How to get an interview at a swe conference


Facebook’s interview process for its SWE roles typically takes around 4-8 weeks. Let’s walk through each of the 3 interview rounds. 1. Recruiter chat An HR recruiter will give you a call for a quick chat. This portion of the interview process is straightforward and is mostly to see if you’re a fit for the role.


How to prepare for SWE Conference?

PackingPack comfortable shoes. … Leave empty space in your suitcase. … Pack professional and casual clothes. … Pack a tote bag every day for the convention. … Career fair is big. … Apply for positions through SWE online career center before the conference. … Be prepared to interview at all times. … Go to hospitality suites.More items…

What is swe21?

WE22 – The World’s Largest Conference for Women in Engineering and Technology.

Where is we21?

Future and Past Event DatesDateLocationAttenOct 20, 2022San Diego, CaliforniaestimatedOct 21, 2021Indianapolis, IndianaestimatedNov 05, 2020New Orleans, LouisianaestimatedNov 07, 2019Anaheim, Californiaverified7 more rows

What is the difference between SDE and SWE?

SDE’s were only responsible for Unit testing while functional test’s and tests automation were written and managed by SDET’s, with move to combined engineering, an engineer is now a SWE and he/she is responsible for a complete feature, meaning, implementation to testing, everything has to be handled by one person.

Is SWE International?

SWE is proud to welcome members from more than 80 countries to our diverse community. While our cultures and geographies differ greatly, there is so much that women engineers worldwide have in common.

Where is the SWE Conference?

Houston, TXFuture Conference Locations and Dates: Houston, TX WE22 – October 20-22, 2022. Los Angeles, CA WE23 – October 26-28, 2023. Chicago, IL WE24 – October 24-26, 2024. Atlanta, GA WE25 – November 6-8, 2025.

What does SWE stand for in engineering?

SWE is short for software engineer or software engineering. An SWE is someone whose main job is to design and (to a certain extent) write software. SWE is a relatively broad term. The specific tasks associated with an SWE role may vary.

Speaker Proposal and Process

Are you interested in developing a professional development session with SWE? To be considered for future SWE events, speakers must complete a speaking proposal and submit it to l .

Specialized Areas of Focus

This specialized area of focus provides professional development for key areas of expertise.

What is a Facebook interview?

A discussion about your resume and past experience. A chance for you to learn more about Facebook. A few behavioral questions, to establish a baseline for your personality . Recruiters usually cover certain areas, so if you’re not a fit for the specific recruiter, you may be referred to one of their colleagues.

How long is a system design interview?

This is basically the system design interview. It’s 45 minutes long and almost never involves coding. If your experience is more on the product side, this might be more geared towards product design for you instead. Facebook will usually match you with an interviewer with similar experience.

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I made it and so can you!

Okay to start everything out, I was almost going to change my major my sophomore year. I failed a class and had a 3.1 GPA because I was struggling to learn from shitty tenured professors. I worked hard to get my grades better to get an internship but I just couldn’t find anywhere who would just give me a chance.

Not a hard core CS person

I’m reading about people doing amazing personal projects and other work on the side. I realized I never really took interest in any of that??? I’m mostly focussed on my course work and in my free time, just watch a few tv shows or read books or so, not really into learning LC/doing projects.

How do you guys prioritize what you want to learn outside of school?

During the semester, I keep a running list of things I want to learn once the semester finishes up. By the time the semester ends I always have an extensive list of things I want to do. Other languages, frameworks, interview prep, refresh on stuff I didn’t use all semester, personal projects.

How to become a GOD at coding?

I started coding in 6th grade. My first language was C++. Then I took a huge break where I didn’t code much throughout high school. I taught students about coding and computer science, but I didn’t do any side projects.

What is studying Computer Science in College like?

21 year old female here. Just wondering if anyone can tell me their experiences please and hopefully provide some tips. I’m currently in cc right now and never heard of this major until now. I heard it is challenging, but I’m up for it! Coding definitely sounds interesting (and it also looks cool) Of course, I do know that’s only a part of CS.


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