How to design a video conference room


A Complete Guide to Video Conferencing Enabled Room Design

  • Conference Room Acoustic Treatment. One of the biggest elements is the room itself. …
  • Furniture. When choosing furniture there are a few things to keep in mind. …
  • Display. To pair with your video conferencing, you’ll want a good display. Depending on the room size and function you can choose from a variety of options.

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How to set up a video conference room?

Some of the things to consider when purchasing your screen include:

  • The size of the screen
  • The type of display
  • Where you mount it Screen Sizes for Conference Room Video Monitors When setting up a conference room for video conferencing, the size of the video conferencing display screen in your …
  • Small group breakout room: 42” to 50” screen
  • Boardroom or conference room: 50” to 96” screen

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How to design a killer video conference room?

Combined with your video conferencing platform, you can:

  • Annotate documents and photos
  • Record meetings
  • Save and email files in various formats
  • Collaborate with team members across devices, offices and time zones

How to design a great video conferencing system?

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How to set up a conference room?

Use room and equipment mailboxes

  • Open Outlook on your computer.
  • On the Home tab, choose New Items > Meeting. …
  • In the To field, type the name of the conference room or equipment you want to reserve, in addition to any attendees you’d like to invite. …
  • In the Subject line, type the purpose of the reservation or meeting.
  • Change the Location value or leave as is.

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How do you make a video conferencing room?

4:476:26Tips for Designing a Conference Room – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipYour table people are gonna be sitting. So 51 inches is generally a good area for the center of theMoreYour table people are gonna be sitting. So 51 inches is generally a good area for the center of the lens. So it’s good to think about the camera. Height.

How do you make a virtual conference room?

0:002:43How to Create a Virtual Conference Room – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo just go to the website web room net type in your name. Put it Richard I’ll put in my dog’s emailMoreSo just go to the website web room net type in your name. Put it Richard I’ll put in my dog’s email address in this case because I don’t want to put my real email address out in the video land.

How do you arrange a conference room?

Creative meeting room layout tipsArrange your tables into unique shapes that resemble your company logo.Highlight VIP guest seating with floor risers.Visually divide spaces with a mix of table heights. … Use interesting chairs set ups. … Separate areas with lighting. … Put attendees into groups.

What are the 5 requirements for using video conferencing?

What are the basic requirements for video conferencing?High-resolution webcam. … Fast computer processing. … Sufficient network bandwidth. … Video conferencing system. … Video display screen. … Microphone. … Video conferencing software. … Mobile video conferencing app.

What makes a good conference room?

#2: Conference rooms are perfect for collaboration A well-designed conference room includes tools that foster easy collaboration, such as a big-screen monitor, an all-in-one video conferencing solution, and whiteboards for impromptu writing, drawing, and more.

What is the best platform for virtual meetings?

The Best Free Video Conferencing PlatformsZoom.Google Hangouts.Dialpad Meetings.TrueConf Online.Skype.FreeConference.Lifesize Go.Slack Video Calls.More items…

Where do you put a camera in a conference room?

Mounting OptionsConsider camera placement when installing displays – ideally both the display and the camera should be close to eye level or slightly above for seated participants.Eye level is relative to the seating in the room; for standard seating this is 46-50” (116-127 cm) on average.More items…

What are the 4 examples of room setup styles?

Meeting Room Set-ups and StylesAuditorium Style. Appropriate for a short lecture or larger groups that do not require extensive note-taking.Banquet Style. Used for meals and small group discussions. … Hollow Square Style. … Classroom. … U-Shape Style.

What should every conference room have?

These meeting room equipment basics include:Table and chairs. … Power. … WiFi. … Digital AV solution (screen or projector with speakers) … Office supplies. … Shared writing surface. … Access to refreshments. … COVID considerations.

What is a conference style layout?

A Classroom style layout is usually created with rectangular desks placed in rows, facing the front of the conference room. We’ve set up individual desks (1.6 x 0.8m in size) allowing for a 2m social distance between delegates, for them to utilise the space comfortably while complying with new measures put in place.

