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When will my Conference grant be issued?

NOTE: Grant payments are issued on the third week of each month. If Spencer has not received your signed award letters by your start date, your payment will not be issued. Below is a list of the Conference Grants most recently awarded.

Are there grants for participating in international conferences?

However, participating in these conferences is not only challenging but it Open Grants for Participating in International Conferences International conferences for NGOs and individuals not only provide an opportunity to exchange ideas but also for building strong networks and partnerships. fundsforNGOs – Grants and Resources for Sustainability

What is the conference grant program?

The Conference Grant program provides support for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to develop small research conferences, focused symposia, or other convenings to explore critical issues in advancing racial equity in education research with budgets up to $50,000.

What kind of scholarships are available for conferences and training?

Conference Scholarships; International conference scholarships and travel grants for conference participants from developing countries. Apply for scholarship to attend conference, training, workshops. Travel Grants for All! WWF Professional Development Grants (Covers Short Course/Training Grants. Conference and Travel Sponsorships)


How to fill out a conference grant application?

To fill out the application, go to your Workbench and click the Apply button for the Conference Grants program. Your draft application can be saved and returned to so that you may continue work on it at a later time and can be found on your Draft Proposals list on your Workbench.

What is a conference grant?

The Conference Grant Program provides support to scholars to organize small research conferences, focused symposia, or other forms of convenings around important issues in education research. This program is intended to bring together researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and other important collaborators whose expertise, …

What is the Spencer Foundation?

The Spencer Foundation recognizes that the dynamics of inequality have important differences across national contexts in their cultural and semantic formations. Central to this Conference Program initiative is the significant need to encourage a wide range of perspectives to creatively and ambitiously engage in approaches to advancing equity for racially and ethnically marginalized populations. We support conference applicants from outside of the United States that address the need for advancing equity in their respective contexts.

How many pages can you upload to the Spencer Foundation?

After logging in, follow the directions to complete the information requested on the My Profile page and upload your current CV (10-page limit). The My Profile page is your online account with the Spencer Foundation whether you are applying for a grant, reviewing a proposal, or submitting a grantee report.

What is a Spencer grant?

A: The Foundation’s conference grant program on research is meant to support scholars for new one-time meetings. Spencer Conference Grants may not be used to support ongoing conferences or meetings that are already in existence.

How to create a profile on Spencer?

If you (the PI) have never accessed the Spencer Foundation online portal, you must register and create a profile by going to and clicking the “Register Here” button. Follow the guidelines on the registration page to create your profile.

Do proposals have to be in English?

Proposals are accepted from the U.S. and internationally, however all proposals must be submitted in English and budgets must be proposed in U.S. Dollars.

Why are international conferences important for NGOs?

International conferences for NGOs and individuals not only provide an opportunity to exchange ideas but also for building strong networks and explore potential partnerships. However, participating in these conferences is not only challenging but it can be impossible for organizations in developing countries as they demand expensive airfare and accommodation in addition to Visa formalities. In this article, we are covering a list of open grants that can be applied for to support your participation in some of the upcoming conferences.

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