How to design a mun conference


  1. Decide on leadership structure
  2. Decide which leadership positions are needed
  3. Promote and set up registration
  4. Select leaders
  5. Provide training for officials
  6. Set timeline for important tasks
  7. Assign countries and topics
  8. Create an online space for collaboration before the conference
  9. Schedule online sessions
  10. Distribute the conference programme
  11. Assemble MUN Officials for preparation
  12. Recruit volunteers
  13. Organize workshops at conference venue


Is it difficult to host a MUN conference?

Though it is a long and arduous process to host a MUN conference, it can be a great experience with proper staff and organization. Here are the measures you need to take to reduce stress and enjoy the experience.

How to prepare for Mun?

One of the most important things in preparing for MUN is that you should know the initiative your country is taking or has taken about various issues. You can start by learning the various positions on the topic of your committee to check what the United Nations representative has said about it on the UN platform.

How do I host a Model UN Conference?

The key is to have a session with your team to go over how to improve for the next conference. Hosting a Model UN conference will involve time and effort on the part of your Model UN team and your high school or university but it is a great opportunity to create something to bring impact that can last.

How to write a good opening speech for a Mun?

If you can’t find a clear-cut answer its a good idea to email the MUN conference directly and ask them how long you will have for opening speeches. Your first speech should give a general impression of your countries view of the topic and ideas to solve the problems your committee is discussing.


How do I plan a MUN conference?

Step 1: Make sure each Committee has a Bureau.Step 2: Review the Programme of Work.Step 3: Allot time for expert session.Step 4: Schedule time for the review of progress.Step 5: Assign facilitators.Step 6: Draft resolution should be tabled and distributed.More items…

How do I prepare for a virtual MUN conference?

Below are the recommended steps to prepare for a Virtual Model UN Conference! Don’t stress about your first conference! Attend a guided Virtual MUN Training Conference! If you are attending an Advanced Conference spend extra time researching & preparing solutions!

How do you make a Model UN?

Start a Model UN Club. Model UN is a club at most schools across the United States. … Start a Model UN Conference. Most MUN clubs attend conferences only and stop there, but they should consider starting their own conference. … Offer Model UN as a Class. … Form an Education Non-Profit.

How do I start a Model UN school?

How to Start Model UN in High SchoolSeek out the student leaders of your school’s Model UN club. … Get on your school’s Model UN club email list. … Talk to your school’s Model UN club faculty advisor. … Talk to your parents about Western Business Attire.More items…•

How do I prepare for my first MUN conference?

5 Steps to prepare for your first MUN conference1 Do Your Research. … 2 Get Additional Information About Your Country. … 3 Learn About Your Committee. … 4 Create a Research Binder. … 5 Get Onsite Training. … Also Read: Upcoming MUN Events in India – Benefits.

Which is the best committee in MUN?

The most famous specialized committee is the United Nations Security Council. It is the most notable with 15 members, among them the P5 who has veto power.

Are Muns hard?

MUN can be difficult if you don’t do your research or you absolutely hate public speaking. It also is quite awful if no one has ever briefed you on parliamentary procedure, although if you pay attention in a committee session you can get the gist of it quickly since it’s repetitive.

Is Imun internship fake?

This event is definitely a scam.

What does OC mean in MUN?

An Organizing Committee in fact has every role to play at MUN,they set the agenda,the dais and pretty much everything.

How much does Model UN cost?

Participant Fee – $115 per person A participant fee is charged for each student or teacher/chaperone who attends the conference.

What happens in MUN conference?

At a MUN conference, students work as the representative of a country, organization, or person, and must solve a problem with other delegates from around the world. MUN teaches participants skills like research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership.

How do I promote my MUN?

How to Market Your MUN ConferenceDefine The Targeted Consumer. Think about the ideal delegate you want to see in your conference. … Define The Market. … Highlight your Unique Trait. … Be Objective. … Think About where your Targeted Consumer’s Lounges. … Spend Money Wisely. … Utilize Word of Mouth. … Provide Accommodations.More items…•

How does a MUN conference work?

At a MUN conference, students work as the representative of a country, organization, or person, and must solve a problem with other delegates from around the world. MUN teaches participants skills like research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership.

What are MUN conferences?

What are Model UN conferences? Model United Nations (MUN) simulations are popular exercises for those interested in learning more about the UN. Students take on the roles of diplomats from different countries, representing their nation in discussions on a particular agenda topic in the conference.

What are the committees in MUN?

Main CommitteesFirst Committee (Disarmament & International Security)Second Committee (Economic & Financial)Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian & Cultural)Fourth Committee (Special Political & Decolonization)Fifth Committee (Administrative & Budgetary)Sixth Committee (Legal)

What is Model UN in middle school?

What is Middle School Model UN (MSMUN)? MUN, is an activity in which students represent delegates of their respective countries to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. This takes place at conferences at local middle schools, high schools, and colleges.

How long does a preconference last?

Pre-Conference. Most of your work as the teacher and host team will be done during the pre-conference period, which can last up to a year. Hosting a conference is not a small undertaking, so proper planning is vitally important. Follow these steps:

What is the purpose of a communications committee?

Communications Committee – to coordinate communications between host team and participating teams. Setting up online forums, mailing strategy, etc. Finance and Fundraising Committee – to help locate money to fund conference and ensure that each delegation pays their fees.

Why should staff briefing be done early?

