How to dress for a conference in winter


What to wear to a winter conference
  1. 3 base layer shirts (2 long sleeve, 1 cami)
  2. 2 button up shirts.
  3. 2 sweaters (1 bulky, 1 lighter)
  4. 2 pairs of dress pants.
  5. 1 blazer.
  6. Outerwear.
  7. Ankle boots.
  8. Tights, long socks.
Nov 7, 2019

What is the dress code for the conference?

  • Pants/Skirts: Women can wear casual pants or skirts. …
  • Shirt/Sweaters/Jackets: In addition to tailored shirts or blouses, tailored knit sweaters and sweater sets are appropriate business casual choices for women. …
  • Shoes and Hosiery: Closed-toe shoes, sandals which are neither extremely dressy nor extremely casual are appropriate. …

What to wear to a conference?

What to wear to a conference or business meeting: example outfits

  • Business casual. If there’s no dress code on your conference invitation, your safest bet is to opt for outfits which are “business casual”.
  • Formal conference attire. …
  • Video conferencing and online meetings. …
  • Reception or night out with colleagues. …

How to organise a successful conference?

How to Organise a Successful Conference

  1. Choose A Theme. Every successful conference must have a theme. …
  2. Assemble Your Team. Unless you’ve got superpowers, you’ll struggle to organise a conference on your own. …
  3. Manage The Budget. …
  4. Choose A Suitable Date. …
  5. Find The Perfect Venue. …
  6. Engage With Suppliers. …
  7. Choose Your Host And Speakers. …
  8. Settle On The Schedule. …
  9. Promote The Conference. …
  10. Register Attendees. …

How do I start a conference?

  • Start a conference call by introducing yourself and anyone else on the line
  • Briefly state the purpose of the meeting and get into the meat of the call quickly
  • Coordinate the speaking order before the call
  • Guide the discussion by keeping the team on topic and off tangents
  • Send out a brief call summary after the call

What do you wear to a conference in the winter?

Dress in layers. Layers are the key to attending a winter conference. With layers, you’ll be able to remove your outer layer if the conference venue gets too hot, or add one if the temperature drops. Consider wearing a nice sweater over a lighter long-sleeved shirt, or a warm blazer over a button-down.

What should a woman wear to a conference?

A comfortable cardigan is a good choice for a business casual look at a conference. Business Casual: Suits aren’t the only option for conferences. A good business casual look includes slacks/skirt, button down shirt of blouse, and sweater is a professional look.

How should you dress professionally in the winter?

Here are six tips for dressing professionally when it’s freezing out:Wear a long coat, scarf, and gloves. … Keep an extra pair of shoes under your desk. … Keep a shawl or extra blazer at work.Keep a pair of fingerless gloves at your desk. … Think layers.Don’t keep your hat or Uggs on.

What do you wear to a 3 day conference?

If it’s a 3-day conference, you can often wear the suit jacket with a non-matching skirt or pants, also, for a dressed-up business casual look on day 3.

What do you wear when speaking at a conference?

Costume design “Wear whatever you’re most comfortable in” is just plain bad advice. There’s a good reason speakers rarely wear pajamas or yoga pants to the stage. Your clothes speak for you and should be selected to support your brand and message.

What do you wear to a casual conference?

Casual wear: Relaxed evening events (planned or unplanned) and daytime team building activities may come up, so you’ll want to bring casual wear that’s a step up from your typical weekend gear. Dark jeans or casual slacks and a sweater or top are good core items and can double as your airplane outfit.

How can I stay warm and look professional?

How to Stay Warm & Look ProfessionalInvest in a long wool coat. I get it. … Get a pair of mid calf boots. You might have noticed that slim ankle crop pants are all the rage right now. … Don’t forget your Scarf, Hat & Mitts. … Layer, layer, layer. … Get a shoe drawer.

How do you wear business casual in the winter?

Tips For Dressing Business Casual In WinterSwap Your Shoes At Work. When heading into the office in a winter snowstorm, the last thing you want to do is wear your heels. … Choose Your Winter Coats Wisely. … Bring On The Layers! … Tights Are Your Best Friend. … Stock Up On Sweaters.

What do you wear in zero degrees?

