How to create a video conference in microsoft teams


Locate and select the video meeting icon from the top right-hand corner in the Team /Team channel. Click on meet. Select schedule a meeting. Enter all the relevant meeting details and add any Team colleagues, other internal colleagues, or external guests.May 10, 2021


How to start conference call on Microsoft Teams?

There are three ways to get toll and toll-free service numbers:

  • Use the Microsoft Teams admin center. For some countries/regions, you can get service numbers for your conferencing bridges using the Microsoft Teams admin center. …
  • Port your existing service numbers. …
  • Use a request form for new numbers. …

How to set up meeting in Microsoft Teams?

Then follow these steps:

  • Open your Outlook desktop client.
  • On the calendar, select the time when you want to schedule the meeting.
  • When the new appointment window opens, click on “Teams Meeting” from the toolbar on top of the window.
  • Add all the meeting details, including name, attendees, or change the time if necessary.

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How to set up audio conferencing for Microsoft Teams?

Step 1: Get Audio Conferencing licenses

  • In the Microsoft 365 admin center, go to Billing > Purchase services, and then at the bottom of the page, select Add-ons.
  • Select Microsoft 365 Audio Conferencing Adoption Promo > Details, and then select Get now.
  • Enter the number of licenses you need for your meeting organizers, and then complete your order. …

How to use Microsoft Teams?

Get started with Microsoft Teams

  1. Create your first teams and channels.
  2. Onboard early adopters.
  3. Monitor usage and feedback.
  4. Get resources to plan your organization-wide rollout.

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How do I set up a video conference in Microsoft teams?

0:205:01How to Setup a Group Video Call in Microsoft Teams … – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipYou can set up your camera. Your background microphone except you from here. And then just clickMoreYou can set up your camera. Your background microphone except you from here. And then just click join. And what this is going to do it’s going to set up a meeting with you as the organizer.

Can you video conference on Microsoft teams?

Participating in a video conference call is easy. You just need a device with a camera, a microphone, and a video conference app such as Microsoft Teams. Then when you’re invited to a video conference, just join the conference using your device at the predetermined time.

Is Microsoft Teams video conferencing free?

Seamlessly transition from remote work to the office (or anywhere in between) with the free version of Microsoft Teams.

Meetings and Conferencing Deployment Decisions

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Meetings and Conferencing Prerequisites

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CORE Deployment Decisions

  • These are the settings that most organizations want to change (if the Teams default settings don’t work for the organization).

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Next Steps

  1. Drive adoptionof meetings & conferencing throughout your organization.
  2. Add audio conferencing
  3. Roll out cloud voice
  4. Include featured apps – such as Planner – in your initial Teams rollout. Add other apps, bots, & connectorsas you drive Teams adoption.

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