How to fundraise for a conference


Here are some guidelines for your proposal:

  • Begin with a Summary Statement: Clearly and succinctly explain what you’re doing right from the beginning: “I am asking for your financial assistance in providing travel and conference funding necessary …
  • Tell Your Story: You know you have a story and it’s probably your biggest selling point. …
  • What are Your Goals? …

More items…

The 10-Step Guide to Fundraising for Nonprofit Events
  1. Find an event format and theme that attracts donors. …
  2. Set a realistic event budget. …
  3. Select a wallet-friendly venue or online platform. …
  4. Find charitable event sponsors. …
  5. Sell tickets and registrations online. …
  6. Promote your fundraiser across the web. …
  7. Lean on your community.
Jan 29, 2021


What are the best fundraising events for nonprofit organizations?

44 Nonprofit Fundraising Event Ideas to Start Planning Today. 1 Bake Sale Fundraising Event. This is a classic food fundraising idea for a reason! Get ready for some sweet smells with this idea. Participants … 2 Afternoon Tea Time. 3 Cooking Competition. 4 Recipe Books. 5 Board Game Night. More items

How do you prepare for a fundraising event?

If you’re preparing for a fundraising event, you have to focus on more than just securing the venue, vendors, and attendees. You also have to ensure your event raises the money your nonprofit needs to thrive.

What to expect at the 2020 national fundraising Conference?

Some topics of this fundraising conference include monthly giving, storytelling, and professional development. Get ready to attend this nonprofit conference February 19-21, 2020 in Washington, D.C.!

What are the best nonprofit fundraising conferences on matching gifts?

Matching Gift Summit The Matching Gift Summit is one of the best nonprofit fundraising conferences on employer matching gifts. During this summit, you’ll get to talk with local and national nonprofit organizations to share challenges, best practices, and successes surrounding matching gifts.


How can I raise money to attend a conference?

Let’s look at some options you have:Ask your parents. Well, this is the most obvious option you have. … Get yourself a scholarship or a travel grant. … Crowd-fund the amount. … Seek help from your Alumni. … Seek help from Organisations. … Offer Something. … Don’t rely on just one option, Go for a mix.

How do you plan to raise money for an event?

Determine your fundraising event goals. … Select the Right Type of Event Fundraiser. … Establish your fundraising event budget. … Devise a leadership team for fundraising event planning. … Set a date and time for your fundraising event. … Market your fundraising event efficiently. … Sell tickets to your fundraising event.More items…

What is the best way to fundraise for a good cause?

7 Ways to Raise Money for a Good CauseWhen used to help others, money can be an incredible blessing to those who give and those who receive. … Hold a Yard Sale. … Do an “Online Yard Sale” … Partner with Bigger Businesses. … GoFundMe. … Start a Side Hustle. … Write a Grant. … Host an Event.

Can you fundraise on Zoom?

Zoom Events allows you to turn your Zoom Events into a fundraiser. This allows attendees to directly make in-platform donations to verified nonprofit organizations during your Meeting or Zoom Webinars event. A live donor feed will be shown as well.

What are some good fundraiser ideas?

Cheap fundraising ideas for schoolsArt sale. Selling kids’ art is a surefire way to raise funds for your school—and the only cost is the art supplies. … Historic tour. Get a volunteer from a local museum or historic site to give kids and caretakers a tour of the town in exchange for a donation. … Marathon ask-a-thon.

What are the ten steps for successful fundraising?

Your budget should take into account your fundraising goal, ensuring that you raise an amount of funds above and beyond all expenses….Hate writing the first draft?Leadership: … Target Audience for your Fundraising Event: … Set-Up: … Marketing: … Sales: … Practice the Fundraising Event: … Thank You:

What is the easiest fundraiser?

An Simple and Easier Fundraising Idea List For AllBrochure Fundraising. Fundraising Potential: +++++ … T-Shirt Fundraiser. T-shirt design and sales are a terrific way for individuals and groups to raise money. … Local Restaurant Partnership. … Coupon Books. … Peer-to-Peer Fundraising. … Design Challenge Ideas.

