How to get free tickets to zoe conference


How can I get a free ticket to a conference?

Especially if you’re a member of the organization putting on the conference, you can often get a free ticket just by volunteering your time. The trade-off is that you won’t have the full convention free. If there are only a few speakers you really want to hear, that isn’t necessarily a problem.

How to get free concert tickets?

You can also form a team and promote the concert the conventional way by putting up posters or distributing leaflets and brochures. This way, you can earn free concert tickets for your services. And who knows you might get the opportunity to go backstage and meet the artists. 13. How to win concert tickets? Call your local radio station.

How do you get invited to a conference to present?

In order to present at a conference (and hopefully get free admission as at least part of your payment), you either have to be invited or submit some sort of proposal to the conference organizer. Either way, you’ll need credentials that will convince a committee that you’re worth having around.

How much does it really cost to attend a conference?

Everyday, I see an awesome conference or convention I want to attend. While some, like the various PodCamps are free or fairly inexpensive, big conferences like CTIA can cost well over $1,000 to attend. Paying for every conference you want to attend is a fast way to go broke, even if you manage to grab early bird rates and other discounts.


Who Is the Keynote Speaker?

Eric Geiger is the Senior Pastor of Mariners Church in Irvine, California. Before moving to Southern California, Eric served as senior vice-president for LifeWay Christian Resources. Eric received his doctorate in leadership and church ministry from Southern Seminary.

Who Are the Coaches?

ZOE Churches is blessed to have incredible men and women from all across the country partner as coaches. Each person that serves as a coach has proven themselves in local church ministry. It is not theory you will learn, but rather in the trenches experience that is invaluable.

Where is it Hosted?

Crosspointe Church is a multi-campus church with campuses in Anaheim and Ventura, CA. It is pastored by Brian Moore.

Which Airport Should I Use?

John Wayne Airport (SNA) is approximately 30 minutes from host location.

What About Hotels?

Ayres Suites Yorba Linda CONFERENCE HOTEL: If you mention ZOE Church Conference (Group Code: ZOE) you will receive the Conference Rate of only $99/night, plus taxes for a King Studio Room. Rooms include complimentary hot breakfast, complimentary Wi-Fi, and complimentary parking. There is also an outdoor pool and spa and a fitness room.

What is easy to do is also easy not to do?

As Jim Rohn says, “What is easy to do is also easy not to do.” And this is an underlying principle that will carry through in all aspects of communication. Distractions are a surefire way to ensure a lack of understanding or interpretation of a conversation, which in turn, will create inefficiencies and a poor foundation for communication.

Is it work to cover a conference?

Covering a conference is definitely work. If an editor shells out big bucks for your ticket, he or she probably expects a great article for the money. In general, editors tend to choose writers or photographers they’ve worked with before to cover conferences.

Can you get a free ticket to a conference?

Many conferences and conventions depend on volunteers to handle a lot of the work of putting together and running the event. Especially if you’re a member of the organization putting on the conference, you can often get a free ticket just by volunteering your time.

Do conferences give away tickets?

A lot of conferences and conventions give away tickets as part of their marketing. It’s never a sure thing that you’ll get a ticket through a conference. For conference you don’t absolutely have to go to, though, trying to win tickets isn’t a bad plan.

Can I volunteer for a conference?

You have to be an expert or have done something pretty cool in the field. Volunteering is generally less work . But if you have good credentials in your field — and a great idea for a presentation — you can often attend the rest of the conference for free. It may even be one of the better ways to attend a conference.

How to get free tickets to a concert?

How to get free tickets to concerts. 1. “Absolutely Free Tickets” at StubHub and Ticketmaster. 2. Facebook groups and other social media contests and giveaways. 3. Fill up unsold seats. 4. Join online sweepstakes to win free concert tickets.

Can you get in the venue for free?

But to top it all, you can get in the venue for free. Most concert organizers need local manpower to help out with the logistics. So if you sign up as a volunteer, you can get in the venue with your admission free. And who knows, you might be able to access the VIP section.

Can you go to a concert without working?

The great thing about it is you can be in the venue even if you’re on your break. So you can enjoy the performance without having to work. If you’re lucky, your favorite artists will be playing during your rest. In addition to free food and drinks and a free concert admission, you’ll also enjoy free parking.

Can you win a concert ticket if you answer correctly?

Most radio stations put up contests on the air. Most of these contests come in the form of trivia questions. If you get the answers correctly, you can win concert tickets. Call in as many times as you can. The more calls you make, the more chances of getting through and speak with the DJ on the air.


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