How to dress for tpt conference


Try a fitted blazer with a pencil skirt or black pants — or even a jumpsuit with a blazer over it for a more modern look. Gentlemen can’t go wrong with a suit and tie. If the conference is a bit more casual, pair dark jeans with a nice jacket and white button-down.

How to Dress for Parent-Teacher Conferences
  1. Choose Comfortable, But Pulled-Together Pieces. …
  2. Dark denim and a Classic Blouse. …
  3. Ankle-Length Pants and Print Blouses. …
  4. Fit-and-Flare Dresses With Cardigans. …
  5. Stylish Tunic Tops and Leggings. …
  6. V-Neck Sweaters and Pencil Skirts. …
  7. More Outfit Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferences.


What should I wear to a conference?

For example, if the conference is taking place at a 5-star hotel, you will likely want to choose a more formal outfit. If the conference activity schedule includes a long walking tour, you will need to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Therefore, you can likely choose a more relaxed, casual outfit.

Should you wear a tie to a casual Conference?

For example, if you are a man and plan to wear a business suit to a casual conference, skip the tie. You can also choose a more relaxed style of shirt, such as a simple plaid, rather than the more formal crisp white button down you may usually wear with your suit.

How do you dress for a casual meeting?

Casual Conferences Break out the khakis. Consider a dark wash denim. Also consider a knee-length skirt, if you are a woman. Go with a polo shirt, especially if you are a man. Wear a nice blouse or sweater, if you are a woman. Go for a dress. Stick with leather shoes. Keep your heel low. Match your socks to your shoes.

How do you wear a blazer to a business conference?

If you want to look your best for a conference, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, so bringing a blazer is never a bad idea. Pair your blazer with either dress trousers or a knee-length skirt in the same color. Under your blazer, wear either a button-down collared shirt or a formal blouse.


What should I wear to a parent meeting?

It’s better to stay on the safer side the first time you meet your partner’s parents. She also says to avoid sweatshirts, dirty and worn-out sneakers, ill-fitting pants and shirts, and anything wrinkled. “You want to show up looking clean, confident, and presentable.

How should I dress for an IEP meeting?

Competent-You want to look professional and knowledgeable. You don’t want flashy and distracting. You don’t want “hey I’m a stay at home mom who wears yoga pants and ponytails” look. Everyone around the table, it is their job to be there.

How should an instructor dress?

“Business casual” is the expected attire. But, he says, the school administration encourages teachers to wear comfortable shoes, even sneakers, as teachers are on their feet most of the day. And on Fridays, teachers can dress down a bit more, as long as they are wearing the school T-shirt.

What should I wear to teach elementary school?

Male teachers should wear collared shirts with tailored pants; shirts must be tucked in, but ties and jackets are usually not required unless meeting with parents or administrators. Female teachers may wear tailored pants or skirts with coordinating blouses or sweaters, and the Lakewood Public School District explains …

Do you dress up for parent teacher conferences?

Choose Comfortable, But Pulled-Together Pieces Along with actually meeting individually with the teacher, there may be tours, booths, special events, or other activities. Therefore, your outfit needs to be comfortable, not only for sitting but also for standing, moving around, or more.

What should you not say at an IEP meeting?

7 Phrases you Never Want to Hear at an IEP Meeting.“Let’s just wait and see…” No, no, no. … “We don’t do that here.” You’ve done your research and asked other parents. … “We’ve never seen him do that at school.” Just one of the many examples of either gaslighting or invalidating parent concerns.More items…

What teachers should not wear?

Avoid Tight, Sheer, or Revealing Clothing There is no shame in wanting to look and feel your best but avoid anything objectively inappropriate or that could be construed as distracting or unduly sexy. Bear in mind that your clothes do not need to be loose-fitting or otherwise unflattering to be school appropriate.

Can you wear leggings as a teacher?

Teacher leggings are a staple for any educator’s wardrobe. They are comfortable and easy to dress up with a tunic, oversized sweater, or a dress.

Should teachers be allowed to wear jeans?

No. Teachers should wear business-casual attire to present a professional image of their school and the profession to their students, parents, other professionals, and the general public. Teachers in schools that have casual Fridays can wear jeans on those days.

Can you wear sneakers as a teacher?

36. Asics Sneakers. If you choose your colors and styles carefully, any shoe can be professional enough for teachers. “I get a black pair of Asics so I can still wear them with dress pants,” explains Nicole B.

Can teachers wear makeup?

Believe it or not, some schools require female teachers to wear makeup every day. Of course, there are some nutty rules that go along with that, including this gem: “Teachers can only use red or brown lipstick. No pink, nude, or dark colors.”

Should teachers dress professionally?

An effective teacher will dress appropriately as a professional educator to model success. Your respect in the classroom begins with your appearance and you should strive to be a positive role model for each student.

How do I prepare for an IEP meeting?

Pull and review your records. Pull out your copies of official documents, including your child’s current IEP, recent progress reports, and report cards. … Invite guests and advocates. … Prepare your questions and recommendations. … Tell the school about your guests and requests. … Relax and reflect on your child.

What should parents wear to school meetings?

