How to display sponsors on conference site


Display the names of sponsors in visible spots around the event, via banners and signs. During receptions or meals, show slides or video loops listing sponsors. • Spread the word. Create a section of the show directory that lists sponsors and/or add a sponsor “thanks” page to the event app.

7 Ideas for How to Display Sponsors at an Event
  1. Optimize Your Event App Content. …
  2. Create Sponsored Wi-Fi Network Names & Passwords. …
  3. Promote Sponsors Across All Venue Screens. …
  4. Encourage Sponsorship Beyond the Usual. …
  5. Offer Sponsored Charging Stations. …
  6. Provide Sponsored Photo Opportunities. …
  7. Create an Event Game.
Feb 12, 2020


How do I get sponsors for my event?

Especially if you want to encourage people to engage with your event on social media, or livestream speeches or panels. Sponsors can display their logo in the event brochure, on the event app, or signage around the event. Wi-Fi network splash page is another great opportunity not only for branding, but also to link to the sponsor’s website.

Where can I display my sponsor’s logo?

Sponsors can display their logo in the event brochure, on the event app, or signage around the event. Wi-Fi network splash page is another great opportunity not only for branding, but also to link to the sponsor’s website.

How do I Land sponsorships for my Conference?

Thinking of sponsorships as relationships and crafting a package that meets your sponsor’s unique needs will go a long way in helping you land the right sponsors for your conference. Here’s how to do it. Create a wish list of sponsors you’d love to partner with, based on industry, location, and past sponsorship history.

How can social media sponsorships help your event?

By offering a social media display as a sponsorship package, sponsors can control the flow of posts and add their brand’s call outs to a regular circuit. Did you know that 30% of people who watch a livestream will attend that same event the following year?


How do you show sponsors on a website?

The obvious – logo placement The most obvious choice for recognizing sponsors on your website is to include their corporate logo on your event page, or a dedicated “sponsor thank you” page. While this might seem like a no-brainer, it’s actually a little more tedious than most people think and not all that effective.

How do you mention sponsors in an event?

Place the sponsor’s name or logo on event promotional banners and flyers. Mention the sponsor’s company in your blog posts, email newsletters, and social media posts.

How do you announce sponsors?

sponsors. Consider a photo with key staff members from your sponsor’s company, or a video interview. If they provide a branded banner or sign, you could use it for a backdrop. If you’re hosting a live event, take pictures of participants in front of it and post them on your Facebook page or with your event photos.

How do you attract conference sponsors?

Read our tips below on how to put together an unforgettable virtual conference that attracts sponsors.Sponsored Q&A Sessions. … Logo Placement. … Virtual Booths. … Sponsored Sessions. … Increase Sponsor Visibility via Social Media Channels. … Tiered Sponsorship Opportunities. … Branded Event Swag. … Sponsored Notifications.More items…•

Where do sponsors go on logos?

Prioritize your presenting sponsor If you’ve secured a presenting sponsor for your event, then you’ll want to have them front and center on your website to recognize their large contribution. One way to do this is by creating a combined logo that appears in the header of your website.

What are the 4 types of sponsorship?

Four Kinds of SponsorshipsFinancial Sponsors. Most discussions of sponsorships focus on financial sponsors. … Media Sponsors. Media sponsors are financial sponsors that secure advertising for an event. … In-Kind Sponsors. … Promotional Partnerships.

How do you acknowledge a sponsor on social media?

Thanking Event Sponsors: 5 Ways to Thank Corporate Sponsors with Social Media (Without Posting Ugly Logos)Post a short video of a staff member thanking them. … Impact photo with short history of the sponsor’s involvement. … Use a mobile app to enhance your text posts. … Post a virtual thank you card.More items…•

How much do sponsors usually pay?

Sponsors paid anywhere between $0.035 to $0.15 per view to YouTubers in 2020 for sponsored video content on the platform. So in 2022 you can expect to pay up to 10-25% more as demand for creator partnerships on YouTube is steadily increasing. 3.

What do sponsors get in return?

What Are The Benefits Of Event Sponsorship?Return on investment (ROI)Audience insights.Direct access to ideal customer profile (ICP) data.Lead generation.Social media/website traffic/focused content strategy.Opportunities for sales closes with warm prospects.Highlighting a product or service offering.Brand building.More items…•

How much should I charge for sponsorship?

Best practice is to budget at least 10% of the gross value of the sponsorship – including any in-kind – for servicing. For this exercise, put your starting cost of servicing at 10% of the cost to deliver benefits plus the cost of sale, as it will grow appropriately as you multiply your baseline fee.

What is the best way to present event details to a potential sponsor?

What is the best way to give event details when speaking to potential sponsors? Give a detailed description of your event- when and where it will be.

What is the verb of sponsor?

verb. sponsored; sponsoring\ ˈspän(t)s-​(ə-​)riŋ \ Definition of sponsor (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. : to be or stand sponsor for.

