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What is a D2 College?

NCAA Division II (D-II) is an intermediate-level division of competition in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). It offers an alternative to both the larger and better-funded Division I and to the scholarship-free environment offered in Division III .

How many sports are there in Division II?

There are 24 athletic conferences in Division II. NCAA Division II offers championships in 14 men’s sports and 15 women’s sports.

What are the top D2 basketball schools in the US?

Several organizations offer NCAA Division 2 men’s basketball rankings, including the NCAA, USA Today Sports and the Associated Press Top 25 Poll. Here are the top D2 basketball schools, according to the NCSA Power Rankings: University of California – San Diego Point Loma Nazarene University

How much do D2 baseball conferences spend on costs?

There are 24 D2 baseball Conferences. The Sunshine State Conference had the highest average of $698,461 for 11 schools. The Heartland Conference also averaged over $600,000. Three more conferences had average expenses of over $500,000. The 10 conferences with the highest average expenses in 2019 were:


How many Division 2 conferences are there?

17 conferencesThere are 169 Division 2 football programs and 17 conferences, which include the CIAA, G-MAC, GAC, GLIAC, GLVC, GNAC, Gulf South, Independent, LSC, MEC, MIAA, NE-10, NSIC, PSAC, RMAC, SAC and SIAC conferences. Are you interested in the latest college football recruiting news?

How many Division 2 basketball conferences are there?

Twenty-four conferencesINDIANAPOLIS —The NCAA Division II Men’s Basketball Committee announced today the field of 64 teams that will compete in the 2016 NCAA Division II Men’s Basketball Championship. Twenty-four conferences have been awarded automatic qualification.

What is the best Division 2 conference?

Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association The Bearcats have a history of winning; they have the most titles in Division II history at six, with the most recent coming in 2016.

Can a D2 player go to the NBA?

There are currently 444 players who have recorded NBA minutes this year. 443 of those players were either in Division 1, overseas, or high school before they reached the league. Only one current NBA player reached the league coming from Division II.

What do D2 athletes get?

Very few of the thousands of student-athletes competing in Division II will receive a full athletics grant that covers all of their expenses, but most of them will receive some athletics-based financial aid to help them through school.

What is the best D2 basketball school?

Men’s BasketballRANKSCHOOLRECORDRANKSCHOOLRECORD1Nova Southeastern (16)28-02West Liberty29-23Indiana29-222 more rows•Mar 6, 2022

What is the most popular D2 school?

So it is high time you get into these top-rated d2 schools….Truman State University. … Rollins College. … Bentley College. … The California State University. … Point Loma Nazarene University. … Colorado School of Mines. … Grand Valley State University. … St. Mary’s University, Texas.More items…•

Is D2 better than D3 sports?

Many talented athletes choose D2, some for a more well-rounded college experience and others for the opportunity to get more playing time or to play all four years. D3, in general, provides a student-athlete with a “normal” college experience while allowing them to still compete in athletics.

Are D2 schools good academically?

“We are pleased by the increasing number of Division II schools whose student-athletes are earning Academic Success Rates of 90 percent or higher,” said Judy Bense, president of the University of West Florida and chair of the Division II Presidents Council.

What percentage of D2 athletes go pro?

Do many NCAA student-athletes go on to play professionally? Fewer than 2 percent of NCAA student-athletes go on to be professional athletes. In reality, most student-athletes depend on academics to prepare them for life after college.

Can D2 athletes get paid?

The NCAA announced earlier this month that they will allow student athletes from all three divisions, D1, D2 and D3 to make money off their name and image.

Do D2 players get drafted?

What to know about the five DII football players selected in the 2022 NFL Draft. The 2022 NFL Draft is in the books and five former DII football players were selected for the next step of their journey.

Can a d2 school become d1?

An institution in Division II or III may elect to participate in Division I in one sport, other than football or basketball and must abide by the Division I bylaws governing the sport, even though their membership rests in another division.

Can a d2 school make the NCAA tournament?

Like all other NCAA basketball divisions for men and women, the champion is decided in a single-elimination tournament….NCAA Division II Men’s Basketball Tournament.Current season, competition or edition: 2022 NCAA Division II Men’s Basketball TournamentSportBasketballFounded1957No. of teams64 (reduced to 48 for 2021 only)CountryNCAA Division II (USA)5 more rows

How many Division 3 basketball teams are there?

There are currently more than 400 Division 3 basketball schools in the nation—these 424 D3 basketball colleges make up the largest division level not only in the NCAA, but also among all four-year colleges.

Is there a March Madness for d2?

