How to follow up with clients after conference 2018


The key to effectively following up after a conference is two-fold: first determining who to follow up with and second moving the relationship forward and not backwards. Most salespeople build the start of great relationships and then go backwards when they get home.


What should be included in a follow-up email after meeting someone?

After meeting someone at a conference or event, your follow-up email should remind them of who you are and demonstrate the value that you bring to the table. Have you tried using [tool] for [goal]?

How to follow up with clients that have gone silent?

Some of the best ways to follow up with clients that went silent include: How to write a great follow-up email to reactivate customers, you ask? Email marketing can be an efficient technique to reactivate dormant leads and customers. These specific email series or triggers can be called re-engagement emails, reactivation emails, or win-back emails.

How do I follow up with my Network members?

Catch up with a member of your network to maintain your relationship with them: Every 3 months Allow your email recipients to book follow-up meetings on your calendar with free appointment scheduling software. Time to review the templates for your follow-up emails after networking.

Why do you follow up with conference attendees?

A specific reason to follow up. For other conference attendees, my mission is clearer: they mentioned specific business opportunities (an invitation to speak at a university, give a talk for a large company, etc.).


How to follow up with people after a conference?

How to Write the Perfect Follow-Up Email After a ConferenceMake the Connection: … Start With a Direct Subject Line: … Open with a Professional Greeting: … Introduce Yourself and Remind Them Who You Are: … Provide Specific Details of Your Interaction: … Thank Them for Their Time: … Close the Email With Reference to the Future:More items…•

When should you follow up after a conference?

Immediately Following Up After a Meeting If you’ve met someone for the first time, like at a networking event, at a conference, or via a different contact in your network, it’s important to follow up with them immediately.

How to Write a follow up email after an event?

How to Write an Event Follow Up Email After a MeetingClearly define why you are following up.Understand your lead’s mindset.Timing is Everything… and Relative.Be personable.Be personal.Show people that you actually care.Keep it simple.Keep it direct.More items…•

How do you do sales at a conference?

Here are ten tips for a successful sales conference:Prepare for the conference before you leave. … Set conference goals ahead of time. … Practice your messaging and know your target prospects. … Reach out to top prospects before you go. … Come prepared with the tools of the trade. … Make time for your existing customers.More items…

How do you write a follow up email to a client after a meeting?

Follow up email after meeting: Main rules to succeedHave your goal in mind. Just like any email, your follow up message should have a clear objective. … Be genuine and specific. It’s tempting to prepare one generic email template and fire it up at every new connection you’ve met. … Keep it short. … Follow up in a timely manner.

How do you follow up with someone professionally?

Here are some key things to keep in mind when you reach out to someone for the second (or third, or fourth) time.Have a compelling subject line. … Be mindful of your tone. … Keep it short and use simple language. … Make a clear ask. … Give them an out. … Be judiciously persistent.

What to get out of conferences?

10 Ways to Make the Most Out of a ConferenceGain Visibility. … Build Stronger Relationships. … Get Briefed. … Choose the Right Sessions. … Remember What You Learn. … Connect With the Speakers. … Schmooze at the Social Events. … Put Away the Smartphone.More items…•

What should I get out of a sales conference?

How to Get the Most Out of Any Sales ConferenceFormulate a Game Plan. … Capture the Valuable Information That You Are Learning. … Keep Your Networking Efforts Organized. … Visit Nearby Customers and Prospects. … Strengthen New Connections. … Make Sure Everything is in Your CRM.

How do you keep a sales conversation going?

7 Ways to Improve Your Sales Talk Track ImmediatelyLose the vernacular. Don’t use jargon in your talk track. … Pick one thing to speak about. Don’t try to cover too much in your pitch. … Use hyperbole. … End every pitch with a question. … Learn from the prospect. … Ask unexpected questions. … Ask about relationships with vendors.

What should I post after a conference?

Post-Event CommunicationsSend a thank you email. … Send a “sorry we missed you” email to no-shows. … Create a post-event page. … Ask them to fill out a post-event survey. … Have your sales or customer teams personally follow-up. … Share relevant content. … Send them an invitation to another event.

How do you promote after conference results?

Here are 4 great ways to promote your next conference.Use Social Media. Promoting your conference using social media is a no-brainer. … Start Early. Start planning and promoting your conference as early as you can. … Blog. Blogging is a great way to keep people updated on your conference. … Leverage Your Sponsors.

What do you write after a conference?

Sample Thank You Email After Meeting I appreciate your expertise on the and feel very positive about moving forward with you on this project. I enjoyed the time we spent discussing today, and I am excited to meet you again soon. Thank you for taking the time to meet me today.

What do you do after a convention?

