How to get travel grant for conference


First of all, contact with conference organizers, they have limited travel grants. Secondly, funding agencies or donors who organize conference. Third options are mentioned in above given links. Fourth option higher education organizations in your country which grant scientific projects.

In order to obtain a travel grant, you usually need to be an enrolled student at the time the conference takes place. Sometimes postdocs or young faculty may apply as well. You typically need to submit an application by a deadline weeks to months ahead of the conference.Oct 27, 2014


How to apply for international conference travel grants?

Download the International conference travel grants form and send it after attested by Guide/ Div Head/ IGCAR Director along with necessary attachments

What is conferences&travel grants scholarship?

This Conferences & Travel Grants scholarship can be taken for pursuing in Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Health, Safety & Environment Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering or Petroleum Geosciences.

Where can I get a travel grant?

Remember to first try to request a travel grant from your Educational University/Institute. You may be pleasantly surprised! They may know of a granting group of which we are unaware. Try also your local Chamber of Commerce and Local Authority. Listed below are a small number of additional groups which provide travel grants.

When will the travel grant open?

Travel Grant open after April 15, 2019. About 10-15 student travel grants will be available. The travel grant includes a waiver of registration fees for both conference and tutorial, train fare by shortest route in III-tier sleeper class (non-AC), hostel-type accommodation and some support for local hospitality. Student authors are given priority.


How do I write a travel grant for a conference?

How to write a student travel award applicationProvide all the information you’re asked for, and in the format requested. … First impressions count. … Tell us why you deserve an award. … Show you’ve done your homework. … Tell us how this award will help you.

How do I request a travel grant?

How to Write the Justification for a Travel GrantWhen you apply for a travel grant, you have to include a justification for it in your application letter. … The justification part of your application letter is where you explain, why you need support to attend the event you are applying for.More items…•

What is a college travel grant?

The Global Access Initiative (GAIN) Travel Grant provides funds for flights to and from their CIEE program for students who are eligible for federal Pell Grants. To apply: Students upload their FAFSA Student Aid Report.

How do I apply for international conference?

Procedure to apply and get the moneyDownload the International conference travel grants form and send it after attested by Guide/ Div Head/ IGCAR Director along with necessary attachments.You attend the conference and upon returning, apply with the claim sheet and necessary attachments like bills.More items…•

Which institution does provide grants for attending international conference?

Either use Institute fund or DST fund for the same. Both are applicable to research scholars once during the tenure of PhD.

How can I attend a conference for free?

But for just about every conference, there really is some way to attend for free.Cover it for the press. … Look for contests. … Volunteer your services. … Ask your boss to send you. … Present at the conference. … Ask for a scholarship.

What is conference scholarship?

Conference attendance allows people to meet one another, as well as learn and discuss issues and ideas relevant to their work. Both members and non-members are encouraged to apply for a Workplace Policy Conference grant. Eligibility.

How do I apply for an academic conference?

How to Get Accepted to an Academic ConferencePick the right conference for your personality and your research. It sounds simple and yet is really worth remembering: the best way to get your work accepted is to target it to an appropriate conference. … Look out for a Call for Abstracts. … Tips on submitting your abstract.

How many times can you use a DST grant?

DST travel grant can be used once in three years up to 35 years. Many of us are eligible for at least two times from now. In many agencies, two applications from the same institute are not entertained during the same month. If then, only younger will get a travel grant.

Does CCSTDS send DD?

They will send you the DD according to your claim. While CCSTDS sends DD to you, DST sends DD directly to Accounts officer, IGCAR along with communication to you. Always scan all your documents starting from passport front-page, visa, ticket, bills and have a soft copy with you.

What to do if your destination is not connected to Air India?

If the destination is not connected by Air India then you have to take an Air-India flight to the nearest place and take some other airline to the conference city or nearest airport. Keep the toll-free phone number of your airline for emergency. You can block your ticket with the travel agency without giving money.

Can you change flights with two different airlines?

If you are changing two or more flights from different airlines, then always make sure at the airline counter that your baggage is checked in. In many chances, they may miss your baggage in transit airport and you’ll have to struggle for a day or two.


Students must apply prior to the first date of the virtual conference or conference travel, but no more than 3 months in advance. Under no circumstances will approval be granted if the application is submitted late.


Students must be active (not discontinued, graduated, or on leave) and in good academic standing in PhD or MFA programs administered by The Graduate School (TGS) and within their degree time limitation.

Review process

Program Approval: Your program’s CTG contact will receive an email once you submit the online application form. Program approval indicates that the department has vetted the application and approves of your attending the conference on behalf of the University.

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Participating in prestigious international scientific events, with secured travel grants, is important for academic accomplishments, and career development. It demands systematic planning, and efficient management of resources.