If logistics permit it, you should try to have the chairing staff come early so they can familiarize themselves with the committee areas and the conference expectations. This will benefit the entire process, as each committee session depends on active and knowledgeable leadership for success.

What is the Executive Committee?

Executive committee – to ensure each committee is fulfilling their responsibility. This can be you as the teacher. Selection Committee – to decide which UN committees you will be simulating at your conference. This is important.

Is the first conference going to be perfect?

The first conference is not going to be perfect. No conference will be. The key is to have a session with your team to go over how to improve for the next conference.

Why is MUN so fun?

This is because you will have an idea where things are going and how to achieve your desired result. Go out and enjoy your first MUN conference to the fullest.

What is a resolution in a draft?

A Resolution is the compilation of the practical policy ideas of everyone in your block. It is generally made of Preambulatory Clauses and Operative Clauses. The Resolution needs to be formatted in a very specific way to be considered a valid Draft Resolution. MUN Draft Resolution Clauses Simplified.

Is the Model UN complicated?

We are happy to let you know that Model UN is not that complicated once you get the hang of it. These 10 steps will help you give you will give you what you need to survive, and thrive at your first Model United Nations conference.

Do you need to master the ROP for a MUN?

The ROP’s are best learned through practice. However, while you do not need to master the ROP, it’s good to have the basic knowledge of the flow of delegate and how to pass a motion. When it comes to flow the flow of a MUN simulation, …

1. Begin with reading about your Country Profile

Before reading the conference’s Study Guide/Background Guide, it’s a good idea to study a little about the nation or designation, depending on your committee, you’ll be representing to overcome any inherent prejudices you might have. Remember to adopt an open mind when it comes to the country you’ll be representing.

2. Read the Study Guide

The Study Guide (also known as a Background Guide) is where you’ll find all of the essential details regarding the issue your MUN committee will be debating upon. When you’ve finished reading the instructions, you should have a good idea of the issue and what you’ll be discussing.

3. Learn more about your committee

As you must know, the UN has several committees like UNHRC, General assembly, etc. Your Background Guide should include all essential information about your committee. In case it does give you the full overview, a short look at the Wikipedia page should help you understand it better.

5. Work on your Opening speech

Each delegate at an MUN is required to give an Opening Speech. If there are no opening addresses at a conference, the first speech you give will serve a comparable purpose.

6. Go over the Rules of procedure again

It is critical that you have a basic understanding of the Rules of Procedure before attending your first MUN. Practicing is the greatest way to learn ROPs. While mastering the ROP is not required, it is beneficial to have a rudimentary understanding of delegate workflow and how to pass a motion.

7. Learn to draft a resolution

A Resolution Document is a collection of your block’s relevant policy proposals. Preambulatory Clauses and Operative Clauses are the most common types. To be deemed a genuine Draft Resolution, the Resolution must be prepared in a specified fashion. This structure can be found easily on several different websites including The Best Delegate Website.

What are the levels of Model UN conferences?

Conferences are offered for different academic levels: college and university, high school, middle school, and grade school . There is no central governing body for Model UN — any school can create a Model UN team and register for any Model UN conference they wish to attend.

How to prepare for a conference?

How do I prepare for my first conference? 1 Background of topic: Background guide of the topic provided by the conference, Google, the news, Wikipedia (to frame the topic) 2 Past international actions: UN website, your committee’s website, key treaties or resolutions mentioned in your background guide, UN or NGO reports 3 Country policy: CIA World Factbook, your country’s foreign ministry website, domestic programs within your country, and your country’s voting record on key treaties or resolutions 4 Possible Solutions: NGO or think tank policy recommendations, past UN resolutions that you’d like to change or expand on, and your own creativity!

What are the two most common rules of procedure?

The two most commonly used rules of procedure are North American/ UNA-USA procedure and THIMUN procedure; most conferences’ rules of procedure are copied or modified from those two.

What are the three things you need to prepare for a conference?

There are typically three items to prepare before you walk into your first conference: the Position Paper (sometimes called a Policy Statement), your Opening Speech, and a Research Binder.

Why is it important to dive right in to Model UN?

It’s important to dive right in because Model UN is an activity that can only be learned through participation. We’ve also provided resources at the end of this article for you to practice and improve once you’ve finished your first conference and you’re ready to take your experience to the next level.

Who may call on other delegates to speak about the resolution?

The Chairperson may call on other delegates to speak about the resolution. 4. Amendments may be submitted by the delegates. A similar process takes place for just the amendments — a certain amount of time is allotted to present the amendment, take questions-and-answers, and for delegates to speak about the amendment.

When are position papers due for UN?

Position Papers are usually due before the conference. The key starting points for researching each section are listed below. They will help you get started with participating in your first Model UN conference, but you will want to dig deeper as you develop more experience.

Researching Topic Background

After researching your country, you should begin looking into the topic that you’re going to be discussing. It’s important to have a good base of understanding about your topic before you dive in and try to decipher how your country feels about that topic.

Researching Past International Action and Country Policy

To understand how to represent your country at the UN, you need to know two things- what the international community has already done about the topic, and what your country wants to do about it. To find Past International Action, you can try looking through news sources, but you can also read past UN reports and resolutions on the issue.

Researching Solutions

While researching UN and government websites can be helpful to learn about what the UN has done about your topic in the past, they may not be as helpful as you’d like for finding new solutions to these issues you’re researching! However, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) can be great resources to find solutions to the topic you’re researching.


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