How to gamify a conference


How Can You Use Gamification at an Association Conference?

  • Decide What You Want Attendees to Do. The first step is listing things you’d like people to do. …
  • Design a Way to Motivate Them. Once you know what you want them to do, you need to decide how you will “entice” them to do it. …
  • Offer Mini-Goals and End Goals. …
  • Publicize. …
5 tips for engaging attendees with conference app gamification
  1. Incentivize your gamification. Nothing drives competition like the knowledge that there’s a prize at the end. …
  2. Encourage attendees to explore your conference app. …
  3. Display leaderboards onsite. …
  4. Use beacons to enhance your analytics. …
  5. Make networking fun.
Sep 20, 2018


How can I use gamification at an event?

Ways to use gamification at an event range from hardcore competitive or just-for-fun, and it all depends on your particular needs and the desired end goal of gamification. For inspiration, check out of these gamification examples drawn from actual events where they were, or could have been, implemented.

Is it time to gamify your virtual events?

Now that the pandemic has all but guaranteed that digital events are here to stay, it’s time to tap into principles of gamification to level up your virtual events. Gamification is the use of game elements, mechanics and principles, such as scoring and competition, in a non-game setting.

What should event organizers look for in a virtual conference platform?

When considering this kind of system, event organizers should look for a full-service option like EventMobi’s virtual conference platform. Its integrated gamification, direct messaging, and 1:1 video chat capability ensure a streamlined attendee experience.

How can gamification help with cognitive load in events?

One way that gamification can help participants deal with cognitive load is to present learnings in a more game-like, challenge-based format, which helps chunk the lessons into smaller pieces that are easier to digest and retain. You can incorporate gamification thinking into your event in many ways.


How do you gamify a meeting?

Here are a few pro-tips on gamifying your next meeting or event:Set-up a game corner. A prominently located gaming corner is a great way to engage attendees and create some buzz. … Explore icebreakers and networking games. … Gamify through polling. … Invest in an event app. … Acquaint attendees with the venue. … Encourage Q&A.

How do you gamify virtual events?

How to gamify virtual events. If you’re going to gamify, you need to approach it with a goal and a strategy. For example, if your goal is to increase attendee engagement during sessions, you might want to focus on gamification elements like in-session polling, bingo cards, and trivia questions.

How do you gamify a presentation?

Ten Cool Ways to gamify your next presentation, training, or facilitation: Feedback, interaction, and engagement. Team and collaborative exercises. Actual games (also simulations & role plays) Power ups and rewards in an LMS (verbal rewards during a presentation–but for a prize at the end)More items…

How do you gamify activities?

5 Ways to Gamify Your ClassroomAdapt old-school games for classroom use. Scavenger hunts, bingo, dice games, Connect Four and Scrabble have been around for decades and can be adapted for classroom learning. … Play digital games. … Create a quest. … Battle it out with a boss battle.

What are some examples of gamification?

Some examples of game mechanics used in gamification are: Goals – Complete the task and get a reward, such as a badge or points. Status – Users increase their level or rank through completing activities. Leaderboards show who is ‘winning’ and inspire users to work harder to compete.

Is Kahoot a gamification?

One of the most employed gamification tools is Kahoot!, a free tool that has gained popularity among teachers for its simple use and its ability to establish active work dynamics in the classroom. Kahoot! allows teachers to create surveys, questionnaires and discussions, obtaining feedback from students in real time.

How do you gamify a college class?

12 Tips for Gamifying a Course1) Begin by Defining Goals and Objectives. … 2) Start Small and Develop Iteratively. … 3) Network With Other Educators Using Games. … 4) Use Simple Game-Creation Tools. … 5) Get Students to Develop Games. … 6) Take Advantage of Existing Games. … 7) Use K-12 Games for Remedial Education Courses.More items…•

How to maximize your attendees’ sense of accomplishment?

To maximize your attendees’ sense of accomplishment, you should assign points based on meaningful engagement with the event program. Ideally, a well-designed gamification plan should reflect and amplify the event’s goals — from both the attendees’ and the event organizer’s perspectives. This means awarding points for:

Why are photos important for a meeting?

While not a full replacement for the experience of meeting face-to-face, the visual appeal of photos can go a long way to making attendees feel more connected. As an added bonus, they can also help to extend your event’s audience on social media.

What are the advantages of virtual events?

One advantage that virtual events have, however, is that gamification can easily be integrated with networking goals. All event activities happen under one platform. That means a tiered number of points can automatically be assigned for escalating stages of networking. For example, you could assign 5 points for visiting a profile, …

What is the key motivator for attendee engagement?

The answer may lie with gamification. Gamification is a key motivator for attendee engagement. Not only does it reward and acknowledge an attendee’s participation efforts, but it also provides them with a structured framework for event optimization.

How many points does a gold sponsor bring?

For example, a visit to a Gold Sponsor booth might result in 100 points, while a visit to Silver Sponsor might bring 75.

