How to get people to participate in a conference call


7 Ways to Increase Conference Call Participation

  1. Prepare and send out an agenda ahead of time. Your time is valuable – and so is your team’s. …
  2. Hold your team accountable. Conference calls are the perfect time to check in with your team. Ask for progress updates on projects and tasks they’ve been assigned.
  3. Ask direct questions. Teams that know their input is valued are often more engaged. …
  4. Use an easy-to-use, reliable conference call provider. Nobody likes to fiddle with complicated, confusing software just to join a conference call. …
  5. Set a time limit – and stick to it. Your time is valuable and so is your team’s. …
  6. If someone doesn’t need to be on the call, let them know. …
  7. Determine next steps before ending the call. If your team uses conference calls for regular meetings and check-ins, then it’s what happens between the meetings that pays the bills.
9 Ways to Boost Engagement During Online Conference Calls
  1. Consider using video. …
  2. Limit the number of people on an online conference call. …
  3. Set expectations and stick to them. …
  4. Establish ground rules for the meeting. …
  5. Assign roles to participants. …
  6. Warm up with small talk. …
  7. Stay on topic. …
  8. Break up the monotony.

How do I start a conference call?

Starting a conference call

  • Navigate to Message via the left-hand navigation bar.
  • Select a group or team conversation via the conversation list.
  • Click the More menu at top right in the center pane.
  • Click Start conference call .
  • Select Start in the Start an audio conference? window.

How to check if I am in a conference call?

  • The other person who added the third person informs you himself.
  • You are talking to a third person in the same call.
  • There are unexplained noises in your conversation and the only possible explanation other than network problem is the possibility of a third person listening to your conversation.

How to hold a successful conference call?

What to do when everyone is on the phone….

  • Introduce yourself as the leader, and allow all other participants to announce themselves. …
  • Always start the call on time, and conduct a roll call. …
  • Beyond introductions and agendas, the success of a conference call will largely depend upon the structure and purpose of the meeting, and your ability to manage the flow. …

More items…

How to host a successful conference call?

Tips on hosting a conference call

  • Agendas. You should create an agenda for every meeting. …
  • Notes. When you take notes, it can help you stay focused on the purpose of the meeting. …
  • Record the call. There are services available that enable you to record phone meetings. …
  • Visuals. Visuals are a great way to get the participants in your meeting to pay attention and participate in the meeting.

How do you get someone to participate?

Strategies to Drive Engagement for Your ProjectCreate Urgency. People are far more likely to participate if they feel a sense of urgency. … Be Hyper-Relevant. … Solicit Earned Media. … Leverage Social Media Strategically. … Use Your Existing Contact List. … Try Different Calls-to-Action. … Offer Incentives. … Leverage Community Groups.More items…•

How can I improve my conference call?

Table of ContentsOrganize and prepare agenda.Decide the meeting lead.Send calendar invites.Encourage participation.Join on time.Choose a quiet location. During the Conference Call.Stick to agenda.Announce yourself when you join.More items…•

What do you say to start a conference call?

Opening the meeting – What do you say to start a conference call?Hello, everyone. Allow me to make a roll call before we start.Hi, everyone. … Now that we’re all here, I think we can start.I think everyone’s connected now. … I would like to welcome everybody here today.

How long should a conference call last?

The average conference call lasts 45-60 minutes. If you are planning a call that will be longer than two hours, be sure to plan for some time to allow callers a brief break. Be sure to let your callers know how long the meeting should last.

How do you not get nervous on a conference call?

Stay Calm and Conference on: How to Overcome Conference Call AnxietyPrepare an Agenda Beforehand. Don’t get surprised by your conference call! … Cut the Chit Chat. Things are different when you’re addressing a group of people over the phone. … Rehearse, Record, and Review. … Take a Deep Breath and Relax.

Which of the following is a tip for successful teleconferencing?

The basics are easy to grasp: Don’t be the person that refuses to turn on their camera when everyone else in a meeting does. Limit background distractions. Mute your microphone when you’re not talking. But the nuances of online meeting etiquette run much deeper, even as best practices are still being hammered out.

How many calls can be connected in a conference call?

Android phones allow you the ability to merge up to five calls to form a phone conference. You can easily merge calls by tapping Hold Call + Answer on a new call. You can also talk privately to one caller in a conference call by pressing the ‘i’ button.

How do you summarize a conference call?

How to write your next meeting summaryTake detailed notes during the meeting. … 2 Highlight key decisions made. … 3 Assign clear action items during the meeting. … 4 Share the meeting notes with all attendees. … 5 Include a note highlighting what was agreed in the meeting. … 6 Attach supporting documents, if necessary.More items…•

How to start a conference call?

1. Check everything and fix any technical difficulties before the conference call. Having a discussion with a large group of people is difficult enough, more so, if you’re not prepared. Before starting the call, it’s important to prepare and check everything in order to prevent sudden interruptions from taking place.

How to avoid delay in a conference call?

Be punctual. Avoid causing delay to the conference call by showing up on time. Even if you’re not the host, it’s important to be punctual as this will not only save your time but others as well. Moreover, if participants keep on showing up late, it could cause multiple distractions and the presentation may take longer.

Why do you need a mute button on a conference call?

