How to find conferences to speak at


6 Strategies to Find Your Conference Keynote and Other Speakers

  • Call for speaker proposals or abstracts. Offer potential candidates the opportunity to submit their ideas with a call…
  • Attendee surveys. Using an open call is one way to find speakers, but how about finding out who your attendees want to…
  • Internal members, partners, and sponsors. It’s not uncommon for…

How to Find Paid Speaking Opportunities in Any Industry
  2. GOOGLE IT. …
  3. MAKE A LIST. …


How to start speaking at events and conferences?

8 Tips to Start Speaking at Events and Conferences. 1 1. Understand the Event Audience. Before you even submit to speak or accept a request, be sure to understand the event audience. If you’re looking to … 2 2. Let Event Organizers Know Early. 3 3. Don’t Sell Your Product. 4 4. Do Sell Yourself. 5 5. Know Your Worth. More items

How do you find a job for a conference?

Search for conferences in any industry. Google knows everything. PRO TIP: Just list the events for now. Don’t jump ahead and start crafting emails to the event coordinators or to the hiring professionals. Stay focused and search like crazy.

What makes a great conference speaker?

Being a great conference speaker is about understanding the event audience. It will help ensure everyone is on the same page going into developing your talk or presentation. 2. Let Event Organizers Know Early The early bird definitely gets the worm when it comes to applying for speaking engagements.

How do I find my next speaking gig?

You can use Agent to find your next speaking gig in less than 30 seconds. It gives you a list of 1,000+ different conferences, all categorized by genre, size, and date. And even better, it includes the contact information for the event or point person so it’s easy to reach out to them.


How do I find events to speak?

Here’s what you need to know:Cold outreach. The most broad-brushed way to find public speaking opportunities is to use cold outreach, which involves asking event organizers if you can speak at their events. … Calls-to-action. … Public speaking portals. … Network, network, network. … Events. … Hashtags. … Associations. … Universities.More items…•

How do you get invited to speak at a conference?

So, how to get invited to speak at conferences? Here are some reflections.Write and share what you’re good at. … Organize or co-organize an event. … Volunteer as a speaker. … Don’t overdo it. … Reach out to potential mentors who usually speak in events. … Represent an organization, showcase case studies, or leverage expertise.

How do you find speaking leads?

5 Tips for Getting More Leads from Speaking1) Get referred.2) Make a deal with the sponsor.3) Educate like crazy.4) Collect those addresses.5) Simple call to action.a)tell your audience right up front you’re going to give them great information and tell them at the end about what you do.More items…

How much do you get paid to speak at a conference?

Here’s a rule of thumb for appropriate pricing: Newbie speakers might earn $500–$2,500 for a talk. Beginning speakers, or those just establishing a brand with their first book, might earn $5,000–$10,000. Those with several books and other forms of “social proof” might draw $10,000–$20,000.

How do you get paid to be a speaker?

How to become a paid speakerBecome an expert. Although there are many types of paid speakers, most organizations hire paid speakers because they are seen as authorities on the topic they speak about. … Develop your voice. … Start small. … Target your ideas. … Use word of mouth. … Grow your skills. … Market yourself.

How do I start being a guest speaker?

Tips for Introducing a Guest SpeakerRemind the audience why the topic is important to them.Establish the speaker’s qualifications to speak on the topic.Get the presentation off on a high note by establishing an up-beat tone.Make the speaker feel especially welcome.

Do you get paid for speaking conferences?

For most conferences, the majority of speakers only get the conference fee waived and maybe some special swag. For smaller, open source conferences, guest speakers are typically not paid, but their travel and accommodation expenses are often covered.

How do I get a public speaking agent?

But probably the best way to get in with an agent is this: Invite them to come and see you present at a client. Say it like this, “I am speaking for a client in your area soon. They do a lot of conferences and regularly book speakers, and I’d like to introduce you to them.

Is public speaking a good career?

Public speaking is a valuable skill to have in the workplace. Although many jobs may require some level of public speaking, there are some that make public speaking a strong focus. If you enjoy public speaking, you may want to consider a career where you’ll do a fair amount of it.