What should you not do in a video conferencing?

Don’t check and write emails while you’re in a sync. Do fire off important details in Text Chat so as not to disrupt the flow. Do use Screen Sharing to minimize the number of tabs you have open and; Do turn off any alarms and notifications that could go off while in a meeting.

What equipment do you need for a virtual meeting?

For best virtual meeting experience, you will need access to the following: Windows or Mac computer (laptop or desktop) High speed Internet (1.5Mbps up/down and a wired connection is recommended) USB headset with microphone.

What tools is used for video conferencing?

7 best video conferencing tools of 2020Zoom. Zoom use has exploded around the world since lockdown began (Image credit: Zoom) … Skype Meet Now. Skype Meet Now lets you videoconference with up to 50 people, for free (Image credit: Skype) … Google Hangouts. … Google Meet. … GoToMeeting. … Bluejeans. … Cisco Webex Meetings.

How do I start a small conference room?

0:366:03How To Set-up A Small Conference Room – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSometimes if you’re really on a budget you can find it for about 50. $60. On Amazon. So definitelyMoreSometimes if you’re really on a budget you can find it for about 50. $60. On Amazon. So definitely look out for that but the key is to have enough chairs. And enough space for all of your team.

What is a virtual meeting room?

A virtual meeting room is a unique identifier that allows a meeting organizer to invited attendees from disparate geographical locations to collaborate in real time over the Internet. A virtual meeting room is also known as a virtual meeting space.

How do you make a conference call on Zoom?

Make a phone call. While on a call, click the Add Call on the keypad. Enter the name or number of the person you wish to add to your phone conference, then click the blue phone icon. On the right of the number you just called, click the merge icon, then select the on-hold phone number to add to the call.

How do you set up a conference?

How To Set Up A Conference CallCreate a conference call account if you don’t have one.Select appropriate dial-in numbers for your callers.Pick a date and time for your conference.Send a conference call invite.Dial into your conference at the appointed time.Start your conference!

Why should a video conferencing room be built?

Primarily, the video conferencing room should be built in order to achieve a low noise rating. This is because a quieter room would make it easier to hear each other’s voices clearly and to the other participants in the far-end location.

What is the best table surface color?

Tables or any sort of furniture present in the room must have a light, top surface while glossy top surfaces must be avoided at all costs in order to avoid any ill visible effects. Flat satin finish in neutral gray is considered to be the best table surface color.

Do you need a treated wall behind a video system?

It is important to take note of the fact that the treated surface must include about two non-parallel walls. Moreover, the treated wall must have a wall immediately behind the video system since its hardware causes constant disturbances of fan noises.

Is there a one for all video conferencing system?

When we talk about video collaboration, there is no one-for-all video conferencing system that suits for all organizations. It is vital to select optimal video solution …

Why is it important to design a conference room?

The design and layout of a conference room are important because it sets the framework for the work that takes place within it.

What colors make a room feel bigger?

Bright colors like white, light blue, green and yellow can make the room feel larger. A little pop of color can boost creativity, too — especially if the existing palette is drab. 4. Invest in Movable Furniture. Some meetings are staid affairs, where everybody sits very still and quiet at the table.

What color room should I use for a video meeting?

Room color can affect the visual quality of a video meeting. While not the most exciting, the best option is a solid gray or other neutral color on walls visible to the camera.

What is the core of video conferencing?

The core of any video conferencing solution is the camera itself . The camera should be positioned at an optimal height, distance, and viewing angle in order to see everyone in the room.

Why are video meetings important?

Video meetings are increasingly pervasive in organizations of every size and type due to compelling improvements in AV quality, flexibility, ease of use, and affordability —plus the simple fact that face-to-face collaboration through video conferencing is the next best thing to being there in person.

What is interactive display?

Interactive displays are touch-enabled video screens. For room layouts designed to support front-of-room collaboration for brainstorming and whiteboard use, an interactive display enables users to digitize their notes, illustrations, and other work enabling better real-time collaboration and to be saved for future access.

What shape is best for a video game?