How do you fundraise virtually?

25+ Engaging Virtual Fundraising Ideas For NonprofitsVirtual Tour. … Annual Day of Giving. … Wish List Fundraiser. … 4. Facebook Fundraising. … Matching Gift Drive. … Virtual 5K or Fun Run. … Product Fundraising. … Online Gala.More items…

How can I fundraise without selling anything?

You can do this one of two ways: 1) Online or 2) Off-line. Everyone’s at least heard of GoFundMe, Donor’s Choose, or Fundly and they can be a good go-to, pre-built resource for you. Costs nothing to set up and it’s all linked up with social media, etc.

How do you collect donations on Zoom?

How to set up the donations buttonClick Zoom Apps in your settings.Add the ‘Donations by Pledge’ app to Zoom.Open the app and click on the ‘Create a Fundraiser’ button.Add in your description, donation goal, and select a virtual background from the different options, or upload your own.More items…•

How do I host a virtual fundraiser on Zoom?

Table of ContentsSet your goal.Create a theme, topic, and entertainment.Sell tickets and collect online donations.Advertise and invite.Set up your Zoom account.

How do I accept donations through Zoom?

Free and paying users of Zoom can activate the donate button by going to their Zoom account settings, switching on Zoom Apps, and installing the free app. They can start a campaign by selecting at least one charitable beneficiary from the more than 2 million nonprofits in Pledge’s global charity database.

When is the next Western Canada fundraising conference?

The next Western Canada Fundraising Conference will take place from May 13-15, 2020 in Kelowna, British Columbia! Attend the Western Canada Fundraising Conference! Attending some of the best nonprofit fundraising conferences is a great way to further your career development. Hopefully this list of conferences for nonprofits serves as a jumpstart …

What is raise conference?

It is the only Event Fundraising Conference in the industry. During two full days of action-packed sessions, Raise covers everything from Auction & Event Strategies, to Peer-to-Peer & Social Fundraising, and Product Workshops. Raise creates hands-on interaction between attendees and speakers, with session breakouts, interactive exercises, and group simulations. With over 30+ sessions and panels to choose from, you won’t want to miss the Raise 2020 experience!

What is nonprofit innovation and optimization summit?

The Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit is an excellent fundraising conference for nonprofit marketers and fundraisers who want to grow their online fundraising. Speakers are hand-selected and among the leading experts in marketing and fundraising innovation, brought in from all around the world.

What is a matching gift summit?

The Matching Gift Summit is one of the best nonprofit fundraising conferences on employer matching gifts. During this summit, you’ll get to talk with local and national nonprofit organizations to share challenges, best practices, and successes surrounding matching gifts.

What is the Bridge to Integrated Marketing and Fundraising Conference?

The Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference offers excellent insight into the latest strategies, techniques, and most up-to-date innovations in all areas of fundraising and marketing. Explore direct responses, individual giving (including major and planned), corporate giving, and more.

What is a non profit technology conference?

The Nonprofit Technology Conference is hosted by NTEN. It’s a signature technology event you don’t want to miss. More than 2,000 nonprofit professional assemble from around the world to collaborate and discover new ways to spark change using technology.

Who hosts Planet Philanthropy?

Planet Philanthropy is hosted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Florida Caucus and brings together over 400 nonprofit leaders from a variety of organizations, including social services, education, health, religion, the arts, and more.

What is a food fundraiser?

This is a classic food fundraising idea for a reason! Get ready for some sweet smells with this idea. Participants compete to bake the most delectable treat out there, and guests can donate for the chance to taste test and vote for their favorites. You can narrow down eligible entries by pastry type, whether that’s pies, cakes, cookies, brownies, or some other sweet concoction. Whatever you serve, make sure you follow any local food serving laws.

How to demonstrate how the smallest donation can make a difference?

