How to find texas legislature conference committee reports


Where can I find information about conference committees in Texas?

For more information about conference committees, see The Legislative Process in Texas – Conference committee from the Texas Legislature Online. Find older conference committee reports using the Legislative Archive System. Relating to the expansion of broadband services to certain areas. Relating to the release of defendants on bail.

What is a conference committee report?

Conference committee reports. A conference committee is called to work out differences between the house version and the senate version of a bill that has been amended after engrossment. For more information about conference committees, see The Legislative Process in Texas – Conference committee from the Texas Legislature Online. Find older…

Where can I find more information about the Texas Legislature?

The Texas Legislature Online’s committee portal is also available, and provides a database of searchable information about committee schedules, minutes, membership, process, and more. When Senate Committees are holding public hearings in the Capitol Complex, you may find live webcasts of the proceedings at the Senate Live Broadcasts page.

Where can I find archived versions of legislative sessions’committee pages?

Archived versions of previous Legislative Sessions’ Committee pages can be accessed from our Committee Archives page.


When was Texas Legislature Online created?

Texas Legislature Online was introduced on December 12, 1996. Since then we have received many questions, requests, and comments from members of the public. A few of the most frequently asked questions and our responses are listed below. 1.

How to view bills in Texas?

You can view bills, fiscal notes, and bill analyses by selecting the bill lookup link on the Texas Legislature Online home page. You can also use this link to inquire about the status for a bill. You will be prompted to enter a bill number.

What changes to bill text are included in the enrolled version of the bill text?

Changes to bill text made by a conference committee are included in the enrolled version of the bill text.

When are votes available for individual representatives?

The votes of individual representatives and senators are available only if (1) a record vote is requested at the time the vote takes place; or (2) when a record vote has not been taken within a specified time limit, a member registers a request to have his or her vote recorded in the journal.

What is bill alert?

Bill alerts are available once you create an account on this website. You will receive an e-mail if any bills on your list have had a change in action.

How to search committee reports?

Searching Committee Reports. You can search committee reports from the search bar by selecting Committee Reports as the source and entering your search terms in the search box. Committee reports are included when you search All Sources.

What is the citation for a committee report?

Executive reports are issued by Senate committees reporting on treaties and nominations. Executive report citations begin with the prefix ‘Ex. Rept.’ followed by the Congress and report number.

What is committee activity report?

reports of conference committees. committee activity reports, published at the conclusion of a Congress.

Can you browse committee reports?

You can browse all committee reports (issued since 1995) in a single list, and refine with filters or search within. Note that reports issued in multiple parts (e.g., H. Rept.114-598) and reports for which errata have been issued generally have multiple PDFs, and counts on the Committees browse represent the number of PDFs associated with a committee report list.

What is a committee report?

Often, committee reports include the legislative history of the bill, the purposes of the bill, and what the committee regards as the need for new legislation .

Why is a conference report important?

Conference reports are particularly important because they come at the end of the legislative process and report on the text

What is the most important source of legislative history?

Congressional committee reports in general, and conference reports in particular, are the most important source of legislative history. Reports are issued for almost every bill that becomes a law, and there is usually a report from each of the House and Senate committees that considered the legislation. A report will accompany the bill …

What is legislative report?

These “Legislative Reports” are reports on a bill from a Congressional committee. It is here that USCA, unlike the official USC or Lexis’ USCS, may provide citations to some (but not necessarily all) relevant reports, along with an accompanying citation to where you can read an excerpted version in USCCAN.

How many parts are in a conference report?

Review this example to see a conference report, which usually has two parts:

What is the 1177 bill?

1177, the Every Child Achieves Act, legislation that would change the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law by granting more authority to states and local school districts.

What did Representative Castle talk about?

Representative Castle talked about funding for vocational and technical education and legislation on the issue being considered in Congress. He responded to telephone calls, faxes, and electronic…

How many times did the conference committee meet before the No Child Left Behind Act?

The Conference Committee met six times before issuing its final report on the No Child Left Behind Act, dated Dec. 13, 2001. As an example of how committee meetings are conducted, below is C-SPAN footage from the second meeting on Aug. 1, 2001.

What is a committee report?

Committee Reports: A committee’s report on a bill is considered one of the most important pieces of a legislative history. Most bills die in committee, but House and Senate committees do report some bills for consideration by the full chamber (though only the House requires the production of a written report).

Why is the accompanying report important?

It is valuable for determining the intent of the conferees. Conference reports are issued as house reports and are always reprinted in the Congressional Record, usually on the day it is filed.


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