How to do a conference call x blue network


Call into the system and let the auto attendant answer the call Then dial the desired extension number If the extension is forwarded to voice mail, and the mailbox answers, enter the remote access code (the default remote access code is 123)


How do I make a conference call on my Nortel phone?

How to Conference Call on Nortel Phone System. Make or answer the first call. Place first call on hold. Make or answer the second call. Press [Feature] 3, or press [Conf. Trans] if programmed. Press the line button of the first held call (Don’t have to on M7100) Press [Rls] to end the conference.

How do I contact xblue technical support?

Call 866-925-8312 or Click to Send Us a Message. Support Option for products beyond their original 12 month XBLUE new product warranty period. If you purchased your new XBLUE product less than 1 year ago please continue to enjoy our free technical support.

How do I make a 3-way conference call?

The system can have two, 3-way calls simultaneously. 1) Put the first call on Hold 2) Make the second intercom call or CO Line call. After the third party answers the call press the “Conf” button. 3) The three parties will be joined together in a conference.

How do I call participants in a conference call?

Call one of the participants in the conference call. You can find them in your contact list, or simply use the keypad to dial the number. When that call is established, tap Add Call. The first caller is placed on hold. 2. Call the next participant. Again, you can use your contact list, or just dial the number.


How do I forward calls on xblue?

At the phones you want to change, press the Program Button and press Enter….X16 Call ForwardingWaiting Time: the amount of time the phone will ring before the caller is sent to the Forward Destination.FWD Destination: the destination the caller will be forwarded to (see the definitions below)More items…

How do you program X blue?

At any digital phone, press the Program Button. Scroll to select System Setup and Enter. Put in the the password and press Enter (#### is the default password)…Scroll down to Day Time OGM and press Enter.Scroll to select Play or Re-Record and then press Enter.Continue to use Scroll and Enter to control the recorder.

How do I set up VoiceMail on my xblue phone?

The default code is 123….X16 System – How to Set Up Voice MailPress the Program Button.Scroll to Phone Setup and press Enter (it’s the center navigation button)Scroll up to VoiceMail Setup and press Enter.Scroll up or down to access individual settings.

How do you setup a voicemail on a Tracfone?

How To Set Up Voicemail On Your Tracfone Device In 4 Easy StepsActivate your phone.Make a call.Connect to voicemail.Follow the prompts.Get more with Tracfone.

How do you setup your voicemail?

Record a new greetingOpen the Google Voice app .At the top left, tap Menu. Settings.In the Voicemail section, tap Voicemail greeting.Tap Record a greeting.Tap Record .Record your greeting and when you’re done, tap Stop .Choose what you want to do with the recording: To listen to the recording, tap Play. .

How do you use voicemail?

To call your voicemail on an Android phone, simply open your phone’s dial pad and hold your finger down on the “1” key.You can also call your voicemail from a different phone by calling your own number and tapping the pound key.More items…•

1. Have Clear Goals and Objectives

Conferences tend to move at the “speed of social” these days. That is to say, people are moving from one conversation, session, or event to another, quickly. It’s easy to get lost in the flow of things. Identify clear objectives of sessions to attend, who you hope to meet, and what you want to take away, prior to the event.

2. Stay In The Same Hotel as the Conference is Being Held

Networking events, dinners, and activities will likely be held there or nearby. In addition to this, most of the speakers, panelists, etc will be staying there also. A “chance” meeting in the lobby, gym, hotel Starbucks, or elsewhere can help “break the ice” and lead to additional opportunities for a conversation later in the conference.

3. Go Prepared

If there are specific attendees, vendors or speakers you hope to meet and talk to, do your research and prepare well ahead of time. Read their latest book, blog posts, etc, and search for the latest news on their company.

4. Send an Email or Tweet Prior to the Event

Use the same approach mentioned above. Let them know that you value and have an interest in their work and that you would like to take a minute or two at the conference to introduce yourself.

5. Avoid the Helicopter Approach

Many times at conferences I see people begin to approach someone they would like to meet only to stop 5-10 feet away and go into “hover mode”. Nothing makes a person more nervous than the possibility that a stalker is nearby. Seeing you in “hover” mode, the person you hope to meet will most likely already be formulating their exit strategy.

6. Be Ready with Conversation Starters

If at some point the conversation gets “stuck” always have a few conversation starters to get it going again. Here are a few examples.

7. Be Approachable

Don’t spend all your time outside of conference sessions using your phone, laptop or tablet. By circulating and looking open and engaged, you’ll make it more likely that someone else, looking for someone to talk to, will approach you. Knowing “when” to network is just as import and as “how to network”.

How to add caller on hold?

You can find them in your contact list, or simply use the keypad to dial the number. When that call is established, tap Add Call. The first caller is placed on hold.

How to make a conference call on a phone?

To make a conference call on your smartphone, start by calling one of the participants as normal. When the call is connected, tap “add call” and call the next participant. Once they’re on the line, tap “merge calls” to add both people to the same call. Repeat this process until you get the number of people you want on the call, …

How early can you start a conference call?

Start the call. Be on time, or log on to the conference call ten minutes early if possible. Some tools won’t let you log on until the time scheduled and others won’t let anyone communicate until a leader with a special password logs in.

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Can you use a conference call with a web conference?

Consider if you want a toll-free number, or if you want participants to pay long distance charges when they call in. Conference calls can also be used in conjunction with web conferences, so participants can view documents or presentations simultaneously while on the call.


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