To demonstrate how the smallest donation can make a difference, ask fundraisers to give up a daily beverage and donate the money they would have spent to a worthwhile cause instead. Provide supporters with data showcasing the impact of $5, $10, $20 donations. Then encourage them to share their activity on social media and ask their networks to take action too.

How to do trivia nights?

Trivia nights are a weekly occurrence at bars for a few simple reasons—they’re easy to organize, affordable to host, and can be customized to appeal to any audience. Ask a local restaurant or bar to host your fundraising event and ask that participants form teams in advance and raise a minimum amount as their registration fee. Then charge an entrance fee for anyone not participating in the competition. Group people into different teams to see who can gain bragging rights and raise the most money.

What is a costumed race?

Host a costumed race where people dress up in alignment with a pop culture phenomenon. Whether it’s zombies, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, or another theme. With all the different options to choose from, this funny fundraising twist on the classic 5K never gets old.

How to keep costs low?

Keep costs low by offering white T-shirts and tie-dye materials so that participants can create their own masterpiece on a budget. Since making T-shirts isn’t a time-consuming activity prepare some other family-friendly games, crafts, or activities for the event.

How to ensure the success of your fundraising campaign?

Sometimes the best way to ensure the success of your fundraising campaign is to make sure it stands out from the crowd! These creative and fun fundraising ideas will almost always perform better than even the most well-organized but run-of-the-mill fundraising project.

Why do people do fundraising?

Individuals develop and host their own fundraising projects for a number of reasons, most commonly: To contribute to and support a charitable cause. To raise support for a personal issue, like healthcare costs. To fund a personal creative or entrepreneurial project.

What is a 50/50 raffle?

Whether you pair it with a larger fundraising event or host it as a stand-alone fundraiser, a 50/50 raffle is a quick and easy way for organizations and individuals to raise money. The 50/50 raffle works like any other raffle — except the winner gets half of the funds you raise and you get the other half.

What is a potluck fundraiser?

Potlucks are among the most reliable fundraising ideas out there! A communal gathering of neighbors sharing a meal is the perfect way to strengthen your ties with your community, give your supporters a memorable experience, and raise support for your organization’s cause.

What is a specific date fundraiser?

The specific date, specific amount fundraiser is an easy way to raise money for any cause, especially for individuals that want to raise money quickly. Basically, you’ll pick a day and a reasonable dollar amount and ask people to give that amount on the day you’ve chosen.

Can charity auctions be adapted?

However, charity auctions can easily be adapted for smaller groups without massive budgets. Just look for local businesses willing to donate auction items and focus on giving your supporters a fun evening! There you have it, 45 fundraising ideas that can work for any organization cause.

Can fundraising feel like a challenge?

Sometimes fundraising can feel like an insurmountable challenge, especially if you work at an organization with only a few people on staff. If you need quick support for an upcoming project, don’t be afraid to try new fundraising ideas!

What is a January fundraising idea?

A January-specific fundraising idea, charge a fee to dispose of a tree. If you have the space (and permit) for it, a bonfire party can turn the necessity into a festivity!

How many Americans believe it’s essential for people to come together in person to promote positive change?

Consider the facts: 80% of Americans believe it’s essential for people to come together in person to promote positive change. 1 in 5 Americans attended an event to support a particular cause in the last year. Three-quarters of adults ages 18-34 believe that attending a live event is more impactful than taking action online.

What is a celebratory event for kids?

If your organization raises money or awareness for at-risk kids or kids in need, consider a celebratory event when a milestone is met by the kids. It might be actual school graduation, or the achievement of another organizational goal, like majority literacy.

What is a team up with a local grocery?

Team up with a local grocery interested in encouraging customers to bring their own bags. You supply the bags, for a fee that ties directly back to your environmental cause.

How long can you dream up an activity?

Dream up an activity volunteers can try to do for 24 straight hours , and stream it live or get the local new to cover it. Dance marathons are the most popular variation.

Is fundraising a good source of income?

Now and then, fundraisers are held. Whereas some are successful, others could be not that successful. Fundraising can be a good source of income for an organization. But it needs excellent planning and execution.

