How to get clients at conferences


Virtual Conference Secrets: 19 Insider Tips to Get Writing Clients

  1. Start networking before you go. As soon as you can access a website for your virtual conference, start the process of…
  2. Do this for one-day meetings. Attend the meeting, pay attention to who’s there. Then connect afterwards. At a glance,…
  3. Get familiar with the virtual conference platform.

Make note of the people you want to meet, and use LinkedIn and company websites to research their backgrounds. Begin networking before the show. Reach out to top prospects before you arrive at the conference. Use LinkedIn to see who you might have in common and ask for an introduction.Sep 19, 2015


What makes a difference when it comes to winning corporate clients?

Learn the three critical success factors that make a huge difference when it comes to winning corporate clients: Learn which organisations to target for maximum impact – and who to focus on within each corporate client: Learn which lead generation approaches work best to make initial contact with corporate clients:

Are conferences worth your while?

Conferences are a great place to meet people in your industry and possibly find new clients, or even business partnerships. Not only can you meet people, but you can get some great ideas from some of the speakers who share knowledge. Now, some conferences are NOT worth your while.

How do I get clients with no experience?

If you have no experience, no clients, and no way of getting clients – reach out to someone you know that needs help and offer to do something for them for free in exchange for a testimonial. You don’t need to run a full-fledged marketing campaign for them, but help them build a landing page, or do some small tasks.

How to get more clients for Your Small Business?

But, if you reach out to potential clients with ideas on topics you can cover that will help their audience, they’re likely going to give it a thought. Just remember that these people work tirelessly to build audiences, so make sure it’s valuable, relevant, and worthwhile for them. 15. Try Out Coworking Spaces


How do I get clients for my conference?

Contact potential clients beforehand If potential leads are attending the event, you can introduce yourself on LinkedIn or email and explain why it’s important for you to meet. Conferences usually host many people from different backgrounds, so planning your meetings is a time-saving solution.

How do you meet a potential client?

Here are six tips on how to get more appointments in sales with prospective clients and eventually close more deals.Make time for discovery. … Always show confidence. … Lead with a conversation. … Ask for the appointment. … Use appointment scheduling technology. … Follow up to prevent no-shows.

How do I promote my business in a conference?

Let your key customers know that you’ll attend the conference or trade show. Send a mailing to your customer database. Use your website to announce the event, and invite people to stop by your booth. Mention the event in promotional material and press releases.

How do I get first 10 clients?

8 Ways to Find Your First CustomersMake a list. … Look for referrals. … Work your network. … Show it off. … Attend industry events. … Team up with other business owners. … Build an online presence. … Spread the word on social.

How do you impress a client?

5 Incredible Ways to Impress Your Most Important ClientsChoose the Perfect Gift for Them.Anticipate Questions and be Prepared with Solutions.Do your Homework on the Client’s Competitors.Maintain a Positive Attitude.Be Relatable in a Professional but Personal Way.

How do you approach a new client?

Review Your Customer Persona. … Learn Where Your Potential Clients Hang Out. … Identify What Prospective Clients Want. … Understand Every Product or Service You Offer. … Reach Out and Emphasize Your Value.

How do you sell conferences?

How To Sell Out Your Next ConferenceEstablish an Online Presence. One of the first things you need to do when marketing your conference is to establish an online presence. … Create Ticket Tiers. … Hold a Ticket Giveaway. … Use Your Speakers as Influencers. … Offer Something Different.

Where can I promote a conference?

Post on Facebook and community groups. Social media communities and groups are also fantastic places to promote an event. It could be a Facebook group or a subreddit. Additionally, you’ll want to create an event page on social media so that you can share it in different groups or communities.

Where can I advertise a conference?

Social media is far and away one of the most effective marketing and promotion platforms on earth so it presents a perfect opportunity for you to put your conference details in front of the people who will want or need to see it.

How do I find my first client?

How to Find Your First Client: A GuideEducate yourself. The first key in getting clients is to know your market. … Get an online presence. … Leverage social media. … Network. … Use inbound marketing. … Pet personal. … Demonstrate value. … Be consultative in your approach.More items…•

How do startups find clients?

