How to file a complaint against connecticut interscholastic athletic conference


Does CIAC’s policy violate Title IX?

Selina Soule, Chelsea Mitchell, Alanna Smith and their mothers claim in their lawsuit the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference’s (CIAC) policy is a violation of the Title IX act – which bars discrimination on the basis of sex. The policy, they say in the suit, results in “boys displacing girls in competitive track events in Connecticut.”

What is CIAC’s policy on girls’ sports?

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the conservative nonprofit that is representing the plaintiffs, said in a statement CIAC’s policy “robs female athletes of opportunities because of the physical advantages of males.” “Girls deserve to compete on a level playing field,” ADF attorney Christiana Holcomb said in a statement.

What is the CIAC state baseball tournament?

CIAC State Baseball Tournament Dedicated to George Synnott The 2021 CIAC State Baseball Tournament is dedicated to the memory of George Synnott who coincidentally had close ties to two of the schools competing for championships this weekend, St. Paul Catholic High School in Bristol and Berlin High School.

What is the latest on winter sports in Connecticut?

The CIAC Board of Control acted this morning to postpone all winter sports to January 19, 2021. The CIAC Board of Control will continue to collaborate with the DPH, Governor Lamont’s office, and the CSMS Sports Medicine Committee in the more»


Who runs the CIAC?

Glenn Lungarini assumed the position of executive director in August of 2018 after serving nineteen years in public education as a coach, teacher, department chair, athletic director, assistant principal and principal.

What is the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference?

CIAC is a private, nonprofit organization that governs interscholastic sports in Connecticut. It was founded in 1921 by a group of high school principals interested in protecting the interests of student-athletes. Virtually all public and parochial high schools in the state are dues-paying members.

What does CIAC stand for basketball?

The Connecticut Association of Schools and the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) is the governing body for secondary school athletics and other interscholastic competition in the state of Connecticut.

Can 8th graders play high school sports in Connecticut?

No student below grade 9 is allowed to practice or participate in any CIAC controlled sport. All situations which are not covered by this rule are to be referred in writing to the CIAC Board of Control prior to participation.

What does LL mean in high school sports?

We use our Junior Varsity level as an opportunity to prepare athletes for varsity next year.

When was the CIAC created?

The Philippines formally established the Construction Industry Arbitration Commission (CIAC) in February 1985 under Executive Order No. 1008, which granted the new body original and exclusive jurisdiction over all construction-related disputes.

Can a sophomore play on a freshman team?

Although the intensity of the JV team may vary from place to place, most junior varsity teams consist of players who are in their freshman and sophomore years in school, though occasionally upperclassmen may play on JV teams. For this reason, junior varsity teams are also often called freshman/sophomore teams.

Can 8th graders play high school sports in New York State?

The State Education Department of New York permits 7th and 8th grade students the opportunity to participate in certain senior high school athletic teams provided the maximum number of athletes trying out for these teams is not reached.

Can 8th graders play high school sports in Massachusetts?

Students in grade 8 may be granted the opportunity to participate in high school level sports. The high school athletic staff will notify students and families of these opportunities only when the sport is undersubscribed by high school students.

What does CIAC stand for in sports?

Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic ConferenceConnecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference | CIAC.

What is Cicac?

CIAC means any contributions in aid of construction from current or prospective customers, plus any additional payments as a tax gross up for such contributions, with respect to which Lessee does not receive or anticipate receiving an increase in its regulatory rate base.

What is the goal of the CT Virtual Talent Showcase?

1st Annual Statewide CT High School Virtual Talent Showcase Goal- To create an opportunity for high school students to showcase their talents by participating in a virtual Talent Showcase. Purpose- To provide a safe and positive way for students and staff to more»

Who is the 2021 CIAC State Baseball Tournament dedicated to?

CIAC State Baseball Tournament Dedicated to George Synnott. The 2021 CIAC State Baseball Tournament is dedicated to the memory of George Synnott who coincidentally had close ties to two of the schools competing for championships this weekend, St. Paul Catholic High School in Bristol and Berlin High School. At St. more».

What is the purpose of the Student Equity Advisory Board?

In 2020, CAS-CIAC created the Student Equity Advisory Board (SEAB) to bring awareness to inequities in Connecticut and collaborate on ways to make schools more inclusive for all students. The SEAB consists of 40 high school students, up to four from more»

Will the New England Championships be cancelled in 2021?

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on spring sports schedules, the Council of New England Secondary Schools Principals’ Association (CNESSPA) has announced a decision to cancel the 2021 Spring New England Championships. The members of the New England Council voted more»

Who did the CIAC consult with?

In its statement, the CIAC said it also consulted with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, the Connecticut State Department of Education and the National Federation of State High School Associations when it first adopted the policy and then reviewed its policy.

What does Title IX say about ADF?

It called for an investigation into the policy.

Does Title IX cover transgender?

The guide outlines that in a 2019 consultation with the Office for Civil Rights, part of the US Department of Education, a federal compliance officer confirmed that Title IX “supports transgender athletic opportunities with the gender of which a person identifies.”.


Ever since the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference adopted a policy that allows males who identify as female to compete in girls’ athletic events, boys have consistently deprived Selina Soule, Alanna Smith, Chelsea Mitchell, and Ashley Nicoletti of honors and opportunities to compete at elite levels.


Christiana Holcomb serves as legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, where she is a key member of the Center for Christian Ministries.

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Why are elite sports segregated?

The main justification is to allow women a chance to win, as women have major disadvantages against men who are, on average, taller, stronger, and faster and have greater endurance due to their larger, stronger, muscles and bones as well as a higher circulating hemoglobin level.” David J. Handelsman, Angelic L. Hirschberg, et al., Circulating Testosterone as the Hormonal Basis of Sex Differences in Athletic Performance, 39:5 ENDOCRINE

Do secondary schools require testosterone suppression?

114. So far as I am aware, secondary school leagues do not have rules requiring testosterone suppression as a condition of males qualifying to compete in girls’ athletic events based on a claim of a female gender identity. At the collegiate level, the “NCAA Policy on Transgender Student-Athlete Participation” requires only that such males be on unspecified and unquantified “testosterone suppression treatment” for “one calendar year” prior to competing in women’s events. The International Olympic Committee requires that males be on testosterone suppression treatment that successfully reduces testosterone to less than 10 nmol/L in order to compete in women’s events.


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