How to find out about academic conferences


Other Sources to find Academic Conferences

  • You could also visit the notice board or information wall of your organization for information regarding the upcoming academic conferences.
  • HODs, Principal and Professors usually get invitations for upcoming conferences across the globe from various organizations. So you can also get the information from them.
  • You could also look at the local newspapers for the news and advertisement of such conferences.
Academic Conferences: How to Find a Conference or Meeting
  1. Consult the society’s website for conference, meeting, or event information.
  2. Follow or like your society on social media sites to receive announcements and updates.
  3. Subscribe to a discipline listserv for conference updates and calls for proposals.
Jul 13, 2020

How to find the best academic conferences to attend?

Social media is also a good source of information for all upcoming academic conference. You can like and follow the different organization’s social media accounts to get the information. Finding the best suitable conference is the most important thing.

How do you find out about conferences?

I also maintain that perhaps the best place to find out about conferences is by talking to friends and colleagues. Advantages: Of the numerous sites out there, H-Net’s Academic Announcements is my favourite conference database. It offers a convenient way to narrowing down the vast number of conferences out there.

Why academic conferences are important?

Why academic conferences are Important? Academic conferences are very important for all scholars and students. They can find new people from a similar background and to share their research findings and collaborate for any future research activities.

How can researchers avoid predatory conferences?

While predatory conferences exist in high numbers, there are initiatives that guide researchers on avoiding these conferences. Think. Check. Attend is an organization that helps researchers and academics decide whether the conference is legitimate or not. Think. Check.


How do I find conferences to present?

Selected Websites to Find Conferences to Covers over 100,000 conferences, conventions, trade shows, exhibits, expos, and seminars in all disciplines.Conference Alerts. … Conference Listings. … Conference Road. … WikiCFP. … International Library Related Conferences.

How do I find a reputable conference?

Usually, this is easy: see who the organizers are and look for prior year agendas to see if there are many good academics presenting (or people from industry/government, in some fields). Essentially, check if the organizers and presenters are people you would want to see and comment on your work.

How do I find a PHD conference?

How do you find conferences to attend? Some useful sources1) Online Conference Database. Advantages: Of the numerous sites out there, H-Net’s Academic Announcements is my favourite conference database. … 2) Eventbrite. … 3) Twitter. … 4) Institutions / Organizations.

What is the point of an academic conference?

An academic conference is a one-day or multiday event during which researchers present their work to each other. Conferences are an important way researchers stay connected to others in their field and learn about cutting-edge scholarship.

How do you check predatory conferences?

How to Identify Predatory ConferencesSo, how do you identify those predatory conferences?Check Email: … Check the Website: … Check for the Invited Talk: … Advising Committee Members: … Inadequate Peer Review: … Acceptance Time and Rate: … Connection to Other Predatory Conferences or Journals:More items…•

Which website provides information that allows researchers to help them judge whether the academic conference they want to participate in is predatory?

Think. Check. AttendThink. Check. Attend. is an initiative that aims to guide and assist researchers and scholars to judge the legitimacy and academic credentials of conferences in order to help them decide whether to or not attend the same.

Where can I find science conferences?

science conference listings are indexed in scientific databases like Google Scholar, Semantic Scholar, Zenedo, OpenAIRE, EBSCO, BASE, WorldCAT, Sherpa/RoMEO, Compendex, Elsevier, Scopus, Thomson Reuters (Web of Science), RCSI Library, UGC Approved Journals, ACM, CAS, ACTA, CASSI, ISI, SCI, ESCI, SCIE, Springer, Wiley, …

Why should PhD students attend conferences?

The needed planning and extra research and work it takes make possible the many benefits that can follow from seriously engaging in an academic conference. Conferences help teach PhD students as they work towards their degrees how to put their best foot forward as they look towards their future careers.

What are seminars and conferences?

Summary of Conference and Seminar A conference is a formal meeting where people congregate to discuss a specific area of common interest while a seminar is an educational forum where members meet to acquire knowledge about a particular area.

What are the types of conference?

1.1 Different types of conferenceTypeExamplesConferenceAnnual Conference of the Society for French Studies Biennial Conference of the Society for Italian StudiesSymposiumSpanish and Portuguese Studies Postgraduate SymposiumSeminarIGRS: From Textual to Visual Departmental Research Seminar (Italian, UCL)3 more rows

Do you have to pay to present at a conference?