Large conference calls generally contain a huge number of participants so there are instances of people overlapping with each other making it almost impossible to figure out what the main speaker is saying. In such cases, having a mute button is vital. This button can also prevent other possible inferences such as background noises.

What does it mean when a host doesn’t introduce you on a conference call?

If the host or moderator doesn’t introduce you, make sure to state your name especially if you’re about to speak and participate in a meeting.

Why do companies hold meetings over the phone?

Holding meetings over the phone has become the norm due to the multiple benefits that come with large conference calls. With audio conferencing, a company can cut back on costs and it’s a lot easier to connect remote workers with office employees. However, there are still a huge number of employees who find it difficult to participate in …

Can you have a conference call with an experienced host?

However, there are still a huge number of employees who find it difficult to participate in a meeting or in large conference calls. Having an experienced host does not guarantee a successful conference call. The participants must also know how to properly conduct themselves to make sure live calls go smoothly.

How to encourage participation in a conference call?

Preparation is another significant influence on your ability to participate. If you you are struggling to participate because you lack knowledge, find time to research or prepare some ideas. Even if you don’t prepare talking points, you might have some opinions you can share. Make sure you remind your colleagues about the call and prompt them to prepare too – it’s a great way to encourage conference call participation. If you all know what you’re talking about and what you think about the topics at hand, you’ll be ready to contribute.

What is a whypay conference call?

Alternatively, conference call services like WHYPAY? are great tools to improve you and your team’s engagement. Conference call features such as participant announcements or advanced muting modes allow callers to feel more relaxed by maximising or minimising communication at the right times.

Advertise & Incentivize

If you’re offering a webinar or other interactive presentation or call to a wider, open audience, you need to advertise to your audience base. Require a sign-up for the conference so you can get an idea of how many guests to expect, as well as grow your email list.

Send detailed information

Make all of the important information about your conference call or webinar available upfront in your correspondence with attendees or potential attendees. This will help to drum up interest to attend, as well as reduce emails coming in from confused people with questions.

Prepare and provide an agenda

Make up an agenda for your call or meeting to provide the timing and content that your guests can expect. This can help you to tease or hint at valuable resources or surprise features, or just give people a better idea of how their (and your) time is intended to be spent, keeping everyone focused and on task.

Encourage and practice punctuality

In your initial announcement and especially in your reminder emails, you should insist that attendees arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the conference.

Why do we hold meetings?

There are four broad reasons to hold a meeting: to influence others, to make decisions, to solve problems, or to strengthen relationships. Since all of these are active processes, passive passengers in a meeting rarely do quality work.

What to do when you can’t demand attention with ocular oppression?

In situations where you can’t demand attention with ocular oppression, you have to learn to do what we should’ve mastered long ago: create voluntary engagement. In other words, you have to create structured opportunities for attendees to engage fully.

What is the MVP rule?

The MVP rule. Nothing disengages a group more reliably than assaulting them with slide after slide of mind-numbing data organized in endless bullet points. It doesn’t matter how smart or sophisticated the group is, if your goal is engagement, you must mix facts and stories.

What to do before a meeting?

The more is not merrier. Before your meeting, take the time to think through the people that really need to be there for decisions, brainstorming or team-building. If they don’t need to participate and just need an update, consider whether an e-mail after the meeting would be good enough. If you don’t do this, the worst-case is …

Why is it important to give people an idea of what to expect?

Giving people an idea of what to expect will increase the chances they participate because they have that foresight. Now your team understands the purpose of this particular meeting, and you can elevate their engagement even more by reminding them how this meeting relates to the overall vision of the project.

1. Be smart about how you prep the meeting to keep meeting participants focused and get their buy-in

Time of day: Shoot for scheduling during mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Hold your meetings before 9 in the morning and people will be too grumpy or tired to participate. Schedule them right after lunch and they’ll fall asleep. Book them after 4 and folks will watch the clock.

2. Use tools of engagement to spark people to participate in a meeting

Have others contribute to the meeting content: By including others in deciding what will be discussed, they will take ownership of their part. Even after their segment of the meeting is done, the pump will be primed for them to continue to contribute.

3. Organize your meetings to accommodate hybrid work

Invest in the right technology: Businesses should always be equipped to handle a mix of in-office and remote workers. If you haven’t already, investing in the right technology will be crucial for meeting participation.

4. Plan to discuss, not dictate

Take on the least important issues first: Get people to participate in the meeting negotiations by priming them with minor topics early on. Once you move to bigger items, they will be in their negotiating groove. Encouraging active participation keeps the meeting moving forward and productive

5. Drive to the final decision or outcome smoothly so meeting participants are on board

Take a vote: If you think that the room isn’t split go for a majority vote. A vote will invite everyone to participate in the meeting equally.

Employee experience is key to meeting success

Having an engaging meeting starts with considering the employee experience. How can you streamline meetings? How can you encourage participation? How can you give your employees a voice?

50 simple tips to help you get more attendees

So you’re organising an event and are wondering how to get more attendees? We hear you, sometimes promotional t-shirts aren’t enough! We know all about the long nights and the endless “What if nobody shows ups?” Worry not, we’re here to help.

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1) Ask them what they want beforehand. Do some research, go to online forums, send surveys via email. Research what your target actually wants.


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