The 2022 NCAA Division II Men’s Basketball Tournament was the single-elimination tournament to determine the national champion of men’s NCAA Division II college basketball in the United States….2022 NCAA Division II Men’s Basketball Tournament.Teams64MOPTrevor Hudgins (Northwest Missouri)← 2021 NCAA Division II Basketball Tournament 2023 →4 more rows

How many D2 basketball teams are there?

But just how many NCAA Division 2 basketball schools are there? According to the NCAA, there are currently more than 300 D2 basketball teams across the nation. However, potential recruits should know that these 312 D2 basketball teams are …

What is the difference between D1 and D2 basketball?

However, D2 basketball colleges tend to have a slightly less demanding schedule than D1 programs, allowing athletes more time in the offseason to work on their academics and pursue additional interests, such as joining an on-campus club or volunteering. D2 basketball schools often have smaller campuses and therefore, smaller class sizes, …

What level do elite athletes go to?

In fact, many elite athletes—who have the height and position-specific skillset—are often recruited at the D1 level but choose to go to one of the NCAA’s Division 2 basketball colleges instead. What does this mean for athletes hoping to land a roster spot at one of these Division 2 basketball colleges?

Is D2 the best basketball program?

Student-athletes often consider D2 basketball programs to be “second best” to those at the Division 1 level. However, many of the top Division 2 basketball schools recruit based on similar recruiting guidelines, eligibility standards and recruiting rules as the Division 1 level. Competing at top Division 2 basketball schools is often just as …

Is Division 2 basketball competitive?

Competing at top Division 2 basketball schools is often just as intense and competitive as playing basketball at a D1 college. Just like high school student-athletes who go on to play D1, only about 1 percent of high-school basketball players end up securing a roster spot at D2 basketball schools.

How many Division 2 women’s basketball teams are there?

How many Division 2 women’s basketball teams are there? There are just over 300 women’s basketball colleges at the NCAA Division 2 level. Though there are about 50 less member colleges than at the NCAA D1 level, these 313 basketball colleges are also comprised of elite players who are both athletically and academically competitive.

Can you play D1 in high school?

Despite being the best player on your high-school or club team, you’re not guaranteed playing time, especially during your freshman year, at the D1 level. Athletes who compete at the D2 level will have a stronger chance of showing off their skills on the court during their first year on the team.

Is Division 2 women’s basketball competitive?

There’s nothing second best about competing at one of the nation’s top Division 2 women’s basketball colleges. In fact, many Division 2 women’s basketball teams are as competitive as their D1 peers—like those who go on to play for a D1 program, only 1.2 percent of high-school athletes land a roster spot at a Division 2 women’s basketball college.

Is D2 basketball smaller than D1?

While not all D2 women’s basketball schools will be smaller than those at the D1 level, the majority of them typically have less enrollments, which means smaller class sizes and more individual support. More playing time.

How many D2 baseball conferences are there?

There are 23 D2 baseball Conferences. The Sunshine State Conference had the highest average of $696,548 for 11 schools. Both the Pacific West and Heartland Conference had averages over $600,000. Another six had averages over $500,000. The 9 conferences with the highest average expenses in 2018 were:

How many students are in D2 baseball?

Like colleges in general, most D2 baseball schools are small. Half of them have full-time undergraduate enrollments under 2,500. Only 61 have 5,000 or more full-time undergraduates and just 20 of those are over 10,000. If you want to play D2 baseball, chances are you’ll be playing at a smaller school.

What is the graduation rate for D2 baseball?

Well, on the most basic level, they can’t contribute if they aren’t there. And the chances of them not being there are higher than average. The unweighted 4-year graduation rate for public D2 baseball schools was 26% compared to 38.8% overall.

What is the D2 average for private colleges?

For private colleges, the D2 average was 43% where the average for all private 4-year schools was 55.3%. Remember, that’s the average. There are 46 schools where the 4-year graduation rate is 50% or greater. Bentley University has the highest at 85%. Four more colleges all had averages in the 70’s rounding out the top 5.

What is the difference between D1 and D2?

D1 schools are limited to 11.7 while D2 have a max of 9. However, an advantage Division 2 baseball colleges have over D1 schools is that they are allowed to have tryouts.

Which state has the most D2 baseball schools?

Where to Find D2 Baseball Schools. While D2 is the smallest division, in 17 states there are more D2 baseball schools than D1. Pennsylvania has the most D2 baseball colleges at 21. California is next with 19, followed by West Virginia with 14. Florida, Georgia, Missouri, and New York tied with 13 each.

Which states don’t have D2 baseball teams?

Florida, Georgia, Missouri, and New York tied with 13 each. Eight states including the District of Columbia don’t have any D2 baseball teams and there are six states with only one.

