How to get educational swag free for conferences


Learn how to receive a swag box full of great art ed samples! If you register by the Swag Box deadline for the NOW Conference and you have an address within the continental U.S., you will receive a swag box delivered to your front doorstep before the event.


What is Conference swag and how do I give it?

Conference swag is free branded items that you give conference attendees before, during, or after a conference. While brands are not limited to giving specific types of conference swag, the chosen items should align with the brand image.

What makes a good School Swag giveaway?

Water bottles, tumblers and mugs have long been school swag staples. But quality is what turns heads and makes your giveaway the one that gets used. If your budget allows, go with a custom insulated bottle to showcase your school colors. It is the perfect companion for walks across campus, bike rides or even camping trips!

What are the best pre-event swag ideas?

Another pre-event swag idea comes from the Red Company, a full-service meeting/event and promotional items company. They offer cool swag kits that work well as giveaways, all of which can all be branded with company colors and logos. Various work-from-home and “couch conference” kits includes items such as:

Is swag free for attendees?

Swag may be free for attendees, but it’s no small industry. The promotional product industry is estimated to be a $23 billion industry. Companies spend piles and piles of cash to give away products for free. Why? Well, there are two reasons.


What is conference swag?

Conference swag is free branded items that you give conference attendees before, during, or after a conference. While brands are not limited to giv…

What are popular swag items for conferences?

Popular sway items for conferences included branded apparel, umbrellas, sporting garments, and stationery. As a brand, giving unique conference swa…

What do you hand out at conferences?

You can hand out items such as notebooks, stationery, lanyards, stickers, and reusable water bottles at conferences.

How do you choose swag for conferences?

Conference swag can work for you or against you. As such, you need to be keen when selecting the ideal conference swag for attendees. Here are thin…

Q: What do you give out at a conference?

A: You can give out coffee mugs, t-shirts, water bottles, and any free stuff you can think of. The goal, however, is to make sure whatever you give…

Q: What is the difference between a conference swag and gift idea?

A: The difference between conference swag and a gift idea is that swag is usually something an employee or a client might wear or possess with the…

Q: How can I send swag for a virtual conference?

A: Most swag items takes weeks to produce and ship. For quality and speed, check out or Caroo.

Q: What are the most popular giveaways at a conference?

A: Cups, gift cards, tote bags, stickers, keychains, reusable water bottles, plastic water bottles, toiletry, and lanyards are commonly given away…

Q: Can I send gifts out for a virtual conference?

A: Of course, but it works best if you’ve collected addresses to send the promotional items and event swag directly to.

Q: Can I buy conference gifts in bulk?

A: Yes, and buying conference gifts in bulk is often the most cost-efficient way to order.

Q: How long does it take to receive gifts for my conference?

A: Generally two weeks, but it can run longer depending on a number of factors.

What is the best swag for a conference?

These 5 traits should be considered when selecting the best conference swag for your upcoming in-person or virtual event: 1 Memorable — Does the conference swag actually help people remember your brand? 2 Quality — Is it made of material that gives people the impression that they’ve received something of value? 3 Sharable — Is the promo product an item that the individual would be proud to gift to another? 4 Creative — It is fun and outside-the-box instead of the same ideas other vendors are using 5 Durable — Is the gift going to last for years?

What is the difference between conference swag and gift idea?

A: The difference between conference swag and a gift idea is that swag is usually something an employee or a client might wear or possess with the central idea of also adding to brand recognition. A gift idea is something that provides value and doesn’t necessarily need to be a branded product.

What is swag in a trade show?

An effective piece of trade show swag is an item that is cost-effective to make and purchase while still providing enough value that trade show attendees will want to hang on to it long after the trade fair is over. Striking that balance with a useful and high-quality giveaway item will set your brand apart.

How much does a dishwater safe gift cost?

Price: $29.54 to $37.97.

How long does it take to get conference gifts?

Pro-Tip: The production time can vary depending on the time of year — usually, you’ll receive your conference gifts within a couple of weeks, but keep in mind that holidays may delay your order, so plan 1-2 weeks ahead.

Can you give away coffee mugs?

A: You can give out coffee mugs, t-shirts, water bottles, and any free stuff you can think of. The goal, however, is to make sure whatever you give away will actually be kept.

What is conference swag?

Conference swag used to be the bread and butter of promotional item companies. Free stuff, given away to conference attendees, was an easy way to make a lasting brand impression and give people a reason to remember names and ideas.

What is the point of swag?

The point of swag is to endear conference goers to your brand and identity as an organization. Swag that boldly and beautifully bears your logo is ideal in that respect. Here are our favorite products for making an impression in person, on social media and more.

What is a swag item?

A rugged indoor / outdoor speaker that looks fantastic branded with your logo. These tech items are one of the most popular swag items to receive, according to polling done by expert researchers at

What is better than a swag bag?

Better than a swag bag is a swag box! We can help you choose great items, and package them together into a box designed with your own custom artwork. The best part is, we can handle sending them to people’s homes, if you don’t feel like giving them away in person.

What is a must have for in person conferences?

A must-have for in-person conferences where people need to learn one another’s names, display credentials or otherwise keep track of important documents. We can offer complete customization to make your branding stand out.

Why are stone rollers good for giveaways?

These are great giveaway items if you want to promote wellness or lifestyle brands. Stone rollers have been used for centuries to relieve tension and restore proper blood flow in the face. Use them to your brand’s advantage today!

Can you have a conference without drawstring bags?

You can’t even have a conference without drawstring bags to give out! These ones are made of durable canvas so they will be able to provide use and free promotion for years after you give them away.

Preparing your outreach tool

Getting info in the hands of busy college admissions or outreach personnel is not simple. My approach starts with a simple form letter. I drafted it in my first year working at my school and, apart from making a few updates, send it out each year to schools.

Locating contacts

Not only is having admissions AND outreach office contacts handy throughout the year for high school counselors, it makes this process easier each year. Some of you may have it even easier if you have a tool like Naviance. With Naviance, I simply have it prepare and print labels for any school that a student applied to in the last 10 years.

A little elbow grease required (for someone)

The next part is a little more work intensive, but if you do it right – it may be work intensive for someone else. After labels have been printed, all this info must be stuffed and stuck into and onto envelopes to get mailed out.

Share the love

Hopefully this idea helps you get some info and SWAG to improve your college going culture. I know of elementary through high school counselors who use this. It is never too early to introduce the idea of college! If you enjoyed this post or thing SWAG you get in the mail next year – please share this post with a friend.

A Friendly Follow-Up Gift

Don’t let the end of an event be the end of the brand experience. When participants leave, or in this case log out, have a follow-up strategy. Most virtual event platforms like Meeting Play offers event technology tools and solutions to collect attendance data. Use this information to reach out afterwards.

Wrap Up

Navigating a post-coronavirus world can be challenging, especially in our corner of the event world. But that’s not to say it’s impossible. In fact, as we move to a “ new normal ,” some doors may shut but windows of opportunity open. Technology solutions and virtual event platforms let the show to go on.

What are some good swag ideas for college kids?

Promotional ear buds are another choice swag idea for college kids. Earbuds with cases, organizers and wraps give you plenty of selections to add color and a logo. Always good to have an extra pair around! Students love the convenience of these promotional earbuds. A full color, branded case makes your logo pop.

What are colleges gearing up for?

Colleges and universities are gearing up for students to either hit campuses all over the nation or participate remotely. With the COVID19 pandemic, on line universities are even more popular. One word: swag. College students love it!


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