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Mostly conference organisers also give links for aid providers other wise if you have any project you can arrange within the project. Ministry of education and HEC can also help in this regards.

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What is KSIR scholarship?

KSIR (Korean Society Of Interventional Radiology) International Fellowship 2017 is a Partial Funding international scholarship offered by the Korean Society of Interventional Radiology for international students. Students eligible for this scholarship are: Open to applicants from Asia.

What is the Stiftung Mercator 2020?

Stiftung Mercator – Turkey Europe Future Forum Program, 2020 is a Partial Funding international scholarship offered by the Istanbul Policy Center at Sabanci University and Stiftung Mercator for international students.

Why do PhD students get trapped?

Many PhD students and researchers get trapped because they found themselves either want to register after the travel grant application deadline has been passed or having money in their accounts while the event registration deadline has been already fired off. 2. KNOWING YOUR RESOURCES.

What is active participation in a grant?

Active participation is a green sign of individual intention to attend the meeting. The chances of grant application to pass the initial review is high enough if you have accepted abstract. However, you can also apply if you don’t have but then other criteria of selection will be applied.

How can creativity and innovation be extended beyond creating new methods or innovative new ideas?

It could also express new ways of approaching the existing methods, major additions to existing ideas and utilizing the most cost-effective resources to have the maximum outcomes and benefits.

Is knowledge dissemination a tool?

Knowledge dissemination represents one of the most powerful tools in science development. National and international conferences, symposiums, different scientific meetings, abroad short courses, are all of major interest, however; not all of us are “lucky” enough to attend. In fact, luck has nothing to do with the application you are applying.

Do PhD students have to submit a post event summary?

Most PhD students and other researchers unaware of this requirement and submit very basic post-event summaries and therefore it’s not odd that their next applications are rejected. You must show the funder of your scientific trip that most of your covering or motivation letter have been met.

Conference Grant – Application Form (Online)

The Graduate School offers Conference Travel Grant Opportunities of up to $700 to research degree students to travel to a professional conference at which they are presenting. Online conference presentations are eligible for a grant of up to $200.

Research Travel Grant – Application Form (Online)

Grants to conduct thesis/dissertation research of up to $2,000 are open to research degree students, with priority given to those who have or will have completed their A exams by the date of travel. However, all research degree students are encouraged to apply. In a typical year, the Graduate School provides funding to 80-100 students who apply.

Intercampus Travel Grant – Application Form (PDF)

Grants of $150, the cost of a round-trip ticket on the Campus-to-Campus bus, are open to doctoral students who wish to travel between Ithaca and New York City to advance their dissertation research. See the application form for more information about eligibility requirements and instructions.

Summer Foreign Language Grant – Application Form (PDF)

Grants of up to $1,000 are offered to research degree students for summer travel to foreign countries for intensive (non-English) language instruction. See the application form for more information about eligibility requirements and instructions.

What is ACM-W in computer science?

ACM-W provides support for women undergraduate and graduate students in Computer Science and related programs to attend research conferences. This exposure to the CS research world can encourage a student to continue on to the next level (Undergraduate to Graduate, Masters to Ph.D., Ph.D. to an industry or academic position).

What is Carlsberg Foundation?

The Carlsberg Foundation supports excellent basic research at the highest international level in the fields of natural science, social science and the humanities, carried out by Danish researchers and foreign researchers with a pre-established connection to Danish research environments .

What is a TWAS grant?

The World Academy Of Sciences (TWAS) Research Grants. TWAS funds several programmes that provide grants to researchers in some developing countries for specialized equipment, consumable supplies and Master of Science students. Individual scientists and research groups can apply for this grant.

What is a Boehringer Ingelheim grant?

The Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds awards Travel Grants to junior researchers who are currently conducting an experimental project in basic biomedical research and wish to pursue a short-term research stay or attend a practical course of up to 3 months.

What kinds of travel fellowships, scholarships, & grants are there?

There’s academic scholarships to travel abroad, which is great if you love report cards—for you smarties out there!

Where can I find travel scholarships for college students?

We’re glad you asked! We’ve got a handy dandy little thing over at GoAbroad called a “ Scholarships Directory .” This is your go-to for all things travel scholarships! Again: Go. Abroad. Scholarships directory. Filter your search by experience to find great opportunities across the web, all in one place.

How do I apply for travel grants, fellowships, & scholarships without wasting my time?

Another great question, class! Very nice! My mother’s always told me that if you’re not nervous about a job interview, then you probably don’t really care about the job. I think the same thing stands true for a lot of other things as well. [**Like applying for scholarships to travel abroad.]

Are travel fellowships worth all the fuss?

PFFFT. Is it worth it? Are overpriced avocados low-key the worst? Is Beyonce an angel we don’t deserve? Could your brow game be even stronger? YAS. Of course travel scholarships are worth it.


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