How to find hotel room share for keystone conference


How to choose the right hotel for your event or meeting?

Determine the type of hotel that will best suit your meeting or event needs (an airport hotel, convention and meeting hotel, resort, conference center or all-suite hotel). Determine the type and number of guest rooms needed (singles, doubles, suites, specially equipped business rooms or rooms accessible for people with special needs.)

Who should be involved in booking space for business meetings?

If you’re booking space for a business meeting, have your corporate travel manager, company internal purchasing or legal department, or outside legal counsel review all contracts for your meeting or event. Even if you do not sign a contract, you raise your level of liability simply by being involved.

How do I share Roi information with my meeting sponsors?

Share Return on Investment (ROI) information with senior management and meeting sponsors. Write a meeting report and file it away and provide a copy to senior management. File contracts for future meetings.

What is the best way to set up a meeting room?

These are best for interaction with a leader seated at the head of the setup. Audiovisual equipment is usually set up at the open end of the seating. Ovals and rounds: Generally used for meals and sessions involving small group discussions. A five-foot-round table seats eight people comfortably. A six-foot-round table seats 10 people comfortably.


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