A tapered shape (like a triangle,trapezoid or semi-circular) is best, with the wider end nearest to the screen and camera. Avoid selecting a rectangular table if possible because participants closest to the camera can tend to block from view those seated behind them.

What is visual clutter?

To a camera visual clutter is much like complex patterns and should be avoided in the camera’s line of sight whenever possible. Examples include unnecessary furniture, table clutter, ornate plants, busy artwork, framed prints with reflective glass, and moving objects (like curtains in a draft).

What color should I use for a background?

While not the most exciting, the best option is a solid gray or other neutral color on walls visible to the camera. Avoid bright colors (such as pure red, blue, and green), which can cause the camera to unintentionally skew flesh tones and other hues. Also avoid bold patterns in the background whenever possible.

What is sound management in a conference room?

For conference room design especially, the proper sound management can make or break the success of your meetings. If your conference room or meeting space is intended for private conversations, there are sound absorption techniques that can provide all the discretion you need.

What is a good room for a department check in?

2. Flexible Meeting Spaces. A large conference room is perfect for department check-ins or client meetings. However, these rooms are less than ideal for quick brainstorming sessions or one-on-one discussions.

Do you need to tear down drywall for a conference room?

But don’t worry — there’s no need to tear down drywall or install new beams. The flexibility comes with removable wall dividers, so you can break up one large conference room into two smaller meeting areas or merge several spaces together to fit a big group.

Can you build a room of any size?

You can build a room of any size and add equipment, furniture, and acoustical elements in an “a la carte” fashion to personalize the space. This allows a hands-on design experience and allows the end-user to see and understand the final product. Contact us for more information on this new capability.

How long does it take to set up a video conferencing room?

Cloud-based video conferencing makes it incredibly simple for anyone to spin up a video conferencing room in about ten minutes. Here are the three components you’ll need when setting up video conferencing: 1. Connected TV (or multiple displays)

What is a video conferencing system?

Composed of a high-definition camera and full video processing codec, a video conferencing system sends and receives encrypted video information and decodes it as live video on your meeting room display. Just as a webcam requires the processing power of your laptop to function, a video conferencing system is much more than just a camera.

What is CXEngage Video?

With screen sharing capabilities, seamless integration and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, CXEngage Video is the clear leader . To learn more about setting up video conferencing for your call center, visit Serenova.

How to keep a video meeting interesting?

2. Utilize visuals to enhance participant interest. Visuals are a great way to keep a video meeting interesting and fresh. Share live applications, PowerPoint™ presentations, videos, charts, graphs and anything else for real-time collaboration. 3.

How to make a meeting better?

1. Be prepared for the meeting. There’s nothing worse than going to a meeting without any context clues and having the presenter walk in late and shuffle around because they weren’t ready. Make a meeting agenda in advance, send it out to your attendees and stick to it throughout the call.

Can you slide a laptop into a Skype meeting?

Sliding a laptop with a Skype call to the end of the meeting room table and crowding around it isn’t the answer. There’s a better solution for web conferencing, and it doesn’t include complicated conferencing software and dongles.

Boardroom Style

This classic setup is ideal for up to 30 people (or more) depending on the size of the room.


This popular setup works well for presentations, demonstrations and video conferencing where the focus is at one end of the room.


All attendees face the front of the room, so this conference room setup idea is perfect for lectures or presentations. This is not an ideal setup for group work.

Hollow Square

This setup is a good choice for easy and efficient group communication. It also gives a moderator or facilitator the option of working from the center of the space.


Banquet-style seating is ideal for, not surprisingly, occasions that involve meals – or small group discussions involving a maximum of 8 or 10 people.


This layout, also known as “theater style,” is similar to a classroom-style setup but is often aimed at larger groups. Are you having an “all-hands” meeting or a town hall? This design will help get as many people as possible into one space.

How to Choose the Ideal Conference Room Setup

It’s important to consider the size and scope of your meeting. You don’t want attendees to feel crowded, but you also don’t want them shouting across the room to hear each other. Here are some significant points to consider:


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