Can attendees share photos on social media?

Attendees can share photos on social media with the event hashtag, and the posts will automatically be captured on the virtual platform’s live social media wall. Sharing photos like this one can be a way for attendees to participate in gamification challenges while also reaching new audiences on social media.

Can you include attendees’ answers on their profile page?

You can include each attendee’s answers on their profile page, with other attendees awarded points for correctly inputting the information after visiting the profile. You can keep the information private and prompt attendees to find out the answers by direct-messaging other event participants.

Who provided the content for the game?

The exhibitors (or sponsors) provided the content for the game. Attendees who visit sponsor booths have a leg up on attendees who don’t visit the booths. Since that first event – sales leaders from tech, healthcare and other industries have used this tactic in their national sales meetings and customer events.

How does Spin to Win work?

Spin to win works as you might imagine. Using SocialPoint, you have ½ of a wheel visible so you can have an unlimited number of prizes. The wheel will randomly pick a winner based on the inventory available. If you are doing a drawing and the people’s names are your prizes — your inventory quantity will be 1.

What Is Event Gamification?

To gamify means to take the mechanics of a game and give them non-gaming applications in workplaces, marketing strategies, or events. Therefore, event gamification incentivizes your attendees to become active participants by adding game-like features to your event.

Why Event Gamification?

Event gamification is not just about having fun and creating great memories. Gamification statistics show that these processes do wonders for productivity, profitability, and engagement at the workplace and learning institutions. And the same holds for events.

How To Gamify Events?

Let your audience know about your planned games ahead of time to build a buzz and possibly even attract a wider audience. Include gamification in your event marketing strategy – event gamification works best when people know all about the challenge before the event kicks off.

Event Gamification: Let The Fun Begin!

We’ve explored the definition of event gamification, why it matters, and how to best implement it. Gamified methods can help influence attendee behavior to increase event engagement and ultimately, achieve specific goals in your event strategy.

Why did IRF want to gamify?

At the annual invitation, the IRF wanted the gamification to do more than promote participation—they wanted to gamify happiness. This came about as an extension of their event goals, which was to make sure the game had a positive impact on networking and interaction, and also encourage attendees to spend time with one another.

What is disengaged attendee?

At an event, the disengaged attendee is an event planner’s worst enemy. If you’re looking for a way to get attendees to pay attention and participate at your event, gamification could be the perfect way to make sure your attendees are taking part in the proceedings.

What is Jiveworld attendee base?

JiveWorld’s attendee base is full of communication and social community leaders. Because of this, they are often very tech savvy and discerning—making it all the more important for Jive Software to integrate gamification into the digital event experience.

What is Event Gamification?

Gamification is the ability to add games, competition, rewards, and other elements of game-playing, like point-scoring, to encourage engagement with a service or product.

Examples of How to Gamify Your Next Event

There are simple ways to gamify any event. Whether you are running an online event, hybrid event, or in-person, consider these event gamification ideas easy wins:

Gamifying Online Events

Many of the game examples above can also be played online. However, you might also need to get creative when it comes to virtual event gamification.

Gamification Techniques for In-Person Events

In-person events are very familiar with gamification techniques. However, you might want to mix it up to keep your attendees guessing.

Tips for Gamifying Your Event

Remember, the major reason you want to bring in gamification is to amp up the excitement, engagement, and ultimately brand awareness. Therefore, you don’t necessarily need to give away a lot. Really, you want to tap into our human need for having fun and connecting with people!

Amplify Your Event With Gamification

Even when you’re new to the event scene, gamification is a great idea. If you work with an event planner or event organizer, it’s easy to implement a gamification strategy as part of your pitch deck for improved virtual event engagement especially with a virtual event software that facilitates gamification!

What does it mean when you gamify an event?

Gamification is becoming more and more accessible , which means that at some point every event will have some type of event game. You can either choose to ignore this chance to upgrade the event experience or you could go all in now and really stand out.

Why do virtual events need gamification?

As virtual events come to the forefront, they will require more incentives and gamification to keep everyone engaged. The virtual space is new for all of us, so you’ll need to nudge your attendees to guide them through your agenda and ensure sponsors feel some love. Gamification is a great way to differentiate, continue to make events engaging, …

Why is gamification important?

Gamification is a great way to differentiate, continue to make events engaging, and keep people connecting with each other, which we all need right now. As things are right now, only 10% of event apps use gamification to drive their desired action from attendees (and that’s just looking at live events). It’s an underappreciated addition that can …

What is event app gamification?

Virtual events don’t have to be boring! Event app gamification is one way to keep an IRL aspect of events in any virtual event. If you have any questions about how to use an event app in virtual events, connect with someone on our team who can share best practices. Content Writer.

How can challenges help sponsors?

Challenges can help increase sponsor engagement and survey participation, and upgrade the overall event experience . Here are some ideas for what you could do based on your goals: Provide sponsors and exhibitors with codes to be given out during sessions that they’re included in.


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