How to get sponsorship to attend a conference


How to Get Conference Sponsorship the Right Way

  • Understand Your Audience. Before you do anything with sponsors, you have to understand what your audience wants. This…
  • Customized Packages. Conferences offer a list of possible sponsorship opportunities, but these opportunities don’t begin…
  • Advanced Exhibiting. Customized packages provide customized ideas that make…

Start by writing a strong sponsor letter outlining your intent for attending the conference and what you hope to gain from it. Be sure to also include information on your academic achievements and why you would be an excellent representative of the sponsoring organization.May 20, 2022


How to organize sponsors for a conference?

Organizing conference sponsorship is crucial for a successful event. There are many ways to organize sponsors and we have a few ideas for you below. There are several apps out that focus on organization and work well for conference sponsorship. The first one we recommend is Dropbox.

How to find sponsors for events?

Finding sponsors for events can be difficult especially if you don’t have a core set of sponsors established. With that being said, in order to build conference sponsorship, you have to first look at your brand’s purpose and the values of your company.

How do I Land sponsorships for my Conference?

Thinking of sponsorships as relationships and crafting a package that meets your sponsor’s unique needs will go a long way in helping you land the right sponsors for your conference. Here’s how to do it. Create a wish list of sponsors you’d love to partner with, based on industry, location, and past sponsorship history.

Should you sponsor or donate your event?

When businesses agree to sponsor your event they are wanting to increase their sales and build their brand. They are wanting to visibly see results for what they put into your event. Unlike when businesses give donations, they are wanting nothing in return. The example provided was set around food sponsors.


How do you get sponsorship for a conference?

Identify Potential SponsorsMake a list of companies that offer products or services related to the subject of the conference. … Research the listed organizations to determine whether they have sponsorship programs. … Contact the organizations to find out whether they would consider sponsoring your conference.

How much is a conference sponsorship?

You might pay $100,000 or more to sponsor a major industry conference when you add up all the costs, which usually ends up being more than $30,000 per day. Even at smaller events where the total bill is lower, you can still quickly chip away at a constrained marketing budget.

How can I attend a conference for free?

But for just about every conference, there really is some way to attend for free.Cover it for the press. … Look for contests. … Volunteer your services. … Ask your boss to send you. … Present at the conference. … Ask for a scholarship.

How do you ask for sponsors for an event on call?

Determine your needs. The first step to asking for sponsorship is determining what you actually need. … Outline what you have to offer. … Create a one-pager. … Create a list of prospects. … Try to get in touch with an individual, if at all possible. … Keep it short and sweet! … Follow Up. … If at first you don’t succeed, try again.More items…•

How much money should you ask a sponsor for?

Ask for $10,000 to $100,000 from each sponsor. “I see people asking for $1,000,” she said. “That’s not going to cut it. You’re dealing with a well-paid person in a corporation.

What goes in a sponsorship package?

At the very least, your event sponsorship package should include the following:Information about your organization. … Describe the event. … Provide a general description of the benefits of sponsorship. … Make sure that you provide details with respect to specific sponsorship levels, the cost, and the rewards for sponsorship.More items…•

How do you get invited to conference?

How to Get Invited to Speak at Conferences (And Get Paid) | Make MoneyGoing One Step Further. … Why Should You Listen to Me? (My Street Cred) … Pre-Work: Add That You’re a “Speaker” to your LinkedIn Summary. … Point 2: Engage with the Conference on Social Media. … Point 3: Write a Review/Recap Blog Post.More items…•

Do you have to pay to attend conferences?

Attending conferences are a great way to expand your knowledge by learning from industry experts and make key connections for your business. They’re also expensive, with tickets often ranging between a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. This is all before hotel and accommodations.

Do you have to pay for conferences?

Think of it as paying for your attendance to the conference, that is, payment is required for everyone attending the conference, including those who present papers (except of course, the organizers and the invited speakers). This is the basic reason.

What are the 4 types of sponsorship?

Four Kinds of SponsorshipsFinancial Sponsors. Most discussions of sponsorships focus on financial sponsors. … Media Sponsors. Media sponsors are financial sponsors that secure advertising for an event. … In-Kind Sponsors. … Promotional Partnerships.

How do I find a sponsor?

Now you can start your search and find a sponsor who can support you in your recovery.Attend 12-Step Meetings. When trying to find a sponsor, the best place to start is at a 12-step meeting. … Ask About Experience. … Avoid Romantic Interests. … Pay Attention. … Make Sure They’re Available. … Choose a Trustworthy Person. … Avoid Downers.

What companies will sponsor individuals?

Eight Industries to Ask for SponsorshipBanks. According to the corporate sponsorship list, Wells Fargo was named the top sponsor with a sponsorship rate of 2.89 percent. … Hotels. … Grocery Chains. … Insurance Companies. … Food Brands. … Beer Brands. … Major Retailers. … Airlines.More items…

How can I participate in international conferences?

Checklist for travelling to a conferenceIdentify relevant international conferences.Plan early to get leave, raise money, and book at concessional rates.Shop around for alternative travel plans, package deals, etc.More items…•

How do I apply for international conferences?

