How to fundraise for student conference


Tap into skills of students on campus and ask for video submissions on a particular topic, which will serve as a Public Service Announcement (or recruiting video) from your group. Ask for donations from friends and family, and give a percentage as a cash prize to the winner.


What are the Best Student Council fundraising ideas?

By taking advantage of the community you have available, a school raffle can turn into an exciting event with tons of great prizes. Those are our most popular student council fundraising ideas that hundreds of students have used to raise funds for their schools.

Do you have any fundraising ideas for college groups?

Not to worry. We have eight fundraising ideas for college groups that will excite and motivate your community members. Explore these college fundraising ideas your fraternity, sorority, sports team, or student group can use to drive donations and make a difference.

How do I choose the Right fundraising events?

For example, if you’re fundraising through students at your college, think about fundraising events that will appeal to them specifically. Or maybe you’ll be fundraising in the local community instead, and you’ll look to do more community-based events.

How do I promote my college fundraiser on social media?

Social media is an excellent way to reach out to students, professors, and other parties interested in your college fundraiser. To ensure maximum reach and impact: Post frequently. Respond to those engaging with your posts.


How can I raise money to attend a conference?

Let’s look at some options you have:Ask your parents. Well, this is the most obvious option you have. … Get yourself a scholarship or a travel grant. … Crowd-fund the amount. … Seek help from your Alumni. … Seek help from Organisations. … Offer Something. … Don’t rely on just one option, Go for a mix.

How can I raise money for school activities?

10 Best School Fundraising Ideas – Proven Ways to Raise Money for Your SchoolWalk-a-thon (or ‘a-thon’ of your choice)Sponsor a playground tile.The ‘experiences’ auction.Off the screens challenge.Create your school’s book.Service day.Face masks fundraiser.A cook-off or a bake-off.More items…•

How do you fundraise for student council?

Additional Student Fundraiser IdeasScratch cards.Raise money with discount cards.Duct tape teachers day.Sell tickets to play games and for sports competitions.Find local sponsors from local businesses in your community. … Crowdfunding.Raise funds with a battle of the bands.Bake sale.More items…

What is the easiest way to fundraise?

10 easy fundraising ideas | How to raise money for a good causeCreate something. … Sell coupon books. … Crowdfunding. … Host a fundraising event. … Community classes. … Build an email campaign or write letters. … Hold a discussion. … Research and contact major donors.More items…•

What are some good fundraiser ideas?

Cheap fundraising ideas for schoolsArt sale. Selling kids’ art is a surefire way to raise funds for your school—and the only cost is the art supplies. … Historic tour. Get a volunteer from a local museum or historic site to give kids and caretakers a tour of the town in exchange for a donation. … Marathon ask-a-thon.

Can schools use GoFundMe?

GoFundMe is here to provide you with the best crowdfunding platform and unique fundraising ideas to help and support you and your school along the way. Say yes to crowdfunding for your school and launch your school fundraiser today.

What are the most profitable fundraisers?

Top 8 Best-Selling Product Fundraisers for High Schools1) #1 Seller For High Schools – Gourmet Cookie Dough Fundraiser. … 2) Easy Scratch Card Fundraiser. … 3) Nuts & Snacks Fundraiser. … 4) T-shirt fundraiser. … 5) Custom Face Masks – A Perfect High School Fundraiser During COVID-19.More items…

What are some ideas for student council?

50 Ways Student Council Can Foster School Spirit, Plus a Free…Serve your community with a “Rake and Run.” … Make a team-themed spirit cowbell. … Host a virtual talent show. … Do a book donation project. … Plan a “design a mask” challenge. … Create a school cheer. … Host a virtual Senior Night. … Hold a Community Day.More items…•

How do you fundraise virtually?

25+ Engaging Virtual Fundraising Ideas For NonprofitsVirtual Tour. … Annual Day of Giving. … Wish List Fundraiser. … 4. Facebook Fundraising. … Matching Gift Drive. … Virtual 5K or Fun Run. … Product Fundraising. … Online Gala.More items…

How can I fundraise without selling anything?

You can do this one of two ways: 1) Online or 2) Off-line. Everyone’s at least heard of GoFundMe, Donor’s Choose, or Fundly and they can be a good go-to, pre-built resource for you. Costs nothing to set up and it’s all linked up with social media, etc.

How do I start a small fundraiser?

How to Start a Fundraiser: Everything You Need to Know in 8…Step 1: Set Your Goals.Step 2: Choose a Type of Fundraiser.Step 3: Create a Plan.Step 4: Choose a Platform.Step 5: Create Your Promotional Materials.Step 6: Promote Your Fundraiser.Step 7: Don’t Forget Your New Donors.Step 8: Evaluate Your Success.More items…•

Tried and True

Ask businesses or community members to donate items or services that participants can bid on. Make sure to keep your audience in mind by having prizes they’ll be interested in bidding on. Prizes go to the highest bidder, and all auction proceeds go towards the cause.