6 Techniques for Startups to Get their First 20 CustomersExplore your Existing Network. … Learn from the Customers of your Competitors. … Start a Blog and Create Relevant Content. … Cold Calling and Emailing. … Offer Free Trial. … Leverage Online Communities.

How do I get a B2B customer?

10 Ways Your Small Business Can Attract More B2B Clients in 2019Launch a new product or service.Max out the potential of your CRM.Give digital marketing a try.Ask your current clients for referrals.Use Facebook and SEO for local business.Use direct mail to stand out.Get a booth at a trade show.More items…

How do you promote a virtual event?

#1) Consider Your Virtual Event Timeline and Promote Before, During, and After the EventIdentify your audience.Create registration pages (landing pages)Send direct mail campaigns.Create social media posts and contests.Create event website.Launch email marketing.Send reminder emails.

How do you promote a social media conference?

7 Tips to Boost Event Attendance with Social Media MarketingCreate Facebook Events… And Then Share Them Everywhere. … Post Frequent (but Limited) Posts. … Promote it with a Hashtag. … Start Early. … Schedule Relevant Posts Ahead of Time. … Run Ad Campaigns for Heightened Visibility. … Use Contests to Increase Word of Mouth.

How would you arrange a press conference activity?

Planning your press conferenceThink in advance about practical issues such as location and resources (desk, podium, speakers, microphones, etc.)Know what you want to announce.Know who you want to involve in order to add weight and credibility to your message. … Prepare a list of questions & answers for your speakers.More items…

The real networking happens at the event, not the exhibition floor

I quickly learned that only fools stand by their booth all day at a conference.

Host a breakout session and bring printed materials

Quite often, conferences have breakout sessions where conference sponsors can lead discussions about a particular topic. To lead a breakout session, speak with the conference coordinator and organize accordingly.

Can you be a silent observer at a virtual conference?

At a lot of virtual conference events, it’s easy to be a fly on the wall, a silent observer. But that’s not how you’re going to make connections, grow your network, or accomplish the goals you set.

Is it better to attend a virtual conference or show up?

There’s a lot more to attending a virtual conference than just showing up . The right conference can potentially connect you with hundreds of people, IF you’re willing to do the work.

How to Get Clients You Want

You might want clients for your business, but you don’t want just anyone. The wrong client can waste your time, burn your cash, kill your enthusiasm, and ultimately destroy part of your entrepreneurial soul.

Where to Find Clients in 2021

To get more clients, you’ll need to find them first. Depending on their industry and demographic, they could be in very different places.

16 Ways to Get More Clients

Everyone wants passive income, right? Well, passively finding clients is the next best thing. You want to do everything you can to minimize the time and money you spend chasing clients. Build the right online presence and portfolio, and your clients will spend their time finding you instead.

Finding Clients Is Just One Piece of Your Startup Puzzle

Now you know how to get high-paying clients—but do you know how to price yourself competitively? Do you know how to boost your profits while decreasing your workload? What about proper negotiation tactics to close any deal?

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What is the best way to meet people in your industry?

Attend Conferences (AKA More Networking) Conferences are a great place to meet people in your industry and possibly find new clients, or even business partnerships. Not only can you meet people, but you can get some great ideas from some of the speakers who share knowledge.

What to do if you have no experience?

If you have no experience, no clients, and no way of getting clients – reach out to someone you know that needs help and offer to do something for them for free in exchange for a testimonial. You don’t need to run a full-fledged marketing campaign for them, but help them build a landing page, or do some small tasks.

What can a real estate agent partner with?

For example, a real estate agent could partner with a local coffee shop. They make sure to hold meetings with clients there, and the coffee shop could leave some of the real estate agents business cards out for people to take.

How to keep a relationship going?

Show up, give so much value people can’t forget you, and follow up. 95% of people don’t follow up, so that puts the responsibility on you to keep that relationship going.

What does affiliate link mean?