How do I join speakers bureau?

We will need the following items to thoroughly evaluate your information kit and potential for bureau membership:A professional demo video and/or speech clips (required item). … Speaker biography or descriptive sheet.List of speech topics along with a brief description or outline of each.Photograph.More items…

How can I be a guest speaker for free?

Where to find free speakersLook for someone well known and living locally this keeps the expenses as low as possible. … For example, to find speakers, reach out to public speaking groups in your area, such as Rotary or Toastmasters. … Use your donor email-marketing list.More items…•

How much does a keynote speaker make?

First, you should know that professional keynote speakers often earn $10,000 and up for a single keynote speech. Influencers and celebrities can command $25,000 and up. Past presidents and top celebrities like Brené Brown generate well into the six figures.

What does it mean to be an invited speaker?

: a person invited to a gathering to give a speech He was the guest speaker at the awards ceremony.

How do I start public speaking?

14 Ways to Kick-Start Your Speeches & PresentationsPretend you’re talking to just one person. … Make an entrance. … Discuss something you’re passionate about. … Save time for Q & A. … Work with a speech coach. … Bring purposeful movement into your talks. … Give your audience less. … Have fun!More items…•

How can I promote myself as a speaker?

Following are five steps you need to take to get your ball rolling.First, decide whom you should speak to. Most speakers think that everyone in the world will want to hear their speech. … Next, figure out what your audience does. … Talk it up, and talk it up some more. … Create a sense of urgency. … Keep the buzz going.

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1. Understand the Event Audience

Before you even submit to speak or accept a request, be sure to understand the event audience. If you’re looking to generate leads for your company at the event, you’ll want to make sure your ideal customers are actually attending. This may mean passing up some opportunities to speak because it really wouldn’t provide value to you or the attendees.

2. Let Event Organizers Know Early

The early bird definitely gets the worm when it comes to applying for speaking engagements. It shows that you’re paying attention to their event specifically and not just using the spray and pray tactic. Look for events anywhere from 4–6 months out and put the day the speaker proposals open on your calendar so you can apply early.

4. Do Sell Yourself

This is a two-part section because it involves both selling yourself to event organizers and to the audience.

5. Know Your Worth

In doing the research for this article, I came across way too many articles citing event organizers not paying speakers fairly. There are, of course, going to be discrepancies between veteran event speakers like a Cindy Gallop and someone just starting out.

6. Set Yourself Apart

How many social media conferences are there? And how many sessions are at every social media conference?

7. Engage the Audience

Have you ever sat in the audience and had the speaker ask a question and no one even looked up from their smartphones?

8. Publish Your Work

If you don’t have a personal website by now or at least a rockstar LinkedIn, you will want to get on that stat. Then, you’ll want to publish your presentations and talks online so you can get more reach with them.

Why don’t I need to find speaking gigs?

You won’t need to “find” them because you created a system on social and Google that brings the events to you. Eventually, you won’t be able to keep up with all events being held, but what you will have is a plan and strategy for how to get paid speaking gigs and fast.

How far in advance should I contact a decision maker?

If no answer, wait until the event is a little closer and try again. Ultimately, you should be reaching out 3-6 months in advance. Some events book out longer — some shorter. This is why you’re contacting decision makers with plenty of notice.

What is GigSalad speaker?

GigSalad is the fast and easy way to browse, contact, and hire the entertainers and services you need to make any event a success.

How to know when to charge fees?

Generally, the best way to know to start charging fees is when conferences reach out to YOU to ask you to speak. They see your value or ROI, and they want you to come speak. Your seen as someone who is a thought leader, and your speaking at the conference will get others to attend.

Is it easier to be a keynote speaker or a keynote speaker?

Keynote speakers generally have more clout, but it’s actually a lot easier than you think to speak at a conference. Making sure to have diverse speakers and content is the job of a team of people, and your experience is valuable. Seriously. There isn’t like, a fairy godmother that comes down and tells you that you’re now a *~*speaker*~*.


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