Is it good to practice before a real event?

It is always good to practice before the real event. Have the leaders and master of the ceremony rehearse and perfect their roles early in advance before the event starts. This at least will give you a good opportunity to detect where improvement is needed. Also, it’ll give you a taste of the actual event beforehand.

How does spreading the word affect a charity?

For a charity event or fundraiser, spreading the word is crucial — it directly affects your ability to hit your goals. Traditionally, nonprofits have used mailed invitations, phone banks, and direct mail. Today, though, there are many digital options too, including:

Is raising money a theme for singles charity night?

People are excited to support a cause, but they also want to have a great time. Remember: “Raise money” is not a theme — “singles charity night” is. To attract donors, come up with a fun, unique idea that they’ll be excited to be part of (and recap on their social media feeds).

Is sponsorship a billion dollar industry?

Sponsorship is a billion-dollar industry. If you can get a piece of that pie, more of the money your nonprofit raises can be used for charitable causes instead of things like catering.

What is peer to peer fundraising?

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great fundraising idea for clubs of all shapes and sizes. Not only does it enable your organization to raise more money, it also helps you expand your existing donor base! In a nutshell, peer-to-peer fundraising enlists the help of your supporters and empowers them to ask for donations on behalf of your organization.

What is the best way to raise money for a cause?

Writing Letters. Writing letters is a great way to raise money for your cause, project, or event. You can send out letters asking for general donations, sponsorships, charity auction items, volunteer time, and more! Your letters should be genuine and personal.

How much money has Eastside Community Center raised?

To date, they have raised $2,6000 from over 30 donors, but their campaign still has a few months to go!

Why do community organizations need money?

Community organizations need money to run the programs and services that benefit the kids and families in their areas. If you’re part of a community organization that’s struggling to find funding, try setting up a crowdfunding campaign!

Why do clubs sell doughnuts?

And there’s a reason for that: it works! Pick a food item that the members of your community won’t be able to resist. You can also pick seasonal treats that correspond with the time of year.

What is text to give?

Text-to-give is a relatively new way for clubs to raise money, but it’s an effective way to accept donations while supporters are on the go. Nearly everyone has a smartphone, making text-to-give a natural fundraising technique.

How does major donor fundraising work?

Of course, major donor fundraising only works when you establish your own credibility by receiving endorsements from key political leaders or interest groups or by establishing your name and reputation in your community.

What is chain fundraising?

Chain fundraising letters are sort of a non-digital approach to crowdfunding or peer-to-peer fundraising. Although they lack the simplicity and speed of the digital payments, they are helpful because they help secure donations from those parts of the population that digital campaigns wouldn’t have reached.

What is crowdfunding page?

Crowdfunding is an innovative way of raising financing from donors online or even at events. Crowdfunding facilitates the collection of small amounts of money that have been raised by many “ordinary” people. Your crowdfunding page can and should be branded, include images and videos and tell the story of your campaign.

Why are small donors important?

Another reason why small donors are invaluable to a political campaign is that the more people who give you money, the broader and deeper your support in the community. Every person who donates to your political campaign is very likely to vote for you at the polls and tell their friends and family to do the same.

How much money did the 2016 election cost?

In the US for example, the final price tag for the 2016 election was $6.5 billion, according to campaign finance watchdog The presidential contest — primaries and all — accounts for $2.4 billion of that total. The other $4 billion or so went to congressional races.

How to recruit volunteers for a grassroots campaign?

Recruit volunteers by reaching out to local faith organizations, nonprofits, or movements. Passionate volunteers are essential to a grassroots campaign. Onboard volunteers. Make sure they have the necessary skills and materials to the ground fundraising: phone calls, emails, flyering, data entry work.

Can yard signs be used for fundraising?

Although yard signs might seem old-fashioned, they can still be an effective political fundraising ideas, especially if your political campaign is local . Purchase enough signs to cover major entrances and important intersections in town, and the yards of influencers (see Idea 22) and leaders in your community.


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