How to get delegates for conference


11 Tips for Conference Delegates.

  • 1. Book early. There might be an early-bird rate on offer for a start but, of greater importance, the more time one has before a conference takes …
  • 2. Hit the ground running. Don’t put the date of the conference in the diary and do nothing until it comes to planning a travel itinerary the day …
  • 3. Get there early. Even if the conference is only a couple of hours by car or train from home, I’m an advocate for staying in the event hotel or one …
  • 4. Get a good seat. It’s not always important to be in the front row and certainly not priority to be nearest the exit or toilets. Find the place that …

How to Attract Top Conference Delegates
  1. Make it INFORMATIVE. Include key topics, main speakers and interesting locations. …
  2. Make it VISIBLE. …
  3. Get the TIMING right. …
  4. Make it go VIRAL on Social Media. …
  5. Connect with your INSTITUTION and other activities.
Dec 9, 2019


What is the difference between a delegate and a member of event?

In the context of an event there are a few things to consider. First it may depend on the “type of event” for example: conference, summit, symposium, forum, expo. But typically it is referring to someone who registered for the event. A delegate is usually used at an association or membership event. There usually consist of a membership overall.

What do modern conference delegates want?

Events technology is also a great way to include delegates in conference activities. There’s no better way to give your audience a voice than empowering them to take part in open mic events and soap box discussions. As you can see, none of what modern conference delegates want is a huge departure from what you’re providing.

What is a delegate registration?

Usually, this definition is extended to all the attendees of a conference, not just the presenters. So the delegate registration would be for anybody wanting to attend the conference Show activity on this post.

How to organise a successful conference?

As a conference organiser, you should be empowering delegates to: Simple conference technology like social media and event apps, can help turn lectures into conversations and conversations into breakaway activities. All you need to do is provide the functionality and some space, then let your audience dictate how interactive the event gets. 3.


What is delegates in conference?

countable noun. A delegate is a person who is chosen to vote or make decisions on behalf of a group of other people, especially at a conference or a meeting.

How is best delegate selected?

You will win best delegate by being nice, friendly and human. If you don’t, it will be easier for others to turn the room against you. The P5 caucus gives you a chance to speak to the others away from the room. However, according to almost all Rules of Procedure, the rest of the committee get to set in an unmod.

What is Delegation in MUN?

DELEGATE. A delegate in a Model United Nations conference is a participant who represents a country other than their country of origin and deliberate on issues from the country’s perspective, and not from the delegate’s perspective or point of view.

How many delegates are in the UN?

In 1945, the UN had 51 members, which by the 21st century nearly quadrupled to 193, of which more than two-thirds are developing.

What is the best award in MUN?

The Best Delegate award is given to the delegate who performs, prepares, and is the most knowledgeable in the entire committee. Receiving the Best Delegate award is typically accompanied by receiving the gavel that the chairs used to moderate debate and thus termed as “Gaveling.”

Is MUN certificate useful?

Preparing and participating in a MUN helps students develop leadership skills, research, writing, public speaking, and problem-solving skills. Moreover, coming up with solutions that are acceptable to a majority of the representatives also inculcates skills of negotiation, conflict resolution, and cooperation.

Which is the best country to choose for MUN?

Major nations like the permanent security council members, or important countries in international relations, such as India, Brazil, Australia, Canada or Germany. These countries at MUN are more likely to propose resolutions, or be called upon to support resolutions.

How do you win a MUN conference?

You stop what you’re doing to listen, and you think, “This person really knows what they’re doing.” In Model UN, winning awards requires inspiring others to support you. You want to be memorable when you make a speech so that the committee and Chairs knows who you are. You want them to know why you’re there.

Is MUN difficult?

MUN can be difficult if you don’t do your research or you absolutely hate public speaking. It also is quite awful if no one has ever briefed you on parliamentary procedure, although if you pay attention in a committee session you can get the gist of it quickly since it’s repetitive.

How much do UN jobs pay?

37,000 – 80,000for entry level professionals (P1 – P3)67,000 – 106,000for mid-career professionals (P4 – P5)95,000 – 123,000for senior level professionals (D1 – D2)

How do you become a UN ambassador?

Since 2010, any potential nominee must have received training and an education from the Diplomatic and Consular Institute. The Minister of Foreign Affairs nominates a candidate, and the French president will appoint the ambassador in a meeting of the Council of Ministers.

How much do UN diplomats make?

Un Ambassador SalaryAnnual SalaryMonthly PayTop Earners$52,000$4,33375th Percentile$42,000$3,500Average$36,547$3,04525th Percentile$27,000$2,250

What does it mean to send a delegation?

Definition of ‘delegate’ If you delegate duties, responsibilities, or power to someone, you give them those duties, those responsibilities, or that power so that they can act on your behalf.

What is double delegation in MUN?

Double delegation in an MUN conference indicates that two people will represent one particular portfolio or country in a committee. So for example, Security Council in an IIMUN conference has double delegation, so all countries in that committee will have two people who will represent that country together.

How do you address delegates in MUN?

The one variant on ‘(Mr or Madam) Chairman’ that is correct (but not widely used) is ‘Mr (or Madam) Chair’. As the Chairman has ‘given’ you the floor, the first words most delegates utter are ‘Thank you (Mr or Madam) Chairman (for giving me the floor).

