How to create an app for a conference


To create a video conference mobile app, Go to the Livebox App Store. Install the APK Builde r app. Click the “Create an App” button under the Livebox Video Conference specification. Give a name for your app, then enter the display name and app description. Then browse and set your app icon and logo.

So here are some basic guidelines to create a conference app or event planning app.
  1. Determine the purpose. With building mobile apps, first, determine what you want to build and why. …
  2. Choose the implementation options. …
  3. Pick an approach. …
  4. Finalize the requirements. …
  5. Design, build, test. …
  6. Eventbrite. …
  7. EventBoard. …
  8. DoStuff.
Sep 9, 2020


How to build a conference or event planning app?

So here are some basic guidelines to create a conference app or event planning app. With building mobile apps, first, determine what you want to build and why. Cover the basics like the main concept, target audience, and their needs. Create a business model canvas for your app. Do you want to build a progressive web app or mobile app, or both?

Is it easy to build an online video conferencing app?

Building your online video conferencing app is easy, fast, and cost-effective with us. Build your own cloud-based, peer-to-peer videotelephony and online chat platform like Zoom, Google Meet, Google Hangouts, Skype, Slack or WebEx… and do it now. What kind of video conferencing apps can you build?

How does the event app work?

The app sends users an email if their friends registered for an event. EventBoard is a conference event app for planning and organizing business conferences as well as communication between attendees. EventBoard has a newsfeed, the opportunity for making schedules with tasks, and creating surveys for conference attendees.

What are the different types of event apps?

Here are examples of different types of event apps. Eventbrite is an event management application. With its help, users can arrange all sorts of events from simple BBQ parties to concerts and business conferences. It also allows its users to buy and sell tickets for the events through the app. In-app payments. Buying tickets through the app.


What should be in an event app?

Below we share five of the most common event mobile app features:Personalization. Gone are the days of event planners or programmes. … Push notifications and updates. Reminders and push notifications form an essential part of your event app. … Real-time Q&A and polling. … Networking. … Post-event surveys.

When considering an app for an event What are some of the most important features that should be available?

7 must-have features to ensure a successful event appMust engage audience. … Must have integrated gamification. … Must provide analytics. … Must integrate with customers’ core business systems. … Must be secure. … Must provide customers flexibility and control. … Must provide 24/7 support.

How can mobile apps improve the experience of attending an event?

Mobile apps can make many tasks much easier. You can eliminate hard copy invitations and event schedules, for example. Your attendees can get updates, announcements and other information through a mobile device. This makes attending your meeting, and networking with you or other attendees, easier and more meaningful.

Why is it important to implement mobile app based event and meeting marketing?

The mobile app allows you to keep track of your audience before, during, and after the event, in order to capture relevant data and communicate in a personalized manner with each individual. The result is a whole new level of engagement that will dramatically increase the ROI and impact of your event.

What are the steps of selecting the appropriate technology training provider?

What are the steps of selecting the appropriate technology training provider? – Know the qualifications and experiences of your trainer. – Know your budget from the start; however, build in some flexibility. Which of the following questions are to ask before adopting new meeting and event technologies?

What are the opportunities for using QR codes and RFID systems?

What are the opportunities for using QR codes and RFID systems? QR codes may be used to provide detailed information from a website for the delegate about poster presentations, new products and services at an exhibition, and other critical elements within your meeting and event.

Venue Map

When organizing a conference or summit that is going to put together thousands of people, it’s a great idea to make the simple navigation within the venue. Thanks to the floor plans including the description of every room your audience can get around without asking staff for help.

Attendees List

Nowadays, when you can google any person or company, entrepreneurs prefer to see the list of attendees before registration to any event. They can estimate whether participation will bring them new valuable connections when browsing the list.

Personal Profile

Give your attendees a chance to promote themselves and their companies. Introducing personal profiles and letting visitors add personalized bios and photos or logos will surely increase the engagement level of your app. Since users can see the information about all the participants they are more likely to communicate with each other within the app.


Enabling in-app messages encourages communication between attendees, speakers, and sponsors. Offering one-to-one and group chats before the conference can stimulate networking which is actually the main reasons to attend niche events.


Even when the plan of your event is perfect, be ready that something might go wrong anytime. Adding push-notifications to your conference app, you can react instantly to any changes and reach every attendee via their smartphones in real time. You can also apply push-notifications to remind users of the upcoming meetings or session.

News Feed

Newsfeed is another engaging tool that makes users open your app again and again. To warm up their interest you can integrate Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn feed and keep all the posts in one place.

Offline Mod

Most of the venues share the same pain of bad internet connection. Moreover, if you are handling an international conference, people would hardly use mobile data to run the application. That’s why it’s better to make all the most crucial information available even if the internet connection is lost.

What is the first decision you must make when launching your online platform?

Such a niche can be any direction of human activity where people have to communicate with each other at a distance, from business and scientific consultations to children’s get-togethers and book parties. The main thing is that the chosen niche is large enough.

Can you create an application for online conferencing?

It is best to create an application for online conferencing through custom development, since only in this way you can ensure a high quality product with reliable protection of user data.


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