Old-School Classics

Professors or staff volunteer to be targets and participating students donate a fee to throw a pie or a balloon at the professor or staff member of their choice. Paint or attach a bullseye to each volunteer, and students who hit the bullseye win a prize.

Donate to Win

Students donate a fee in order to skip a participating class without being penalized. There may be restrictions as to whether some days are off-limits for skipping (such as exam days), so make sure these restrictions are clear to participants. Be sure to obtain prior approval from your school as well as the participating professor.

Guessing Games

Students pay a small fee to submit their guess. Post pictures of participating professors in a central location that is accessible to students. Print ballot slips for participants to write their guesses, as well as their contact information, and be sure to bring a sealable container or “hat” to collect the ballots.

Fun Group Activities

Students or faculty members donate a small amount to wear casual clothes, pajamas, or costumes for the day. There could be prizes for the silliest outfit or the cutest pajamas, etc. Make sure lab safety dress codes are still respected, where applicable (e.g. no open-toed shoes).

Other Great Ideas

Help feed children living in poverty-stricken areas by participating in a study document drive. Simply take your old study guides and notes and upload them to StudySoup’s online marketplace. For every three documents you upload, StudySoup is able to donate one meal to a child in need.

Why is peer to peer fundraising important?

It acts as a strong form of social proof of why other alumni should support your campaign and offers a personal feel. Peer-to-peer fundraising can harness the enthusiasm and commitment of your alumni to reach out to new donors. Social media can also be useful in engaging alumni donors.

What do students need to be on campus?

These can contain essential items that they’ll need on campus, including coffee, non-perishable food items, earplugs, slippers, and hot water bottles. Since these types of items are often left behind, students will likely be grateful for an easy opportunity to have them to hand.

Is college fundraising fun?

Over to You. College fundraising can be highly stressful, but it can also be a lot of fun. Whatever college fundraising ideas you choose, make sure it’s easy for people to support your campaign and donate to your college.

What is a trivia night fundraiser?

A trivia night fundraiser can be fun and educational. People can participate in the trivia night as part of a trivia team. To plan a trivia night, you will need to have a team of people to put together the trivia questions, a quiz master for the night, and enough participants to ensure the event is a success.

Why do schools have raffles?

A raffle fundraiser is a great option for a school fundraiser because you have many willing parents eager to donate skills or goods as raffle prizes. By taking advantage of the community you have available, a school raffle can turn into an exciting event with tons of great prizes.

Why do schools have car wash fundraisers?

There’s a good reason why car washes are common school fundraisers- it’s because they’re always a success! Parents will line up around the block to have a chance to get their car washed knowing that the money will support their child’s school. If the car wash is for a high school, upperclassmen with cars are also likely to participate.

What is a holiday festival?

Holiday festival. Holiday festivals are a great way to get into the holiday spirit. You can turn a holiday festival into a fundraiser by charging for tickets, selling goods, or hosting fundraising events (such as raffles or silent auctions) during the festival.

Why do schools need to raise money?

Schools need to raise funds for a variety of reasons, from individual classes raising money for an event or field trip, to school wide fundraisers to improve some aspect of school.

What is an ice cream social?

Ice cream social. An ice cream social is a great small fundraiser for a class trying to raise some money. Charge a small entry fee and be sure to include a variety of flavors or toppings. You can even hold small competitions for things like tallest Sunday or most decorated banana split.

1. Bottomless brunch

Current college students are from Generation Z (they’re born after 1996), and this generation loves brunch. But the appeal doesn’t end with this generation. According to Upserve, 71% of Americans wish restaurants served breakfast all day long. Make food dreams come true with this first college fundraiser idea.

2. 24-hour challenge

A 24-hour dance marathon is a tried-and-true tool to meet large-scale fundraising goals, but you don’t need to follow this formula to see success. You can capture that philanthropic energy with your own pulse-raising 24-hour event.

3. Street food

If you’re trying to attract people to a good cause, food never fails. Street food is an even better bet for Generation Z. According to a recent report, 42% of these students want their college or university to offer street food options.

4. Fashion show

Green is the new black. Raise money for your initiative, community project, or other good cause with a fierce and fabulous fashion show. This is a fundraising idea for college that gets the whole campus buzzing.

5. Oozeball tournament

Oozeball is your average volleyball team tournament with one exception — it’s played in the mud. This down-and-dirty college fundraiser is tons of fun for students, but it can also be adapted for a community-wide, all-ages sporting event.

6. Nostalgia night

Everyone loves a well-executed throwback event. Thanks to the wealth of pop culture online — from popular songs, movies, and products to trendy clothes, food, and slang — it’s fairly easy to pay homage to any era. Simply pick a time period, set the scene, and start raising funds.

7. Gala

Whisk your donors away for a night of food and entertainment. At first glance, a gala may seem like an expensive way to raise funds, but there are simple methods of cutting costs.

How to make a fundraiser for school?

