How to get tickets to aprill 2020 conference


How many sessions are in the General Conference 2022?

Join with millions worldwide to hear inspiring messages from living prophets and apostles. The free conference consists of five sessions happening on Saturday and Sunday, April 2–3, 2022, including a session on Saturday evening for women and young women (including those who turn 12 in 2022).

How do I get tickets for General Conference International?

If you live outside of the U.S. or Canada, you must ask your local stake leaders to submit a General Conference International Ticketing Request from to the Conference Center Ticket Office two months prior to the event. If neither of these things work out, there is standby seating available to those who arrive at the conference center early.

How do I get tickets for a stake event?

Most stakes are given an allotment of tickets to distribute. If you live outside of the U.S. or Canada, you must ask your local stake leaders to submit a General Conference International Ticketing Request from to the Conference Center Ticket Office two months prior to the event.

Where can I find general conference talks after conference?

General conference talks in text, audio, and video formats are provided in multiple channels for studying after conference, including the Gospel Library app, YouTube, the general conference section of, and Church magazines. The news feed is currently unavailable.


How do you get tickets to 2022 general conference?

Tickets will be available through stake presidents in the United States and Canada. A conference session ticket also serves as a ticket to ride any UTA transit option during conference weekend.

How can I watch the general conference in April 2022?

Online. Video and audio of full sessions. Available immediately on the Live Broadcast Page on and on the General Conference YouTube channel after each session and on Gospel Library within 24 hours.

Will general conference be open to the public?

It’s the first general conference in two years that will be open to the public — with 10,000 people attending per session in the 21,000-seat Conference Center. Tickets for the conference are being distributed to stakes and districts in the U.S. and Canada.

Who is speaking at general conference April 2022?

President Russell M. Nelson, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaks during the 192nd Annual General Conference at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City on Saturday, April 2, 2022.

Is LDS general conference in person?

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had its last general conference that was open to the public in October 2019.

Is general conference Virtual this year?

2021 General Conference: virtual-only audience, Tabernacle Choir performing live. SALT LAKE CITY — Final preparations are under way for the 191st Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Can I watch general conference live on YouTube?

YouTube app for connected TV devices and smart TVs (Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, game consoles and smart DVD players). All sessions will be streamed live in English.

How can I watch LDS church online?

Web users who have a high-speed Internet connection can go to the broadcast page on during live Church broadcasts and click on a link that will take them to BYU-TV’s live video stream.

Can I attend general conference in person?

Seating at general conference, scheduled for April 2-3, will be limited to 10,000 people per session due to parking and accessibility concerns related to the construction on and around Temple Square. The church is urging those with plans to attend the conference to use public transit where possible.

Can I attend general conference?

“In-person attendance at the general conference sessions will be limited due to the extensive construction taking place on and around Temple Square; however, a limited number of tickets will be distributed to stakes and districts in the United States and Canada,” according to the letter.

Can you go to general conference?

General Conference will include limited in-person attendance.

How old is Russell M Nelson?

97 years (September 9, 1924)Russell M. Nelson / AgeRussell Marion Nelson was born September 9, 1924, in Salt Lake City, the son of Marion C. and Edna Anderson Nelson. On Thursday, April 14, 2022, President Nelson is 97 years, seven months and six days old — surpassing President Gordon B.

How can I watch the LDS women’s conference?

Watch online on, and BYUtv. Sessions were also streamed on BYU Women’s Conference Facebook and YouTube and The Church News Facebook and YouTube. Below are links to summaries of the various presentations and addresses. Watch full sessions on YouTube in the carousel above.

Is there a Saturday night session of general conference?

Beginning with the October 2021 semiannual general conference, the Saturday evening session will be continued. All members and friends of the Church are invited to view this session. It will not have a specific theme, nor will it be intended for any particular demographic or leadership group.

What is the seating capacity of the LDS Conference Center?

21,000Conference Center / CapacityThe LDS Conference Center across from Temple Square is one of the largest religious auditoriums in the world. Seating capacity in the main auditorium is 21,000.

How can I watch general conference 2021?

Watch Live All sessions will be streamed live on You can also watch and listen on Gospel Library, YouTube, radio, television, satellite, and other channels. For a detailed list of options, see Ways to Watch or Listen to General Conference Live.

Is LDS general conference in person 2021?

For the October 2021 general conference (to be held October 2–3), conference proceedings will originate from the Conference Center auditorium in Salt Lake City. Once again, the Conference Center will be closed to the public.

Who will be speaking at general conference?

Speakers include the prophet and leader of the global Church, President Russell M. Nelson, and his counselors in the First Presidency. The conference also features messages from members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and other Church leaders.

What channel is LDS general conference on?

The church’s YouTube channel will stream the conference live in more than 30 languages. will also carry all general sessions live in English.

How can I watch general conference 2021?

Watch Live All sessions will be streamed live on You can also watch and listen on Gospel Library, YouTube, radio, television, satellite, and other channels. For a detailed list of options, see Ways to Watch or Listen to General Conference Live.

Can I watch LDS general conference on Roku?

General conferences and other events can be viewed live on the Mormon Channel on Roku. Mormon Messages, Church Educational System devotionals and many other materials are also available for streaming on this channel.

What time is general conference 2022 in Arizona?

What is the schedule for April 2022 general conference? There will be five general sessions — three on Saturday, April 2, and two on Sunday, April 3. Saturday morning session, 10 a.m. MDT.

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What can you bring to a conference?

The only items allowed are clear plastic water bottles, umbrellas, and small handbags. Know what items are not allowed before entering the Conference Center.

Where to ask about tickets?

If you live in the U.S. or Canada, go to your local stake leaders to ask about tickets. Most stakes are given an allotment of tickets to distribute.

When does standby seating start at Temple Square?

The line begins forming about two hours before each session at the north gate on Temple Square. Beware, though. Once seating runs out, the rest of the line is out of luck.

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