Wear (the Right) Layers Wool, silk, or polypropylene will hold more body heat than cotton. Insulation Layer: An insulation layer will help you retain heat by trapping air close to your body. Natural fibers, like wool, goose down, or fleece work best.

Can I wear jeans to a conference?

2. Can I wear jeans to a conference? Always err on the side of formality if you are uncertain about the type of meeting you are about to enter. You can wear jeans or remove your jacket if you are attending a business casual meeting.

Should I bring a backpack to a conference?

A smartly-packed bag Are you sure? If you aren’t presenting or working while at a conference, I suggest leaving your laptop and bringing only the essentials. However, if you need to bring it, pack smart. Empty everything out of your bag and then pack only the items you’ll need during the day.

What should I bring to a 5 day conference?

What to Pack for your Next Business ConferenceReusable water bottle. Hydration is important, especially when you are sitting and/or talking most of the day. … Business cards. … Leisure clothes. … Charger/extended batteries. … Notebook and pen. … A watch. … Comfortable shoes. … Sweater.More items…

Is it OK to wear jeans to a conference?

2. Can I wear jeans to a conference? Always err on the side of formality if you are uncertain about the type of meeting you are about to enter. You can wear jeans or remove your jacket if you are attending a business casual meeting.

Can you wear a jumpsuit to a conference?

You can wear a jumpsuit to a conference. You just have to be careful about the jumpsuit you choose. Not strapless, backless, or plunging necklines. Also, I would highly suggest putting a blazer over your jumpsuit if you do.

How should I dress for an academic conference?

The dress code in most academic events (conferences included) is often called “academic casual”, and is not very strict. If you want to be sure to avoid any gaffe, just stay away from the short pants and T-shirts (overly casual), as well as full suits and ties (overdressed).

How should I dress for a meeting?

For especially formal settings, traditional business attire typically consists of a suit and tie, a plain-colored, long-sleeved business or dress shirt, an upscale sports jacket and dress shoes. A suit is also appropriate.

What is the dress code for a conference?

Business casual (smart casual, including high-quality jeans and a blazer), or formal clothing (i.e. a suit and tie) will almost certainly be determ…

Can I wear jeans to a conference?

Always err on the side of formality if you are uncertain about the type of meeting you are about to enter. You can wear jeans or remove your jacket…

Can you wear jeans to a conference?

An aircraft outfit can be made up of dark jeans or casual trousers, as well as a sweater or blouse. It is always a good idea to maintain a polished…

How to dress for a conference?

1. Break out the khakis. Khaki pants are just about as dressy as you need to be for a casual conference. Look for trouser-style pants with wide legs, and keep the material pressed and free of wrinkles.

What to wear to work for women?

Both trousers and skirts are appropriate business attire for women. Select a pencil skirt that matches the color your suit jacket, preferably black, navy, gray, or brown. Wear polished leather shoes. Men should consider formal lace-up styles, like Oxfords, in black or dark brown.

What color pants should I wear for business?

Wear dress pants if you want to leave a lasting impression. Black, gray, navy blue, and brown pants are the standard colors of choice. Consider khakis. Khaki pants are common for men’s business casual, but women can also pull them off for business casual, as well. Keep your khakis pressed and wrinkle-free.

What to wear for business casual?

Consider khakis. Khaki pants are common for men’s business casual, but women can also pull them off for business casual, as well. Keep your khakis pressed and wrinkle-free. Women may choose to wear slacks, khakis, or to try out a knee-length pencil skirt.

What to wear under a blazer?

Under your blazer, wear either a button-down collared shirt or a formal blouse. A knee-length professional dress is also an option, but if you’re wearing a skirt or a dress, make sure to wear pantyhose underneath. Your shoes should be black or brown leather loafers, flats, or heels.

How to match socks to trousers?

Black socks are the most common and most versatile color, but you should try to match the color of your socks to the color of your shoes or trousers in order to blend the two together. Avoid white or colored socks that might stand out. …

What to wear to a scuba diving trip?