Just suppose you could have an easy school fundraiser that: 1 Provides you with all of the color brochures your students will need for free? 2 Also gives your school the opportunity to earn up to to 52% profit on each sale? 3 In addition, requires no upfront costs? That means you pay no upfront money out of pocket. 4 Finally, includes all of the free coaching you could dream of?

What is the purpose of a school council?

The National Association of Student Councils, tells us that the purpose of your school council is to empower students and to learn about community service and leadership.

What is college fundraising?

College fundraising ideas that leverage contests. A competition where the winner doesn’t take all. Rather, it is a good cause that triumphs. Cultural clubs, sports teams, and educational departments can compete against each other to raise money for charity.

What to do after a fundraiser?

Even after the event is done and the shutters are down, there’s one more thing left to do- Thanking your donors and sponsors. Document the responses and amount or nature of contributions by them before the event. Once your fundraiser is successful, send them a thank you text or call them personally.

How to raise money from interclub competitions?

Interclub competitions. One great way of raising the maximum funds from interclub competitions is to organize peer-to-peer fundraisers. Club and department members already have a sense of community and are competing against other groups. Organize a competition where the group that raises the most money wins.

Why do colleges have interdepartmental competitions?

Interdepartmental competitions. College clubs form due to shared interests in cultural activities, sports, or hobbies. The motive is to polish their skills and specialize in them. Hence, some competitions between them could be unfair and maybe even difficult to organize.

Is sales a good way to raise money for college?

Sales remain a classic way of fundraising in college. From second-hand electronics to merchandise, sales can be a profitable way of raising money for university or college fundraisers. Here’s how:

Is a basketball team more likely to participate in a book club than a basketball team?

For example, if you have arranged a basketball tournament, the basketball team is more likely to actively participate in it and even win it than a book club. However, when it comes to interdepartmental competitions, the distribution of talents is more diverse.

Can you record attendees online?

It’s relatively easy to record the confirmation of attendees online. All you need is a simple form that needs to be filled and the attendee information is in your CRM. It’s the offline confirmations that may be tricky.

How to effectively steward your donors?

There are many things you can do to effectively steward your donors: efficiently process their donations, thank them in a timely manner, publicly recognize them, invite them to events, send them progress updates, send them photos and videos, share stories of impact, and more. 6.

How much money will Sorbonne University raise in 2022?

Sorbonne University’s Foundation has launched its first fundraising campaign “Welcome to the Future”. Its goal is to reach 100 million euros by 2022. This is the largest university fundraising campaign ever conducted in continental Europe. This reflects the new challenging reality for universities.

How much money does Harvard receive a day?

By some estimates, Harvard receives an average of $3 million a day. Oxford and Cambridge have conducted successful £1 billion campaigns. Stanford has an endowment of more than $20 billion and received four gifts of at least $100 million in 2015 alone. However, university fundraising is growing in other countries too.

Why do you offer multiple ways to give?

Offering multiple ways to give increases your chances of receiving a higher number of donations. By doing this, you ‘cover your grounds’ – making it simpler for more people to give.

Is university fundraising difficult?

In addition to that, university fundraising can be very challenging. Not everyone perceives universities as ‘causes’ – the way they do other nonprofit organizations. This is especially the case in countries where universities are traditionally funded by the government.

Is philanthropy new?

Philanthropy is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean it should be taken for granted or not paid attention to. There is a long history of universities receiving donations from wealthy individuals. Medieval European universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Bologna, relied on powerful patrons. Philanthropic donations are usually donations that come from foundations, corporations or wealthy individuals.

Come up with a Fundraising Campaign Idea That Fits Your School

Before you come up with a strategy for executing a successful fundraising campaign for your college or university, you’ll first need a campaign idea. There are tons of great college fundraising ideas out there — and lots of ways that you can reimagine them to make your campaign unique to your school.

Traditional – With a Twist

There are plenty of traditional fundraising models and putting a creative spin on them could reap great rewards for your college fundraising event.

Target Specific Audiences

In many cases, it can be beneficial to target your emails, mailers, or handouts to specific audiences. For example, you could send an email to recent grads, supporters of sports team, and alumni – but the messages should be tailored to each audience.

Focus Your Message

Whatever idea you pick to raise your funds, you should boil the campaign down to a very simple message. Can you explain your campaign in a brief sentence? It’s OK to have multiple aspects, but they shouldn’t detract from a simple, focused fundraising goal.

Execution Matters

You’ve got your idea, and your focused message — now you need to get the word out in a thoughtful and strategic way.

Make it Super Easy to Give

Bottom line: People are busy — and you certainly aren’t the only one asking for money. Once you have your bright idea and a creative execution, you should make it easy for people to donate.

Thank Your Donors

Online donations should generate an auto reply to donors, but it’s important to thank everyone who donates after the campaign is over. Personalize your message by sending thank-you letters complete with pictures from your event (or a video if your thank-you message is digital!), according to Donor Search.


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