How to fill teacher conference record


How do I record attendance for Parent-Teacher Conferences?

Have guardians record their signature on the Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-In sheet once they arrive for their appointments so that you have documentation of attendance. Before parent-teacher conferences get under way, have students document their successes and areas of needed improvement using the Glow & Grow sheets.

How do I complete the family conference form?

The completed Family Conference Form will include the descriptions of the child’s current knowledge, skills, and abilities (1); the plan for the child’s development and learning (2); and teacher and family member signature lines (3). Select Print to print the form or save the form as a PDF (4).

What do you use the parent teacher conference comments for?

These forms serve as a great reference during parent-teacher conferences when discussing a child’s academic performance and behavior patterns. Related: Save time drafting notes for conferences using our parent-teacher conference comments. If you need to conduct a conference with a parent via phone, use this script as a guide.

How can i Improve my Parent-Teacher Conferences?

If time permits, briefly review the purpose of the forms with parents, and provide to them a copy of each before they leave the conference. Your parent-teacher conferences will improve year after year if you seek feedback on what went well and what didn’t.


What do you say in a teacher conference?

Be sure to explain any terms, curriculum titles, or even words on progress reports that aren’t commonly used outside the school setting. Ask questions and listen. Ask parents or guardians for their input about students’ strengths, needs, and learning styles, as well as their hopes and dreams for their children.

What should I ask in a teacher conference?

6 Productive Questions To Ask at Parent-Teacher ConferencesWhat do you see as an area of strength for my child? … If you could pick one area to focus on improving for my child, what would it be? … How does my child contribute to the class atmosphere? … Who does my child work well with?More items…•

What should be included in a parent-teacher conference?

Parents’ Parent-Teacher Conference To-Do List:Plan ahead. Determine what you need to know.Make a list of questions. Review them and prioritize them.Identify goals. Find out what the teacher expects from your child and why.Listen to the teacher. … Seek at-home strategies. … Plan regular updates. … Get answers.

How do you do a student teacher conference?

Conducting Student-Teacher Conferencesestablishing a good working relationship with your students.reassuring anxious students.motivating students to get started, persist, or work harder on their writing.helping students generate ideas or arguments or plans for papers.clarifying your expectations for papers.More items…

How do you write a parent-teacher meeting report?

How to Write a Parent-Teacher Meeting ReportRestate Attendance & Goals. The body of a professional meeting summary should first include the time, date and people in attendance for the meeting. … Summarize Events. … Provide Action Steps. … Communicate With Stakeholders.

What questions should teachers ask parents?

What are your fears or concerns about your child in this year of school? How and when would you like me to be in touch with you this year? What do you hope I’ll communicate with you about? Is there anything else you can tell me about your child that you think would help me support his/her learning?

What do you say in parents meeting?

During the conferenceBe on time. … Be yourself. … Stay calm. … Ask for explanations of anything you don’t understand. … Ask the most important questions early in the conference. … Respectfully discuss differences of opinion. … Create an action plan. … Thank the teacher for meeting with you.

How do you keep an accurate account of each student’s academic record?

A great way to authentically keep track of student progress is to create a separate folder, or portfolio, for each student….Academic Performance RecordsTests and quizzes.Writing samples.Artwork.Formative assessments and checklists.Project rubrics.Student reflections.

What is the purpose of student-teacher conference?

Student-teacher conferences are a great way to connect with and understand students better. These meetings provide a platform to work with students and reflect on their interests, performances and progress. Student-teacher conferences empower students to identify, plan and set their own learning goals.

What is conferencing in assessment?

In conferencing assessment the learners are encouraged to talk about their improvements in learning the subject matter. In this process, they are not just thinking about what they have learnt, but how they are learning.

What is conferencing in the classroom?

Conferencing with a student provides an opportunity for the teacher to have a private conversation with the student concerning behavior, academic performance, or any other concern the teacher may have.

What questions should I ask at parent teacher conference preschool?

Questions to Ask During a Preschool Parent-Teacher ConferenceHow is my toddler or preschooler doing socially? … How is my child doing emotionally? … Does my child engage in play appropriately for his age? … How does my preschooler respond to classroom rules and procedures? … When needed, how is discipline handled?More items…

What should I ask at a high school parent teacher conference?

Here are some key ideas to discuss with your student’s teacher during the conference.Your child’s strengths and areas for growth. Ask the teacher about your child’s strengths, beyond grades. … How to support your child at home. … Course recommendations. … Standardized tests. … College or future plans.

What are good questions to ask students?

Interests and HobbiesWhat are your favorite hobbies?In your free time, what do you like to do?Have you volunteered in your community?What was the hardest part of the past week for you?What is your favorite book?What is your favorite TV show?What is your favorite movie?What is your favorite color?More items…

Preparing Ahead

Not preparing ahead of time is one of the worst mistakes a teacher can make! Your plan of action should begin with discovering what the parents are specifically looking to learn during your conference time together. This is easily accomplished by sending a brief note home – either separately, or as part of your weekly newsletter.

A Plan of Action

Now that you have an idea of what to expect from the parent (s) during conference time, you can begin to prepare your presentation. With so little time allotted, it is once again important that you take charge of the meeting.

Sample Conference Form

Participation – Angela is an active participant in classroom discussions and activities.

and Scheduling Sheets

If you’re not having parents sign up for parent-teacher conferences electronically, post the Parent-Teacher Conference Schedule form outside of your classroom and have guardians sign-up for an appointment as they drop-off or pick-up their kids.

Glow & Grow Forms

Before parent-teacher conferences get under way, have students document their successes and areas of needed improvement using the Glow & Grow sheets. There’s a student and teacher version.

Parent-Teacher Conference Invitation and Reminder Forms

Send out the invitations a week or two before conferences, and send a reminder a few days before a parent’s conference date.

Anecdotal Observation Sheets

Use the Anecdotal Observation sheets to record your observations of student learning throughout the year.

Parent Phone Call Template

If you need to conduct a conference with a parent via phone, use this script as a guide.

Documentation Forms

Keep good documentation of parent contact and of those students who are working below grade level.

How Parents Can Support Their Child at Home Guides

Guide parents and guardians to support their children at home using these essential parent-teacher conference forms: List of Study Skills and 10 Ways to Support Your Child’s Learning.


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