In The First DaysGet Social. The conference does not have to end the day you check out of your hotel and go home. … Brain Dump. … Update LinkedIn. … Download Presentation Decks. … Assess The Conference Value. … Facilitate Connections. … Put What You Learned Into Practice. … Pass Along Knowledge.More items…

When should you follow up with your clients?

Having a variety of “next step” action plans in your bag of tricks makes it easier to follow up in several situations:

Why do we follow up?

Usually we follow up because we’re waiting for something. But sometimes it makes sense for other reasons:

What to say when you follow up on a job?

When you follow up, position the ask to highlight why it’s in their best interest to give you what you need. Explain why fulfilling your request actually helps them achieve what they hired you to do. Make it all about achieving their goals, not yours.

Why do clients hesitate to contact you after a project is completed?

Clients may hesitate to contact you with questions after project completion, worried they’ve used up their allotted time. If you reach out and demonstrate your willingness to field questions, it could very well remind them why they thought you were the right choice in the first place.

How to follow up with clients?

Some of the most efficient methods include: creating follow up triggers or re-engagement emails, being clear and concise about what you need, tailoring all of your communications, calling them, sharing proactive content to provide value, sending out customer surveys, or creating & sending personal handwriting.

Why is following up important?

Yet, following up is critical as it will help you demonstrate the value of your offer and company and stay front of mind. It will also allow you to establish yourself as an authority, gain customers’ and leads’ trust, and eventually better reconnect with them.

How to rekindle an old client relationship?

To achieve deeper customer engagement, you’ll have to make sure you’re delivering outstanding customer service. Besides, you’ll need to thoroughly track data and do your research to personalize your communications.

Why do business professionals communicate via email?

Most business professionals communicate via email these days. That’s because it allows them to respond when they’re available and carefully craft their answer. But, sometimes, there is nothing better than a good old phone call to break the ice and ignite the spark once again!

What is follow up email after networking?

Again, follow-up emails after networking are messages in which you can demonstrate your value. They’re a great opportunity to promote the products or services you offer that solve pain points similar to the ones your recipient is experiencing.

What should follow up emails remind people of?

After meeting someone at a conference or event, your follow-up email should remind them of who you are and demonstrate the value that you bring to the table.

What happens if you miss a meeting request?

If you’re missing a response to your initial meeting request, it’s possible your follow-up email got lost the recipient’s inbox or they simply forgot to respond. In situations like these, a quick reminder message may be all they need to get back to you.

What to do when you are looking for an internship?

Whether you’re looking for an internship, your first job out of school, or a position in an entirely new industry, you may schedule an informational interview with someone in your network to learn more about the field.

Why is it important to reach out after a meeting?

Whether you attended a conference, business meeting, or special event, it’s important to reach out afterward to foster your relationship, demonstrate your value, and express your gratitude.

Why do you mention accomplishments in an email?

If the business meeting is especially long or important , you may even mention a few notable accomplishments in your email. This helps you keep everyone motivated while showing them you recognize their achievements.

Can you schedule a follow up meeting with someone you met?

Maybe you’re looking to schedule a meeting with someone you met to continue building your relationship with them. Whether they’re located in your city or elsewhere, you can still request that follow-up meeting in your message.

Are your follow up strategies in place?

The biggest mistake business owners make after business conferences and events are in their follow up strategies.

Your Sanity Assignment

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Who is responsible for follow up?

In many cases, this will be simple, as the follow up will be the responsibility of the person who organized and called the meeting , but this is not always the case, especially when the follow-up work is going to be extensive.

Why don’t people respond to follow up?

If you do not get the response you are looking for, consider reaching out again because the key to productive meetings is ensuring they facilitate action .

How to prevent meetings from becoming a waste of time?

A great way to prevent meetings from becoming a waste of time is by creating an action plan after the meeting . This action plan should then serve as the basis for your various follow-up activities, making clear what was decided in the meeting, what needs to be done, who needs to do it, when it needs to be done, and why.

How to improve the quality of business meetings?

One of the very best ways to improve the quality of business meetings – and your employees’ perception of them – is by optimizing your follow-up process. In this article, we provide four useful tips that can assist you with this getting the most out of your meetings and achieving more of your strategic objectives.

How much does it cost to have unproductive meetings?

It is estimated that unproductive meetings could be costing businesses as much as $102 billion every year, and this does not even factor in the costs associated with travel.

Why is it important to leave a meeting?

It is critical that people leave meetings with a sense that something has been decided or achieved and that there is a plan for what comes next. If people are unsure, the action plan can help everybody to focus.

How many times does a sales follow up end?

The reason this is so widely shared is that studies also indicate that most sales follow-up attempts end after only one or two follow-ups.


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