new to 3CX and do not have a license key, click on the link provided to create a 3CX customer account and get a 3CX license key. Copy and paste the license key here. “Restore existing backup” – Select and click on “Upload” to browse for a backup file to restore.


How do I make a conference call on 3CX?

2:123:06How to Initiate a Conference Call | 3CX Basics – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipTo create a conference call from here press the conference button in the middle of the option menu.MoreTo create a conference call from here press the conference button in the middle of the option menu. Again you can enter the number you wish to call directly on the dial pad or use the search feature.

How do I make a conference call with audio?

How to make a conference call using an Android phoneDial the first person you want to invite to the conference call.After the call connects, tap the “Add Call” or + icon on the left of your screen.Dial or select the next person from your contact list.

Are 3CX calls free?

The offer is available for free for a minimum of one year, depending on its success. What better way to test which 3CX version and features you really need, before you commit to purchase….Option A: Add more features.PROEnterpriseCall and Chat ReportingSkill-based call queuesSMS/MMSStart/Stop recording1 more row•Jul 29, 2021

Is 3CX a softphone?

The 3CX softphone for Windows is a free app developed by 3CX, for use independent of the phone system. Once connected to your VoIP provider, it can be used to make and receive calls over your internet connection.

How do I set up a conference call?

How to start a conference callDial the first person and wait for the call to connect.Tap add call .Dial the second person, and wait for the call to connect.Tap merge calls .The two calls merge into a conference call. To add additional people, repeat steps 2-4.

How do you set up a conference?

How to Organise a Conference: Step-By-Step GuideStep 1: Decide on a theme. … Step 2: Assemble your A-team. … Step 3: Prepare a budget & business plan. … Step 4: Find sponsors & grants [optional] … Step 5: Settle on a date. … Step 6: Book the venue. … Step 7: Arrange catering & other vendors [optional] … Step 8: Line up your speakers.More items…

How long is 3CX free for?

One Year3CX Free Enterprise for One Year But after checking free plans for one year on 3CX Pricing.

What is simultaneous calls 3CX?

3CX Support If an external caller is connect to an internal extension that counts as 1 simultaneous call. if 2 internal extensions talk to each other that is still 1 simultaneous call.

What does 3CX stand for?

3CX is a software-based private branch exchange (PBX) based on the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) standard. It enables extensions to make calls via the public switched telephone network (PSTN) or via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

How do I set up my 3CX softphone?

Configure 3CX SoftphoneAdd a New SIP Account. If ‘Accounts’ does not appear when you first open application click ‘Set accounts’ top right.Enter Your Localphone Account Details. … Test Your Configuration.

Is 3CX any good?

What Users Think of 3CX. Most 3CX reviews online match with our analysis, noting that it’s an excellent PBX solution for small businesses. It provides users with a robust business communication system at very low per-user fees compared to alternatives like RingCentral.

Who owns 3CX?

Nick Galea3CX3CX buildingFounderNick GaleaArea servedWorldwideKey peopleNick Galea (Founder, CTO, and CEO)6 more rows

What is an audio conferencing?

Audioconferencing is a learning event or meeting in which participants in different locations use telephones, or audioconferencing equipment, to interactively communicate with each other in real time. The number of participants may be as small as 3 or as large as 100 or more.

How do I enable conference call on Android?

To create a conference call on an Android:Make a call.After connecting, press the “Add Call” icon. The graphic features a person with a “+” next to it. … Dial the second party, and wait for them to answer.Press the “Merge” icon. This will appear as two arrows merging into one.

Is the free conference call app free?

The meeting app for iPhone, iPad and Android supports conferencing anywhere, anytime. Now you’re free to make that meeting to go.

Are free conference calls free?

Are Free Conference Calls Really Free? Yes. Free conference calls are really free for users. You may wonder, “why is it free for me?” It’s because you already pay a service provider for a phone line, so we don’t have to charge you.

What is 3CX video?

3CX includes a powerful video conferencing solution that allows for effective, face to face communication and collaboration with colleagues and customers no matter where they are. With 3CX, your invitees can seamlessly join meetings with absolutely no login or sign up.

How to add participants to a web meeting?

Alternatively, you can enter the meeting room and follow these steps to add participants: Click on “WebMeeting” in the web client’s sidebar, or the “Start a WebMeeting Now” button in the Windows app. Then click “Join Now” to enter the meeting room.


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