How to do video conference using ip address


Dial the IP address on your room system (suggested dialing speed is 1 Mbps or higher for 720p resolution). After you connect with the video conferencing software, you will see a splash screen and be prompted to enter your meeting ID. Enter the meeting ID that is listed on your meeting invitation email.


Can IP camera be used for video conferencing?

Thus, IP camera can be controlled directly from the workplace and even from home. In addition to video surveillance, IP camera can be used in video conferencing. However, in the field of video conferencing it is much more preferable to use specially designed PTZ devices or ordinary webcams.

How do I connect to the video conferencing software?

Dial the IP address on your room system (suggested dialing speed is 1 Mbps or higher for 720p resolution). After you connect with the video conferencing software, you will see a splash screen and be prompted to enter your meeting ID.

How do I find my meeting ID for video conferencing?

Dial the IP address on your room system (suggested dialing speed is 1 Mbps or higher for 720p resolution). After you connect with the video conferencing software, you will see a splash screen and be prompted to enter your meeting ID. Enter the meeting ID that is listed on your meeting invitation email.

How does a video conference camera work?

Each camera has an IP network interface and, often, an embedded web server. Many of you may be surprised by the fact that the history of video conference ip camera is related to a coffee maker.


What is IP based video conferencing?

IP videoconferencing in the business world typically consists of dedicated videoconferencing equipment which operates purely over the internet (as opposed to early technology videoconferencing which operated over public or dedicated phone lines).

Can VoIP be used for video conferencing?

VoIP technology entirely depends on an active Internet connection. Besides enabling phone calls it has gained popularity as a video conferencing system, too. You have likely used VoIP video conferencing already without even knowing it. Apps like Facetime, for example, deliver video and audio over VoIP.

How do I set up video conferencing?

Hardware for the Best Video Conferencing SetupInvest in the Right Monitor. … Acquire a Good Microphone. … Buy Speakers or a Headset. … External or Built-In Webcam. … Consider a Large-Format Display. … Video Conferencing Solutions. … Digital Whiteboarding Software.

How do I host a video conference call?

Host an Effective Video Conference Call in 5 StepsSelect the Right Video Conference App. The first thing you need to do is choose the video conferencing software you will use. … Plan Your Video Conference Call. … Set Rules for Your Digital Meeting. … Keep Your Videos Conferences Concise. … Record Your Video Conference.

Does Zoom use VoIP?

VoIP phone service from Zoom Zoom Phone is a leader in the VoIP industry. Zoom Phone helps businesses modernize their communications systems to cut costs, improve productivity, and achieve better business outcomes. Zoom Phone integrates with the existing Zoom software and native apps for all your favorite devices.

What is the difference between VoIP and video conferencing?

Use of Technology Also,it is independent of other technology,and as long as you have all the essential setup for VoIP,you can do the communication easily. At the other hand,video conferencing may need the help of VoIP or TDM network to transmit the audio in this communication.

What is required for video conferencing?

Microphones and cameras: built-in microphones and webcams, USB microphones and webcams. Speakers: built-in computer speaker, external speaker, VoIP (voice over IP) conferencing phone. Internet Connection: WiFi, ethernet. Video Conferencing Software: video conferencing tools and apps.

What are the requirements for video conferencing?

What are the basic requirements for video conferencing?High-resolution webcam. … Fast computer processing. … Sufficient network bandwidth. … Video conferencing system. … Video display screen. … Microphone. … Video conferencing software. … Mobile video conferencing app.

Which video conferencing app is best?

The 5 best video conferencing platformsZoom for reliable, large video calls.Google Meet for Google Workspace users.Microsoft Teams for combining team chat and video conferencing.Whereby for a lightweight option.Webex Meetings for video quality.

How do I host a large conference call?


How do I set up a free conference call?

Start Conferencing TodayGet a Free Account. Create a account using your email and password. … Host a Conference Call. The host connects to the conference call using the dial-in number, followed by the access code and host PIN. … Participate in a Conference Call. … Add Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing.

