How to find a theme for your queer conference


How to choose a conference theme for your event?

It’s the central idea of your event, consisting of a creative concept and often represented by a clear and concise tagline. To help you with this crucial step in the planning process, we put together five tips on how to choose a conference theme that will shine throughout your entire event. 1. Keep it on brand

How to create a memorable conference experience?

The key to providing a memorable experience year after year is to come up with a creative conference theme. The right theme will capture attendees’ attention and keep them engaged and energized. As a result, you’ll attract more prospects, engage more customers, and build your brand.

What is a good theme for a sports event?

Sport-related themes are popular amongst conferences and corporate events, such as “Batter Up!”, “Teamwork Wins the Race”, or “Winning is a Habit; Success is a Choice.”

How do you create a theme for an event?

Let the event experience create the theme Get extra-creative with activities that encourage doing rather than simply attending. Build events around interactive activities and guest engagement, and the experiences become the theme.


Why are conference themes important?

Why conference themes are important. All too often, conference organizers play it too safe with branding. In an effort to protect their business, they go with a generic theme that doesn’t fit. But branding is how you can differentiate your conference from all the other business events professionals can choose from.

What happens if you don’t attend an annual conference?

If they don’t, your event — and your brand — will become dated.

Can you run a conference that is too similar to your competitors?

You don’t want to run a conference that’s too similar in nature to your competitors. If there are other conferences in your space, consider how you can differentiate. You might choose to make yours more interactive, or offer more opportunities for small group networking.

1. Keep it on brand

As we described in our recent article on writing the perfect event description, your event is a brand; both your event theme and description are opportunities to show what your brand stands for. Take the time to consider what you want your guests to feel about your brand.

2. Tailor it to your audience

In event planning, it’s always important to understand the demographics you’re working with. A room full of millennials will communicate differently and have different expectations than baby boomers. Or, perhaps you’ll be targeting a range that includes both. Knowing their interests, wants and behaviors will serve you well.

What is a hot sales meeting theme?

A hot sales meeting theme can really make your meeting and usher in success for the entire year. Your chosen title becomes the focal point for all the elements of your conference, so be sure to create a line that can be applied to speaker topics, breakout sessions, receptions, incentives and more. Below, Chip offers five essential tips …

What does Chip do in a meeting?

Chip does his homework, researching your company culture, industry, and business situation, for a remarkable blend of motivational and practical content, peppered with humor.

How to create a theme for an event?

1. Let the event’s goals generate theme ideas. First, define the event goals to get a look at the big picture. The theme and décor should suit the event objectives, so check in and ask your client questions frequently to ensure you’re meeting their needs.

What is the ultimate social media outlet for planners?

Keep a running list of your can do s, but don’t forget to dream big with an event bucket list. Pinterest is the ultimate social media outlet for planners. If you haven’t been poring over this digital bulletin board since it started, now is the time to sign up.

LIST of HOT Conference Topics for Your Event, Meeting or Convention in 2021

By David Staughton CSP CCEO, Practice Consultant and Award Winning Speaker

The TOP 20 Conference Topics for 2021

One of the best ways to ensure a record conference attendance is to have the BEST keynote speakers and the hottest topics that will pull a crowd and please your stakeholders. You’ll also need great breakout speakers and workshop presenters that do amazing presentations which ensure repeat attendance at next year’s event.

HOT Topics for Conferences & Events in 2021

Resilience & Reinvention – Overcoming hardships and challenges – Motivational Stories and Techniques

9. Hybrid Engagement Skills

Influencing and presenting to a hybrid audience – live in person and live online

Be on TREND with The Best Sources of Hot Topics for Conferences & Conventions

Where can Conference Organisers find the upcoming hot and trending topics for conferences?

The Top NINE Speaking Slots for Conferences & Events

Most conferences benefit from having these different areas covered during the event:

3. Intergalactic Party

A corporate hotel management company threw an intergalactic party for guests in a glass-ceilinged atrium to set the mood. Guests were greeted by LED space dancers and could hit the LED dance floor alongside even more dancers in mirrored suits. String drapery provided a gauzy, other-worldly backdrop.

4. Traveling Chalk Art Exhibition

The organizers at Grandesign created a traveling chalk-art exhibition that featured drawings of exotic roads from Patagonia to China as part of Cadillac’s Cadillac ATS vs. The World event.

5. Dishwasher Water Park

Double A brought LG’s Quadwash dishwasher to life with a dishwasher-themed inflatable water park. Locals could enjoy popsicles, cabanas, and windy “dry cycle” photo GIF booths.

7. Container Crazy

The Container Store tapped Puff ‘n Stuff Catering to incorporate hors d’oeuvre spreads into their 60th store opening for some especially clever synergy at its grand reveal. Guests could go up and down the aisle and discover macaron-filled drawers, crudité-filled jars, and churro-filled office supplies.

8. A Gatorade Speakeasy

This Gatorade pop-up store at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop during South by Southwest (SXSW) had event-goers searching for various Gatorade products in an augmented reality game.

9. Color Your Space

German polymer company Covestro gathered its global community in an all-white space for its annual Innovation Celebration. Then, attendees were encouraged to make their mark on the space with color, which doubled as a nod to Convestro’s colorful logo. As a plus, attendee networking was made more fun with sticker books.

10. The House Party, Electrified

In honor of Absolut’s limited edition Absolut Electrik bottle, MKG threw a house party… and cranked it up 10 notches. The event replicated a typical house party with a living room and garage space set-up and made it outside-the-box with a robot band, drone barbacks, and a 40’ tesla coil in the shape of the iconic Absolut bottle.


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