Procedure to apply and get the moneyDownload the International conference travel grants form and send it after attested by Guide/ Div Head/ IGCAR Director along with necessary attachments.You attend the conference and upon returning, apply with the claim sheet and necessary attachments like bills.More items…•

How do I find an international conference?

How to Find a ConferenceTrying to find a research conference that’s right for you is no piece of cake. … Search for conferences online. … Read Journals and Magazines. … Ask fellow researchers for conference tips. … Find a conference that matches your research timeline. … Set out your goals for finding a conference.More items…

How do you attend a convention?

10 Tips For Attending A ConventionCreate An Arrival And Parking Plan. … Familiarize Yourself With The Convention Schedule. … Prepare Snacks For The Day. … Bring A Tote Or A Backpack. … Bring A Portable Charger. … Prepare For Wardrobe Malfunctions And Other Potential Issues. … Save Money By Registering As A Group. … Bring Water.More items…•

What is sponsorship in marketing?

Now is the time to sit down and listen. Sponsorship is a partnership between your event and your sponsors, and requires a sincere interest in their objectives and how you can help them achieve their goals. The more you listen to your sponsors, the better equipped you’ll be to create custom packages that unlock tremendous opportunities for you, …

Can sponsors help you?

Sponsors can help you take your conference to the next level. But finding the rights ones — and designing conference sponsorship packages they love — can be a serious challenge. One mistake event creators often make when approaching sponsors is to treat them as one-off transactions.

Why is it important to remember your sponsors?

These two words are important to remember because you will want your event and your sponsors to stand out and make a lasting impact on your attendees by creating unique and personal experiences. For your current sponsors, come back with ideas on how they can add to the experience of the event.

What is platinum sponsorship?

Then a level down from premiere is platinum. Platinum sponsors are returning sponsors that put forth a lot of time and money.

What is the best app to store documents?

The first one we recommend is Dropbox. Dropbox is a personal cloud that holds files and documents. The next one is OneNote. OneNote is an app you can download that holds documents and is a place to store your creative ideas and collaborate with others. The last one we recommend is Evernote.

Why do companies combine sponsorships?

Many companies combine sponsorship when they have creative ideas that are out of their realm or they are not willing to buy-in alone. This is something you could offer to first-time sponsors so that they can get a feel for your event and hopefully be a returning sponsor. Lastly, invite future sponsors to your event.

What is sponsor park?

SponsorPark is another resource for future sponsorship. Through SponsorPark, sponsors are able to search by specific interests (category, location, and price range) and then review their matches. Similar to SponsorMyEvent, you would post a profile for your event in hopes to attract future sponsorship.

Why is it important to continue to aggressively push sponsorship?

In reality, it’s important to continue to aggressively push sponsorship because many times they see the email but don’t think anything of it. If you hold conference sponsorship meetings and present the value of their sponsorship many of the companies will begin to see why you were so interested in the first place.

Can food sponsors pay for food?

It’s pretty easy to find food sponsors because although they do not pay to sponsor your event, they provide food and they are able to visibly and instantly see increased brand perception. If a business wanted to donate food to your event, they would typically not be visible at the event.

Leverage Your Assets

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, which means you need to know what you can offer in return for a big name sponsorship. Sponsors usually tend to leverage their sponsorship as a strategy to get some value out of their investment. In short, your sponsors will want something for sticking their brand name to yours.

Time Your Event

Many companies, especially large ones, tend to offer event sponsorships at certain times during the year. This cannot be changed just because you asked nicely since their budgets are formulated the previous year.

Make Good Use of Data

Make no mistake; you will have to woo the company into sponsoring your next event. The best way to do that is by using a data-driven sponsorship proposal.

Does your event need a sponsor?

For many events, sponsorship is the key to powerful marketing. In addition to raising funds, having one or more event sponsors can open up opportunities for:

How to choose a sponsor for your event

Yes — you’ll have so many options, you’ll actually get to choose! And you might even find that because event sponsors are reaching out to you.

5 ways to find an event sponsor

A little creativity and some elbow grease are required, but finding options for event sponsors is a super attainable goal.

Learn how to get sponsors for an event with these 8 tactics

When you’re job hunting, you don’t send the same generic cover letter to every company. The same principle applies to event sponsorship proposals.

Stay confident in your sponsorship proposal

Ultimately, remember that potential sponsors are businesses — not philanthropic organizations. They want something in return for funding your event.

Do all events need a sponsor?

Not all events need sponsors. You may be contacted by a company who wants to hold an employee event or a couple who want a wedding or party planned. You may work with charities who have their own sponsors or other organisations with the resources already in place.

Selecting potential event sponsors

Selecting event sponsors is a little like planning the event itself. You need to take a good look at your target audience and pitch the idea to the right sponsor. A scattergun approach involves a lot of work and a lot of disappointment so targeting your sponsorship companies carefully gives you a higher chance of success.

How to secure a sponsor

Once you have found some potential sponsors, what do you do next? You still have a ton of work to do before you approach that sponsor so let’s tackle that next.


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