How do I host a Zoom?

Home tabSign in to the Zoom Desktop Client.Click the Home tab.(Optional) Click the down arrow. for the following instant meeting options: Start with video: This begins your instant meeting with your video enabled. … Click New Meeting. to start an instant meeting.

What is the difference between Internet telephony and video conferencing?

Teleconferencing is voice-only or audio-video communication,while video conferencing supports the conference by providing both the video and voice,so that you can absolutely see the person when you are listening to the communicator.

What is the difference between video call and Skype?

The only difference between a Skype call and Skype video call is that, Skype calling is an audio calling only and Skype video call is seeing the other party on your screen during a call.

What are VoIP services?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line.

What do you know about video conferencing?

Video conferencing is live, visual connection between two or more remote parties over the internet that simulates a face-to-face meeting. Video conferencing is important because it joins people who would not normally be able to form a face-to-face connection.

What to avoid when attending a video conference?

Avoid black, white, or striped clothing. Be aware of your behavior. Because you are on a video conference, people can see what you are doing at all times. Be aware that ITS cannot troubleshoot remote connections in non-Stanford locations, because there are many equipment configurations and network connectivity options.

How to test video connection on Zoom?

If you use WebEx: Go to your WebEx Personal Room. Test your audio connection using the Audio pull-down menu. Test your video connection by viewing the screen in your Personal Room.

What is a meeting facilitator?

Have a meeting facilitator — often, but not always, the person who called the meeting. The facilitator is responsible for: providing an agenda to participants — ahead of the meeting is nice, but minimally at the start of the meeting — that includes an overview of topics to be covered and planned outcome;

What is the purpose of raising a hand in a meeting?

establishing the visual or verbal cues, such as raising a hand, to indicate when someone wants to actively contribute verbally to the meeting; engaging participants at all locations to ensure discussion understanding, and alignment;

What is IP video conferencing?

Internet Protocol (IP) Video Conferencing can provide companies substantial operationalefficiencies and cost savings. Although IP video conferencing is desirable from a costperspective challenges to implementation exist including NAT traversal, endpointconnectivity and traffic management. Additional connectivity challenges such as differingsecurity policies and differing vendor standards have caused concern and delay for manyvideoconferencing deployments. This whitepaper evaluates the challenges of deploying IPvideo conferencing in a secure and easy to use manner. The paper presents solutions tothose problems and explains how the Polycom V²IU™ delivers those solutions.

Why do businesses use videoconferencing?

One of the most convincing reasons for businesses to adopt videoconferencing is toreduce the travel required to and from various locations for meetings. Whileglobalization continues, the interaction between businesses in different parts of the worldcontinues to increase.

Is H.323 good for videoconferencing?

On a dedicated line, endpoint protection and the potential for eavesdropping is not theproblem it is on the open Internet. Protocols such as H.323 may do a good job atprotecting the actual traffic. However, many videoconferencing systems use moretraditional protocols such as HTTP, and TFTP for updates and management functions.Without proper safeguards and encryption on those channels, the system could still besusceptible to attacks, theft of service, or eavesdropping.


This document addresses basic network setup and configuration of Polycom ViewStation128 (video conference unit) with Cisco routers for video over IP applications. It also covers adding QoS and troubleshooting the real-time video quality across the LAN and the WAN media.

Configuration of Routers with QoS for Video

One of the most effective QoS methods to use for VideoOverIP over WAN is Low Latency Queuing (LLQ). The policymap can be based on a few different parameters, discussed below. The necessary bandwidth can be dedicated and video over other IP applications can be prioritized using LLQ.


There is currently no verification procedure available for this configuration.


When a call is established, Polycom keeps track of all video packets. You can telnet into the polycom and monitor this close-up. The Polycom reports the latency in H323 packets, the lost video or audio packets. The Polycom debugs are readable and indicate problems when it may be hard to notice them on a video screen.


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