7 Ideas for How to Display Sponsors at an Event

An event app is the perfect place to promote your sponsors. Unlike static event signage, in-app sponsored content is actionable, trackable, customizable, and maximizes reach each time they open the app.

Event Check-In: To Sponsor or Not to Sponsor?

If you can guarantee a smooth and amazing check-in experience, your sponsors will want to be a part of it.

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What is sponsorship in marketing?

Now is the time to sit down and listen. Sponsorship is a partnership between your event and your sponsors, and requires a sincere interest in their objectives and how you can help them achieve their goals. The more you listen to your sponsors, the better equipped you’ll be to create custom packages that unlock tremendous opportunities for you, …

Can sponsors help you?

Sponsors can help you take your conference to the next level. But finding the rights ones — and designing conference sponsorship packages they love — can be a serious challenge. One mistake event creators often make when approaching sponsors is to treat them as one-off transactions.

What is mobile event app?

Mobile event apps are not just for in-person events; virtual experiences can utilize them as well to drive traffic to virtual exhibit hall booths, increase engagement, support networking opportunities and communicate with attendees. By sending push notifications via a mobile event app, event sponsors can communicate important information and updates with groups of attendees effortlessly, regardless of their physical location. For more on how to utilize event apps during virtual and hybrid events, refer to our virtual event guide .

What is virtual exhibit?

At virtual exhibit booths, buyers and sellers can connect in real-time during live presentations, chats, and one-on-one video conversations. Sponsors gain valuable insights into their target audience through Q&As, polls, and surveys at their booths. After the event, they receive the contact info of booth visitors as well as engagement data, such as dwell time, repeat visits, and frequently asked questions.

What is a Q and A session?

Q&A sessions are an excellent way for sponsors to reach event attendees. Having a virtual platform in which they can outline their content and services in real-time via video and text chat is an easy way to encourage engagement. For best practices, arrange for someone besides the speaker to moderate Q&As and ensure all questions get answered.

Can virtual sponsors host roundtables?

As with in-person events, virtual sponsors can host sessions and roundtables led by experts and influencers. Sessions are promoted through multiple channels, including emails, text messages, and push notifications to attendees who expressed interest in the topic. These efforts can create opportunities for deeper connections, as well. During the speaking session, for instance, exhibitors can invite attendees to participate in follow-up, small-group video chats, and one-on-one meetings with experts.

What is VR and AR?

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) allows sponsors to interact with attendees in ways they couldn’t otherwise. Help people experience the new product with AR or VR, like commercial van manufacturer FCA. FCA used augmented reality to show off a new line of vans and all the different color schemes with only one van physically present. It was an efficient use of space — and budget.

What is social media display?

A social media display highlights posts and photos that are tagged with your event’s hashtag on social networks like Instagram and Twitter. By offering a social media display as a sponsorship package, sponsors can control the flow of posts and add their brand’s call outs to a regular circuit.

How to stand out in a sea of sponsorships?

But to stand out in a sea of sponsorship ideas, you need to think beyond brand awareness and create worthwhile opportunities that help sponsors achieve their goals. Before you get to work putting your sponsorship ideas in motion, keep in mind three important factors. First, why people attend your event and the problems they’re experiencing.

What is a social photo booth?

Similar to an old-fashioned photo booth, social photo booths allow attendees to take selfies, but they also allow users to create looping videos and GIFs and post them directly online. When photos are paired with your event hashtag, it can be some of the most potent social content your attendees can share at your event.

Why do you need an app for an event?

No matter the size of your event, an event app is a must for providing a personalized experience for your attendees. Tech-savvy attendees expect them and sponsors love to provide them because of the granular data they yield on what’s most interesting to your audience.

What Is Sponsorship for Meetings and Trade Shows?

What are sponsorships, and why are they used? Sponsorship involves a meaningful exchange of value (such as money, goods, or services) in exchange for marketing benefits to the Sponsor. Sponsorships are usually related to an exhibit; however, not always.

Creating a Sponsorship Prospectus

The medium in which you communicate the different sponsorships available to any potential sponsors is via a “Sponsorship Prospectus.” A sponsorship prospectus is a sponsor benefits package that contains information to assist in decision-making as it relates to spending marketing dollars.

Keep an Eye Out for Every Opportunity

Another component to think about when creating a spreadsheet to determine sponsorship costs is identifying opportunities. Start with your hotel at which the conference and exhibit will be held.

Selling Sponsorships for Meetings and Trade Shows

Ok, now that you’ve created a sponsorship prospectus, how do you sell sponsorships? Roll out the sponsorship prospectus in stages. Go to any sponsors who sponsored last year by tier first and give them a sense of urgency on when they need to decide before you open it up to subsequent tiers and eventually to all prospective sponsors.

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