What does participation in a conference mean?

As a paying, indeed any, attendee at a conference, participation entitles them to get as much from the experience as possible. These are just some of the questions that one can ask before leaving:

How to achieve anything from a seminar?

To achieve anything from a seminar takes proactivity before, during and after the event. There’s a small chance that, if the presenters are top notch, an attendee can sit at the back of the room, absorb some key information and disappear back to their desk or workstation feeling enlightened.

What do delegates do in the General Conference?

Delegates spend the first week of General Conference reviewing legislation in their assigned committees. During the second week, the full body of delegates debates and votes on all items approved by committees. Delegates are not representatives. That is, they are not sent to “represent” the views of their conference, …

Who is eligible for election as a delegates at a general conference?

All ordained clergy in full connection are eligible for election as delegates at General Conference. In each annual conference, clergy members elect clergy delegates, and lay members elect lay delegates. Most conferences also elect alternate delegates who participate in General Conference as needed to assure that each annual conference is fully …

How many delegates are there in the General Conference of the Methodist Church in 2021?

The 2020 General Conference, currently rescheduled to meet August 29-September 7, 2021, will have 862 delegates, two fewer than in 2016.

What is the role of a delegate in the Book of Discipline?

Delegates spend the first week of General Conference reviewing legislation in their assigned committees. During the second week, the full body of delegates debates and votes on all items approved by committees.


Someone I know recently attended a conference in the US on a genetic predisposition to breast cancer called BRCA. At the registration desk there were mountains of bead necklaces sorted by colour … or, since it was in the US … by color.


A few years’ ago I heard of a franchise group that, at their National Conference, printed up name badges that not only had the delegate name and location on it but also printed several important store metrics (like revenue, sales, profitability and so forth).


Every so often a conference I MC or speak at will have on the program a dedicated timeslot for delegates to sit and talk amongst themselves about issues.


I see a future where Conference Apps can be increasingly used to allow delegates to share information with each other. All we need to do is offer the right incentive.


This final idea takes some effort but has enormous payoffs. I would go so far as to say that, conferences where seating plans have been used and changed each day have the most vibrant, positive, warm and productive atmospheres of all.

Steve Herzberg

Thanks Darren. Great article. I’m yet to hear a delegate at a conference say , “Oh, I wish there were more PowerPoint presentations. I was just starting to really get in to them”.

Rob Nachum

Really great article, Darren. Each tip is practical and easily implementable. Even the last. Simone Douglas, recommended reading.

How to create an engaging environment for delegates?

Creating an engaging environment for your delegates starts with selecting the right venue and conference space. It also includes other aspects such as your arrival/registration process, audio visual production, and breakout space.

What is the importance of delegate engagement?

Remember that any conference is about ‘communicating a message’ so it is crucial that your delegates are engaged and in the right frame of mind to absorb what you have to say.

Why do you need a professional host for a conference?

Using a professional host for your conference has lots of benefits and can really increase delegate engagement. Conference hosts bring an extra ‘dynamic’ to your event and are able to provide a change of pace and tempo that will help to keep delegates alert and prepare them for the next session.

How to communicate information to your audience?

Wherever possible, try to incorporate engaging content in to your presentations. Using videos, photos, and infographics are great ways to communicate information to your audience and can be used in a variety of different ways.

How to access the conference event space

Enter the same email and password you used to Register and login. Only registered delegates can access recordings, papers and powerpoint files.

How to watch recordings

You find the recordings by opening the sessions via the calendar in the event space. The recordings will be available for 60 days in the event space after they are published. See below for how to add captions.

Code of conduct

The International Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries (LibPMC) is committed to creating and supporting a diverse, equitable, and inclusive experience for our community. Please help us make the conference enjoyable and safe for all by reading our full Code of Conduct.

1. Inspiring Environments

If you’ve worked in events for more than five minutes, it’s likely you understand how cliched or tired conference venues can make a day feel impossibly long.

2. More Interaction with Speakers

In the age of YouTube and live-video streaming, the traditional keynote conference address is dead, with extraordinary speakers and presentations taking its place. Today, you need to deliver a more engaging experience that makes use of the unique opportunities inherent in having a live audience.

3. Food for Thought

Despite coming a long way from warm beer and salted peanuts being the sole sustenance found in conference venues, some organisers still aren’t aware of how important food and drink can be.

4. Wellness-Centred Conferences

As well as being more mindful of diet, modern delegates are now increasingly concerned with nourishing their well-being. And, as the “work hard, play hard” ethos of the last 40ish years fades, conference organisers need to shift focus towards facilitating attendee wellness.

5. Better Access to the Essentials

Whether you’re organising a beautiful countryside retreat or a VIP rooftop garden-party in the heart of the city, it’s important to recognise that if you fail to provide the essentials, delegates are less likely to engage with your event.

6. Delegate-Led Content

One sure-fire way to guarantee delegates get the conference experience they desire is simply to ask them what they want. Consumer surveys and feedback forms are common in everyday life, and, with so many tools at your disposal, there’s no excuse for not performing at least cursory research before planning your event.


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