Think of it as paying for your attendance to the conference, that is, payment is required for everyone attending the conference, including those who present papers (except of course, the organizers and the invited speakers).

Why students should attend conferences?

At these conferences students are given the opportunity to increase networking skills, meet with leaders in their fields, improve their communication and presentation abilities, and learn about the latest research in their area.

Can I present my dissertation at a conference?

In turning your dissertation into a conference presentation, you can share your findings, receive direct feedback from attendees working in a similar field, and get ideas for further improving your research.

How do you write a PhD proposal?

What should it include?Project title. Your title should clearly indicate what your proposed research is about.Research supervisor. … Proposed mode of research. … Aims and objectives. … Synopsis. … Background. … Expected research contribution. … Proposed methodology.More items…

Is a PhD a thesis?

As mentioned earlier, a thesis is presented at the culmination of a master’s program, whereas, as dissertation is presented to earn a PhD. A thesis is a compilation of research ensuring that the researcher is well informed and has knowledge about the research topic learnt in the study program.

Key tips to find academic conferences

Of the many sites available, Conference Next is the most widely used conference database across the globe. It offers a convenient way to sift through the many conferences available.

List of academic conferences

Conference Next – The Best Place To Find World-Class Academic Conferences. Using the Conference Next portal, one can search for relevant conferences to get an idea of the type of international conferences in their field in which they wish to participate and continue to participate in the future.

What does it mean to have a good conference?

If the conference is joined with reputed universities, NGO ’s, world recognized institutes or reputed companies, this indicates that they are maintaining their uniqueness.

What does it mean when a conference website advertises live recommendations?

If your conference website advertises some good live recommendations (by videos), it signal s that the conference indeed was a genuine one and it actually happened. Meanwhile, if a well-recognized person recommends a particular conference that means you can consider it seriously.

What happens if the chair committee does not have strong academic knowledge about that field of study?

If academic conference chair committee does not have strong academic knowledge about that field of study, then that would definitely be a problem. Also they have to have good knowledge regarding act as an editor of the conference.

How to recognize professionalism?

You can easily recognize their professionalism by judging their replies and knowledge. If possible, do take the chance to speak with the conference chair person or the conference convener as well, providing you with firm confirmation of the quality of the conference.

What does it mean when a conference has a high credibility?

If a conference has the affiliation with the local government body and if they published any government affiliations in the conference websites, it means the conference has a high credibility.

Do fake organizers have the same objective?

But many fake organizers also claim the same objective as their purpose . So you have to carefully check if these people conducting the conference are to mainly enrich the research. If they truly work with great vision, they have to continuously work on the quality of the conference, in every aspect.

How many scholarly societies are there?

According to the Scholarly Societies Project, there are over 4,000 scholarly societies in the world. Most societies and professional organizations host conferences and meeting to facilitate discussion with regard to the most recent scholarship in a subject area. Here are the top three ways of finding the right conference for you:

When was the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology founded?

Founded in 1912 , the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) was originally created by three independent scientific organizations to provide a forum in which to hold educational meetings, develop publications, and disseminate biological research results. List of engineering societies.

What are the problems with predatory conferences?

Aside from the lies, the biggest problem with conferences and journals that are bogus is that there is a complete lack of oversight and poor quality control. Most predatory organizations also do not conduct peer reviews.

Why are predatory conferences important?

Such conferences aim to earn money from those willing to pay for conference fees and the costs associated with open access publishing. Predatory conferences are nothing more than moderately well-organized events that promise researchers recognition after they pay a hefty fee.

What is an attend?

Attend is an organization that helps researchers and academics decide whether the conference is legitimate or not. Think. Check. Attend provides guidelines for researchers to help them identify predatory conferences. Other initiatives are simply lists of predatory conferences.

Is a predatory conference a legitimate conference?

Moreover, recent data shows that predatory conferences now outnumber so-called legitimate conferences. Contrary to what most academics believe, not all predatory conferences are small, poorly-organized, …

Is a predatory conference a fly by night organization?

Contrary to what most academics believe, not all predatory conferences are small, poorly-organized, and organized by fly-by-night organizations. In order to ensure that they make profits, a decent organization is usually set-up.

Should researchers avoid predatory conferences?

Not only do such conferences take advantage of young researchers, they also make it harder to discern good research from bad ones. Therefore, researchers should avoid such predatory conferences at all cost. However, many researchers fall prey to their taglines and the attractive packages they offer.


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