Bring a blazer or sports jacket. This is especially important for men. You do not necessarily need a wool suit jacket, but some form of structured jacket, in a traditional color like black or brown, is a good idea, even if you only end up carrying it. …

Impressive Tops

How you dress for the day depends on your scheduled activities. Are you going to give a speech or presentation? Then you should plan to wear your best clothes that day. For an ultra-sharp look, wear slacks, a button-down shirt, and blazer. Ladies can also look great in a knee-length custom business skirt, tights, tucked-in blouse, and blazer.

Complementary Slacks and Jeans

A great top needs custom business casual pants of equal caliber. These bottoms are both modest and tasteful. Not only do you need a great fit, but you also need to make sure that they are in good condition.

Accessories for Business Travel

How can you go to a conference without your trusted laptop, tablet, and chargers? When you can store great information immediately through a recording or quick notes with your stylus, you get more out of the event. The way you store these essential items matters just as much as your outfit.

Why Attire Matters

First impressions matter whether you are attending a video conference or a face-to-face business conference.

A Guide on What to Wear for a Conference

Every conference is different, so you will need to tailor your attire to your specific event. You want to inspire the respect that you deserve, so creating the right impression is key. Focus on what the dress code and environment are for your event and go from there. A good piece of advice to follow: Take your normal daily wear and make it smarter.


While we all love our technological gadgets, now is the time to put away the smartwatch and put on that luxury wristwatch. A wristwatch is a statement piece in a world that rarely wears them, and this will help you stand out from the crowd.

Styles to Avoid

Conference style don’ts are perhaps not as intuitive as the do’s. There are certain fashion faux pas that you should avoid while at one of these professional events.


Now that you understand the importance of dressing sharp for conferences, you can strut into your next event with the confidence needed to hand out your business card to all the necessary clients and business partners.


Business casual (smart casual, including high-quality jeans and a blazer), or formal clothing (i.e. a suit and tie) will almost certainly be determined by the dress code.

Wear a textured sport coat with holiday accents

SG Says: Barron Cuadro, the blogger behind Effortless Gent, may be camera shy in the photo above, but this outfit is not.

Wear a tuxedo, sans tuxedo shirt

SG Says: As style blogger Kelvin Davis knows, you shouldn’t be afraid to break out your tux game early and often! Black tie looks sharp yet dressed down when you wear your tux with a t-shirt.

Wear a patterned sport coat and turtleneck

SG Says: Will Taylor, the style blogger behind Bright Bazaar knows that winter and Black Watch were made for each other. Don’t be afraid to bust out your best (ahem, only?) turtleneck for your next event that calls for “cocktail” attire.

Wear a suit in a rich jewel tone

SG Says: This is your permission to wear a suit that’s not blue or grey (but only because you ought to have those covered in your closet by now!), especially for a semi-formal winter event.

Wear a classic tuxedo

SG Says: Yes, it’s 2019 and a peak lapel tuxedo counts as a “classic.” This look Jay-Z wore to Diddy’s recent 50th birthday party is so, so handsome. Sure, it helps to have Beyonce on your arm, but we’d argue these two stars are shining equally bright.

What to wear on a plane?

Three white cotton undershirts. Your choice of underwear. Weather-appropriate overcoat (can also be worn on the plane as needed) Business-appropriate briefcase or leather notepad case as needed.

What is the reality of conferences?

The reality of conferences is that most people are there to network as much as they are to learn new things about their field.

Can you wear a jacket in a conference?

Long sleeves and a jacket will usually be fine, though the jacket may need to be light, particularly in the winter when indoor temperatures are raised. If the conference moves beyond the hotel, however, or takes place at a compound of multiple buildings, be sure to take exterior temperatures into account.

What should I wear to a conference?

So what should you wear to a conference? Tops: Professional looking blouses, blazers, jackets, cardigans, sweaters, and camis. Be sure your clothing is clean and free of wrinkles; you should also stay away from tops that are too low cut and too sheer. Pants: Professional looking pants, denim, skirts, and dresses.

Why do people wear flats at conferences?

Many conferences are multi-day events that require a good amount of walking. Wearing flats can save your feet from unnecessary pain, discomfort, and blisters.

How to wear denim?

If you’re going to wear denim make sure it’s a darker wash; refrain from trendy washes, cuts, and distressing. With your skirts and dresses, make sure the length is appropriate; below the knee and slightly above the knee tend to be more sophisticated, but long skirts and dresses can be worn too.


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