Some links included here may be affiliate links, meaning we may earn a small monetary bonus from referring you to them. In no way does this increase the price you pay.

Can a web designer partner with a marketing agency?

A web designer could partner with a marketing agency who doesn’t build websites, and they can send them marketing clients, while the marketing agency can send the designer website clients. Get creative! This is a great way to help support small business owners while driving more clients to your own. 13.

Do you get experience working for yourself?

You get experience. And that is the name of the game when it comes to working for yourself. Most of the time you will get a yes , but you will get your fair share of no’s too – a lot of people are hesitant of free work, so you might have to do some convincing – that’s normal.

50 simple tips to help you get more attendees

So you’re organising an event and are wondering how to get more attendees? We hear you, sometimes promotional t-shirts aren’t enough! We know all about the long nights and the endless “What if nobody shows ups?” Worry not, we’re here to help.

50 Pocket actionable tips that will help you get more people to attend your event

1) Ask them what they want beforehand. Do some research, go to online forums, send surveys via email. Research what your target actually wants.

How to attract high paying clients?

Attracting high-paying clients by marketing with a book and a speech.

How do event organizers search for speakers?

Here’s more from the proprietary research from SpeakerMatch: Event organizers initially do a cursory search when hiring a speaker, but as they refine what they are looking for they start digging deeper by looking at various social media sources to learn what a particular speaker is about.

How many speaking proposals include the organizer’s name in the first sentence?

According to Ellul, over 50% of speaking proposals that are accepted incorporate the event organizer’s name in the first sentence. And, the percentages increase closer to 60% when looking at bookings for $2,500 and up.

What is the process of being chosen to deliver a keynote speech?

Being chosen to deliver a keynote speech, a breakout session, or participate in a panel is a process. Most often you need to respond to a request for proposals for speakers. Securing speaking engagements, however, is not as easy as throwing your name into a hat. You have to prove yourself and your credentials.

Does personalizing a speech proposal increase your chances of getting accepted?

If you want to increase your odds of having your speech proposal accepted, it pays to personalize.

How to get in front of your target audience?

An efficient way to get in front of your target audience is by guest posting on blogs that cater to that same audience. That could be another coaching website, but it could also be a blog related to the services you offer.

What does it mean to get coaching clients organically?

Getting coaching clients organically means that you’re not directly paying for them. You’re not paying for an ad that is shown to a potential client on social media or Google, but instead, you’re employing different strategies to make new clients come to you.

What is networking in business?

Networking is often thought of as this sleazy way of rubbing shoulders to later get things done from people, but really what you’re doing is creating connections and finding your people. There is no better way to get to know your potential customers than by talking to them face-to-face.

Do you pay upfront for coaching?

You’re not paying anything upfront but instead, you pay a commission to those who send you new coaching clients. It’s a strategy that works particularly well if you have a program people can sign up for directly on your website as there is no doubt whether a lead has turned into a client or not.

Is Twitter a good platform for coaching?

Twitter may not come to mind as the platform to market your coaching services on, but if your ideal clients are entrepreneurs, techies, or maybe even journalists, it’s a great place to be. Because of the way Twitter works, it’s also much easier to connect with someone one-on-one by replying to a tweet of theirs, than it is in a Facebook group.

Is it worth investing in email marketing?

While you can’t control platforms like Facebook or what other website owners may do with the content you write for them, your email list is yours, and so it’s worth it to invest in your email marketing.

Does content marketing return results overnight?

If you’re not blogging yet, today is the day to get started. Content marketing doesn’t return results overnight. It takes a while for articles to rank well in Google, and usually the newer the website, the longer it takes.

What is the top of the list of dreams for many small firms and solo professionals?

Top of the list of dreams for many small firms and solo professionals is to win lucrative work with big corporate clients.

Do senior decision makers spend time on social media?

You see, although things are changing over time, right now, senior decision-makers in corporates don’t spend much of their time searching for things online or using social media.

Do corporate buyers go to networking events?

Corporate buyers don’t go out to networking events like smaller businesses do.


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