How to find funding for conference


Conference funding opportunities may include awards, grants and scholarships to attend local, regional, national and international conferences. Check the websites of the conference, sponsoring organization and committees for available opportunities.

Conference funding opportunities may include awards, grants and scholarships to attend local, regional, national and international conferences. Check the websites of the conference, sponsoring organization and committees for available opportunities.Mar 5, 2014


How do I fill out the application for a conference grant?

To fill out the application, go to your Workbench and click the Apply button for the Conference Grants program. Your draft application can be saved and returned to so that you may continue work on it at a later time and can be found on your Draft Proposals list on your Workbench.

Can I hold a conference Grant and a research grant at once?

A: Yes, for this competition, we are open to grantees holding a conference grant as well as an active research grant at the same time. Q: Can my organization submit more than one proposal at a time?

Are there grants for participating in international conferences?

However, participating in these conferences is not only challenging but it Open Grants for Participating in International Conferences International conferences for NGOs and individuals not only provide an opportunity to exchange ideas but also for building strong networks and partnerships. fundsforNGOs – Grants and Resources for Sustainability

Can I apply for a Spencer Conference grant with another agency?

Q: May I apply for a Spencer Conference Grant and combine it with funding from another agency? A: The Spencer Foundation occasionally receives requests for work that would, if funded, be part of larger projects that might ultimately include multiple funding sources. The conference proposed to Spencer ideally would be able to stand alone.


How do you fund a conference?

Creative Ways to Fund Your Event BudgetDetermine guest registration fee. The amount your guests will pay multiplied by the anticipated number of guests will give you a baseline amount of funds to work with. … Define fundraising needs. … Seek individual donors. … Solicit sponsorship. … Exhibitors.

How can I get funding for an international conference?

DST International Travel Grant (International Travel Support, ITS)EMBO Practical Courses and EMBO Workshops.IBRO Travel Grant: International Travel Grants International Brain Research Organisation (IBRO)ICMR Travel Grant: International Travel by Non-ICMR Scientists ICMR.More items…

What is a conference grant?

What is the Scientific Conference Grant Program? FDA recognizes the value of supporting high quality, small conferences and scientific meetings relevant to its public health mission. This funding opportunity supports small conferences or scientific meetings.

Where is the best place to look for grants?

Where to Find Grants for Nonprofits? – Sources for Nonprofit … Foundation Center. … … Google Ad Grants. … … Local/State Funding. … Search Engines. … Guidestar.More items…•

How can I attend a conference for free?

But for just about every conference, there really is some way to attend for free.Cover it for the press. … Look for contests. … Volunteer your services. … Ask your boss to send you. … Present at the conference. … Ask for a scholarship.

How do I write a travel grant letter?

Research & Travel Grant’s Letter of SupportCompose your letter on letterhead.Describe how you have worked with the student on this project, and why you support this funding request. … Describe your knowledge of the student’s research experience and abilities, and how this funding will contribute to their growth.More items…

How do you find funders?

Always get the most up-to-date information. Get strong community support before seeking funding outside your community. Local support can build a potential funder’s confidence in your organization. Grantmakers receive tons of requests for funding.

What are 4 types of grants?

Four Types of Federal Grant Funding to Achieve Your Mission and Reach Your GoalsCompetitive Grant – Based on the Merits. … Formula Grant – Based on Predetermined Award. … Continuation – Renewal Grants. … Pass-Through Grants – Issued by a Federal Agency.

How do I find individual funders?

How to Find Individual DonorsUnderstand the differences between smaller donor fundraising and major donor fundraising.Define a major gift for your organization.Use social media to connect with individual supporters.Create events that resonate with individual donors.Identify prospects.More items…•

How do I find my local grants?

To search or apply for grants, use the free, official website, Commercial sites may charge a fee for grant information or application forms. centralizes information from more than 1,000 government grant programs. It’s designed to help states and organizations find and apply for grants.

Is grant Finder free?

Get Grants Funding Finder is a free resource for grant fundraisers with information on hundreds of grant funders, including what they fund, how much they give, and how to apply.

What are two types of grants?

Most grants awarded by foundations and corporate giving programs can be categorized as one of two types:General Purpose or Operating Support Grants.Program Development or Project Support Grants.

Is GrantWatch legit?

GrantWatch is a grant listing directory and database – we are not the grant funder and we do not award funds. We recommend watching our tutorial before subscribing to see if our service is right for you. For general financial assistance, please visit or dial 211 on your phone for more assistance programs.


Proposals for the support of scientific meetings, conferences, and workshops relevant to the JDRF mission


JDRF supports scientific meetings, conferences, and workshops relevant to its mission. Applications for conference support are accepted for consideration throughout the year. Note that the JDRF Conference Grant does not provide individual support to an applicant for conference attendance.


Each criterion will be considered in the context of how it relates to JDRF research priorities:


Conference Grant applications, please use this form, and email the completed application to Matt Whipple ( and Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis and are due the quarter prior to the meeting/workshop. Applicants will be notified in writing within two weeks of the review process.

Terms & Other Requirements

In general, complimentary registration for a designated member of JDRF staff, or JDRF guests, is required for JDRF sponsorship of a meeting.


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