How to get grant for science conference


Conference organisers seeking a conference grant for meetings are asked to submit a funding application to the Committee that addresses the following points. Make sure you are a paying member of the BSPS before applying. Applications should then be sent to the Society’s Honorary Secretary (


What is the conference grant program?

The Conference Grant program provides support for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to develop small research conferences, focused symposia, or other convenings to explore critical issues in advancing racial equity in education research with budgets up to $50,000.

Can I submit multiple Spencer Conference grant applications at once?

A: Yes, as long as the proposals are for different conferences and the organizers (PIs and Co-PIs) are different, it is fine for an organization to submit multiple applications at one time. Q: May I apply for a Spencer Conference Grant and combine it with funding from another agency?

How do I fill out the application for a conference grant?

To fill out the application, go to your Workbench and click the Apply button for the Conference Grants program. Your draft application can be saved and returned to so that you may continue work on it at a later time and can be found on your Draft Proposals list on your Workbench.

Can I hold a conference Grant and a research grant at once?

A: Yes, for this competition, we are open to grantees holding a conference grant as well as an active research grant at the same time. Q: Can my organization submit more than one proposal at a time?


What are some examples of conference grants?

Examples include: Novel biologics technologies for better treatments of human disease.

How long does it take for a NCATS to approve a grant?

NCATS usually provides a decision on the conference grant request within two weeks of receiving the Request-to-Submit letter. If accepted, NCATS will send an approval letter to the applicant via e‑mail. (Please note that NCATS’ agreement to accept an application does not guarantee funding.)

Can you apply for a conference grant prior to the meeting date?

This applies to both new and resubmitted applications. NCATS can only award conference grants prior to the meeting date.

What is a conference grant?

The Conference Grant Program provides support to scholars to organize small research conferences, focused symposia, or other forms of convenings around important issues in education research. This program is intended to bring together researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and other important collaborators whose expertise, …

What is a Spencer grant?

A: The Foundation’s conference grant program on research is meant to support scholars for new one-time meetings. Spencer Conference Grants may not be used to support ongoing conferences or meetings that are already in existence.

Does Spencer Foundation grant directly to individuals?

The Spencer Foundation does not award grants directly to individuals.

Does the Spencer Foundation have multiple funding sources?

A: The Spencer Foundation occasionally receives requests for work that would, if funded, be part of larger projects that might ultimately include multiple funding sources. The conference proposed to Spencer ideally would be able to stand alone.

What are civil rights protections in NIH funded research?

As stated in NOT-OD-15-152, Civil Rights Protections in NIH-Supported Research, Programs, Conferences and Other Activities, consistent with existing federal civil rights laws, it is expected that organizers of NIH-supported conferences and scientific meetings take steps to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all attendees by providing an environment free from discrimination and harassment, sexual or otherwise . It is expected that organizers of NIH-supported conferences employ strategies that seek to prevent or mitigate the effects of discrimination and harassment, sexual and otherwise. Examples of strategies include but are not limited to:

What are some examples of strategies?

Examples of strategies include but are not limited to: Establishing a conference code of conduct with clearly stated expectations of behavior, systems of reporting, and procedures for addressing inappropriate behavior. The code of conduct and reporting mechanisms should be clear and accessible to all meeting attendees.

Can foreign institutions apply for conference support?

Foreign institutions are not eligible to apply for conference support. This program supports both domestic and international conferences; however, an international conference can be supported only through the U.S. representative organization of an established international scientific or professional society.


The British Society for the Philosophy of Science gives small conference grants to support conferences relevant to research and education in the philosophy of science.


Conference organisers seeking a conference grant for meetings are asked to submit a funding application to the Committee that addresses the following points. Make sure you are a paying member of the BSPS before applying. Applications should then be sent to the Society’s Honorary Secretary ( ).

Awardee Requirements

Conference organisers receiving a BSPS conference grant agree to the following requirements.

Conference Preprint Pages

To meet the conference grant “output” requirement, organisers are encouraged to invite their participants post preprints of their papers in a special Conference page on PhilSci-Archive for their conference or workshop, so that audience members can view the papers before and after the conference.

Download BSPS Logos

Download a ZIP file containing the BSPS logo in various formats and sizes below.

What is ASDF travel grant?

The Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties offers Travel Grants upto 90% for the ASDF Life Members for attending Research Conferences out of their Country. ASDF extends financial assistance to attend International events out of the presently residing country.

What is ICHR grant?

ICHR gives grants for Foreign Travel and maintenance abroad and for visit of Foreigns Scholars. Citizen of India wishing to study at archives, museums, libraries or private collections abroad for collection of source material, or to take part in a workshop, seminar or conference abroad for presenting a paper related to History, or to receive training in a specialised branch of History can apply for this grant.

What is TWAS grant?

TWAS funds several programmes that provide grants to researchers in some developing countries for specialized equipment, consumable supplies and Master of Science students. Individual scientists and research groups can apply for this grant.


What Is The Scientific Conference Grant Program?

  • FDA recognizes the value of supporting high quality, small conferences and scientific meetings relevant to its public health mission. This funding opportunity supports small conferences or scientific meetings. Examples include asymposium, seminar, workshop or any formal meeting, whether conducted face-to-face or virtually. The purpose is toexchange…

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What Funding Is available?

  • Information regarding funding can be found in the funding opportunity announcement. Applications are accepted twice per year. Application due dates for the current FOA (due by 11:59 Eastern Time on the application due date) are: 1. April 12, 2022 2. October 11, 2022 A letter requesting advance permission to submit a conference application is required and must be recei…

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Who Are The Current Grantees?

  2. $583K in funding under this grant program.

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Who May I Contact For More Information?

  • Specific questions on this program can be directed to the appropriate Office of Partnerships’ contact within the Division of Partnership Investments and Agreements. Please visit the Office of Partnerships Contacts webpageto obtain a downloaded version of the staffing roster. General questions may be directed to the Office of Partnerships’ general mailbox:…

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Areas of Interest

NCATS supports scientific meetings, conferences and workshops that are consistent with its mission of advancing translational sciences through development, improvement or innovation in cross-cutting or generalizable approaches to drug development or basic, translational or clinical scientific resea…

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Application Procedures

  • NCATS requires that interested applicants send a letter seeking approval before submitting a conference grant application. This applies to both new and resubmitted applications. NCATS can only award conference grants prior to the meeting date. Therefore, potential applicants must choose an application receipt date from the following table that allows for an award prior to the …

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Funding Information

  • Typically, NCATS provides between $3,000 and $25,000 per meeting, but the actual award is contingent upon availability of funds, programmatic priorities and recommendations by peer review and program staff. For applications in which NCATS is listed as the secondary NIH Institute, Center or Office (ICO), NCATS may provide the minimum of $3,000 in support. In gener…

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Conference Grant Resources

  • For more information on the conference grant (R13/U13) mechanism, prospective applicants should review the following resources: 1. NIH Support for Conferences and Scientific Meetings (Parent R13) 2. NIH Support for Scientific Conferences (R13 and U13) 3. NIH Frequently Asked Questions for Conference Grants 4. NIH Support for Conferences and Scienti…

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