How to get funding for a conference


First of all, contact with conference organizers, they have limited travel grants. Secondly, funding agencies or donors who organize conference. Third options are mentioned in above given links. Fourth option higher education organizations in your country which grant scientific projects.


How do I fill out the application for a conference grant?

To fill out the application, go to your Workbench and click the Apply button for the Conference Grants program. Your draft application can be saved and returned to so that you may continue work on it at a later time and can be found on your Draft Proposals list on your Workbench.

Are there grants for participating in international conferences?

However, participating in these conferences is not only challenging but it Open Grants for Participating in International Conferences International conferences for NGOs and individuals not only provide an opportunity to exchange ideas but also for building strong networks and partnerships. fundsforNGOs – Grants and Resources for Sustainability

Can I hold a conference Grant and a research grant at once?

A: Yes, for this competition, we are open to grantees holding a conference grant as well as an active research grant at the same time. Q: Can my organization submit more than one proposal at a time?

What are Concon Conference and workshop grants?

Conference and Workshop Grants are for amounts up to $20,000. In accordance with the mission of the Foundation, priority is given to events that foster the creation of an international community of research scholars in anthropology and advance significant and innovative anthropological research.


How can I get funding for an international conference?

DST International Travel Grant (International Travel Support, ITS)EMBO Practical Courses and EMBO Workshops.IBRO Travel Grant: International Travel Grants International Brain Research Organisation (IBRO)ICMR Travel Grant: International Travel by Non-ICMR Scientists ICMR.More items…

How do you secure funding for an event?

Creative Ways to Fund Your Event BudgetDetermine guest registration fee. The amount your guests will pay multiplied by the anticipated number of guests will give you a baseline amount of funds to work with. … Define fundraising needs. … Seek individual donors. … Solicit sponsorship. … Exhibitors.

What is a conference grant?

What is the Scientific Conference Grant Program? FDA recognizes the value of supporting high quality, small conferences and scientific meetings relevant to its public health mission. This funding opportunity supports small conferences or scientific meetings.

How can I attend a conference for free?

But for just about every conference, there really is some way to attend for free.Cover it for the press. … Look for contests. … Volunteer your services. … Ask your boss to send you. … Present at the conference. … Ask for a scholarship.

How do you attract sponsors?

How to Get a Sponsorship: 8 Key TacticsResearch potential sponsors. Look at your existing supporters. … Tell your organization’s story. … Provide sponsor incentives. … Reach out to established companies. … Use data to legitimize your pitch. … Find the right contact. … Build a connection over time. … Follow up.

How do you convince sponsors for an event?

Learn how to get sponsors for an event with these 8 tacticsGive your proposal a “wow” factor by providing all the details. … Offer the sponsor incentives. … Offer a “minimum risk” solution. … Form a partnership with more established companies. … Study what your potential sponsors are up to.More items…

Do you have to pay for conferences?

Think of it as paying for your attendance to the conference, that is, payment is required for everyone attending the conference, including those who present papers (except of course, the organizers and the invited speakers). This is the basic reason.

Do you have to pay to attend conferences?

Attending conferences are a great way to expand your knowledge by learning from industry experts and make key connections for your business. They’re also expensive, with tickets often ranging between a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. This is all before hotel and accommodations.

How do you get invited to conference?

How to Get Invited to Speak at Conferences (And Get Paid) | Make MoneyGoing One Step Further. … Why Should You Listen to Me? (My Street Cred) … Pre-Work: Add That You’re a “Speaker” to your LinkedIn Summary. … Point 2: Engage with the Conference on Social Media. … Point 3: Write a Review/Recap Blog Post.More items…•

How do you finance an event planner?

10 Ways To Finance An EventPartnership. Similar to sponsorships, partnerships for your event will help you make do with the funds you have by cutting expenses. … Crowdfunding. … Angel Investors. … Ticket Sales in advance. … Charge exhibitors.

What could be the possible sources of revenue for any event?

The charging of fees to participate in the event is perhaps the most common form of event revenue. Sport and recreation events are a service provided and it is reasonable to suggest therefore that all basic costs of the event should be covered by participant fees.

How do you treat sponsors?

Checklist: 9 Ways to Keep Sponsors Happy, Before and After the…Cater to your sponsors’ unique needs. … Get to know your clients on a personal level. … Integrate sponsors organically into the event. … Don’t forget the digital space. … Pamper sponsors with on-site perks. … Facilitate networking. … Manage expectations.More items…•

What is angel backed financing?

Having an angel investor means your business doesn’t have to repay the funds because you’re giving ownership shares in exchange for money. Angel investing is usually reserved for established businesses beyond the startup phase.


Proposals for the support of scientific meetings, conferences, and workshops relevant to the JDRF mission


JDRF supports scientific meetings, conferences, and workshops relevant to its mission. Applications for conference support are accepted for consideration throughout the year. Note that the JDRF Conference Grant does not provide individual support to an applicant for conference attendance.


Each criterion will be considered in the context of how it relates to JDRF research priorities:


Conference Grant applications, please use this form, and email the completed application to Matt Whipple ( and Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis and are due the quarter prior to the meeting/workshop. Applicants will be notified in writing within two weeks of the review process.

Terms & Other Requirements

In general, complimentary registration for a designated member of JDRF staff, or JDRF guests, is required for JDRF sponsorship of a meeting.


Regardless of whether we hire a partner or not we still need to buy most of the services we will need. That’s because very few conferences organisers also cater their own food or own a venue that is suitable for a conference. The most common method for getting the best quality-price ratio for any services is using procurements.

Funding sources

Instead of doing price-based procurements and trying to get the cheapest offer, we should ask ourself how we could collaborate with a good planning partner. And how to ensure the execution of a high-quality event within a reasonable budget.

1. Social Proof the heck out of your website

Our first step was building a website and pushing it to our network as quickly as possible to validate it with real paying customers.

2. Create urgency and FOMO

While our regular tickets were $499, we launched with a limited-quantity Super Early Bird pricing at $299. Our assumption was that if we sold out Super Early Bird pricing within a day, the rest would follow. So we promoted it it aggressively across all channels and accomplished our first goal.

3. Leverage and grow your email list

I can’t say this enoug21`431`42qh, but dedicated emails were the biggest driver of revenue… they generated over 75% of the sales.

4. Leverage your speakers

Combined, our speakers had a social following of over 10 million. So getting them to promote us was huge.

5. Leverage your community

Create a list of all the local accelerators, incubators, coworking spaces, community organizations, meetup groups and influencers. Essentially, a list of everyone who has influence over your target audience.

6. Retargeting

While we didn’t have a blog of our own, we shared a ton of content across email, twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, related to our theme written by our speakers and other big influencers. But how do you capitalize on other people’s content?

7. Press

Getting press for your events can be tricky; however, our advantage was it was an event for a local non-profit plus the angle was relevant for local tech press. Simple email pitches to influencers and reporters got us some early coverage.

1. Volunteer

Many conferences offer free meals and access to most programs and activities in exchange for working one- to four-hour shifts. You may also receive additional perks, like free parking and attendees-only post-conference activities.

2. Apply as Media

Bloggers, podcasters and video bloggers are increasingly being recognized for their media influence and welcomed by conferences.

4. Ask for Help

It sounds obvious, yet this way to get into conferences is often overlooked.


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