How many divisions are there in the NCAA?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association ( NCAA) is divided into three divisions, based roughly on school size. Each division is made up of several conferences for regional league play. Unless otherwise noted, changes in conference affiliation will occur on July 1 of the given year.

Does the NCAA split into divisions?

This list includes conferences in sports that the NCAA does not fully split into divisions, such as men’s volleyball and rifle. Sports in which the NCAA sponsors separate championships for men and women are officially treated by the NCAA as two separate sports.

What is Division II?

Additionally, it is the only division that has member institutions in Puerto Rico and the only division that has expanded its membership to include an international member institution. Simon Fraser University became the first institution outside …

How many sports are allowed in Division II?

Division II institutions have to sponsor at least five sports for men and five for women (or four for men and six for women), with two team sports for each sex, and each playing season represented by each sex. Teams that consist of both men and women are counted as men’s teams for sports sponsorship purposes. There are contest and participant minimums for each sport, as well as scheduling criteria—football and men’s and women’s basketball teams must play at least 50 percent of their games against Division II or Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly Division I-A) or Football Championship Subdivision (formerly Division I-AA) opponents. For sports other than football and basketball there are no scheduling requirements, as long as each contest involves full varsity teams. The only NCAA sport in which contests against club teams can count toward a team’s contest minimum is women’s rugby, in which two such contests per school year can be counted. There are not attendance requirements for football, nor arena size requirements for basketball. There are maximum financial aid awards for each sport, as well as a separate limit on financial aid awards in men’s sports, that a Division II school must not exceed. Division II teams usually feature a number of local or in-state student-athletes. Many Division II student-athletes pay for school through a combination of scholarship money, grants, student loans and employment earnings. Division II athletics programs are financed in the institution’s budget like other academic departments on campus. Traditional rivalries with regional institutions dominate schedules of many Division II athletics programs.

When did the NCAA split into two divisions?

In 1973, the College Division split in two when the NCAA began using numeric designations for its competitions. The College Division members who wanted to offer athletic scholarships or compete against those who did became Division II, while those who chose not to offer athletic scholarships became Division III.

When did Division 2 teams beat Division I teams?

In 2009, a Division II team beat the eventual Big East regular season champion. In 2010, two other Division II teams beat teams that reached the NCAA Division I tournament.

When did Mountain East become a Division II conference?

The Mountain East was approved by the NCAA Division II Membership Committee in February 2013, and became an official conference on September 1 of that year. The most recent change to the roster of D-II conferences was the demise of the Heartland Conference at the end of the 2018–19 school year.

Is Simon Fraser University a Division II school?

Simon Fraser University became the first institution outside the US to enter the NCAA membership process. This occurred after the Division II Membership Committee accepted the institution’s application during a July 7–9 meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Is men’s volleyball a division 2 sport?

In hockey, many schools whose athletic programs are otherwise Division II compete in Division I, and men’s volleyball has a truncated divisional structure with a Division III championship but no Division II championship (as opposed to the NAIA, which fully includes men’s volleyball in its divisional structure). In any sport that does not have a Division II national championship, Division II members are allowed to award the same number of scholarships as Division I members.

What is the D2 softball division?

D2 College Softball Locations. D2 is the smallest NCAA division in softball with 288 programs. However, in 19 states there are more D2 programs than D1 and D2 softball colleges outnumber D3 programs in 23 states. Pennsylvania has the most D2 Softball colleges with 22. North Carolina and California follow with 18 each.

How many D2 softball schools are there?

Of the 56 Baccalaureate colleges, 16 are considered Liberal Arts Colleges. A total of 47 D2 softball schools are Doctoral/Professional schools.

What is the most expensive D2 softball school?

The most expensive d2 softball college for the 2019-20 year was Bentley University which had a total cost of attendance of $71,320. Rollins College came in second with a sticker price of $70,026 followed by Pace University-New York at $68,252.

What is the advantage of playing D2 softball?

The advantage of playing at a D2 college is that they still offer scholarships unlike D3 schools. While the number of scholarships may be fewer than those in D1, D2 softball college programs will likely have less intense demands on players’ time than D1 schools. This means players may be able to consider doing something else other than playing softball and attending class while in college.

How many states have D2 softball?

North Carolina and California follow with 18 each. There are 13 states with 10 or more D2 softball colleges. Seven states don’t have any and another seven have only one.

Is D2 softball more intense than D1?

While the number of scholarships may be fewer than those in D1, D2 softball college programs will likely have less intense demands on players’ time than D1 schools. This means players may be able to consider doing something else other than playing softball and attending class while in college.


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