Dress professionally. No blue jeans, T-shirts, or anything sloppy. Men should wear a dress shirt and slacks (a jacket and tie would be even better); women should wear neat-looking pants or a skirt and blouse.

What preparation will you make before the IEP meeting?

Before your first IEP meeting, gather reports from evaluations (including those from private evaluators), medical records, any correspondence regarding your child’s case and print-outs of research that is relevant to your child’s situation. File all of these documents into a well organized, easy-to-navigate binder.

How do you handle difficult IEP meetings?

To defuse a difficult meeting, try these strategies:Speak in a calm voice.State the student’s strengths then weaknesses, then strengths again.Provide facts. … Monitor your facial expressions.Do not talk excessively—just provide relevant information in plain language without using jargon.

Episode Summary

Virtual or in-person, there are always ways to prepare for the TpT conference ahead of time. Listen in for quick, easy tips that you can put into action ASAP. In this episode, I recommend Chrome extensions, downloading opportunities, and more!

Introduction to the Episode

This is going to be a super-fast one today and you know I love quick wins. We’re talking all about how to prepare for the TPT conference. Now funny story, I did a similar episode last year and it was right before we knew whether or not the conference was going to be virtual or in-person.

How to Prepare for the TpT Conference

I wanted to just give you a couple of tips today about ways to prepare now for the conference. That way when the conference week rolls around, you feel prepared and you are ready to dive right in.

5. Follower Conference Presenters on Social Media

The next thing I would recommend doing is to follow presenters on social media. If they have an Instagram account or Facebook page or group, get to know them ahead of time online if you can. See what they’re all about. That can also help you narrow down your decisions about what you are going to be watching.

6. Join Us for the Nightly School of Sellers Chats During the TpT Conference

Finally, this is my last recommendation for conference week. I saved the best for last and this is definitely a biased opinion. However, this year, just like last, we are hosting our nightly video reflection/wrap-up sessions on Zoom the week of the conference.


So there you have it, my friends. I know that this year’s conference will be valuable. I hope that you put yourself out there and stretch yourself to learn about things that you don’t normally learn about. And I hope that you feel a sense of balance as you participate.

How to dress for a conference?

1. Break out the khakis. Khaki pants are just about as dressy as you need to be for a casual conference. Look for trouser-style pants with wide legs, and keep the material pressed and free of wrinkles.

What to wear to work for women?

Both trousers and skirts are appropriate business attire for women. Select a pencil skirt that matches the color your suit jacket, preferably black, navy, gray, or brown. Wear polished leather shoes. Men should consider formal lace-up styles, like Oxfords, in black or dark brown.

What color pants should I wear for business?

Wear dress pants if you want to leave a lasting impression. Black, gray, navy blue, and brown pants are the standard colors of choice. Consider khakis. Khaki pants are common for men’s business casual, but women can also pull them off for business casual, as well. Keep your khakis pressed and wrinkle-free.

What to wear for business casual?

Consider khakis. Khaki pants are common for men’s business casual, but women can also pull them off for business casual, as well. Keep your khakis pressed and wrinkle-free. Women may choose to wear slacks, khakis, or to try out a knee-length pencil skirt.

What to wear under a blazer?

Under your blazer, wear either a button-down collared shirt or a formal blouse. A knee-length professional dress is also an option, but if you’re wearing a skirt or a dress, make sure to wear pantyhose underneath. Your shoes should be black or brown leather loafers, flats, or heels.

How to match socks to trousers?

Black socks are the most common and most versatile color, but you should try to match the color of your socks to the color of your shoes or trousers in order to blend the two together. Avoid white or colored socks that might stand out. …

What to wear to a scuba diving trip?

Bring a blazer or sports jacket. This is especially important for men. You do not necessarily need a wool suit jacket, but some form of structured jacket, in a traditional color like black or brown, is a good idea, even if you only end up carrying it. …

What to wear to a conference?

Although women generally have a bit more leeway in terms of conference clothing than men, there are several professional staples that can help you look your best. Think blouses, cardigans, blazers, button-downs, dress pants, wrap dresses and pencil or A-line skirts. Don’t feel pressured to adhere to a certain look.

How to dress for a winter conference?

With layers, you’ll be able to remove your outer layer if the conference venue gets too hot, or add one if the temperature drops. Consider wearing a nice sweater over a lighter long-sleeved shirt, or a warm blazer over a button-down.

What to wear to a cocktail party?

For a cocktail party: For men, if the dress code specifies cocktail attire, go for a suit, shirt, tie, dress pants and dress shoes.

What to wear when you’re not sure what to wear?

Or, you could wear sleek dress pants, a dressy blouse and coordinating shoes.

What to wear when walking to the car?

To maintain a business-appropriate look, leave your sports team jacket at home and instead opt for a stylish and warm overcoat, peacoat or trench coat. Remember your feet.

What to wear to a business dinner?

An outfit that consists of an unbuttoned sports coat, button-down shirt, slacks and leather oxfords will be well-suited to most business dinners. Women’s clothing is a bit trickier, especially when you’re not sure what to wear.

What are the colors of men’s clothing?

These include navy blue, white, gray, black and brown/beige. A professional conference is not the place to try out a bright color for the first time.


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