How to get your kids to sit through lds conference


Conference Chain: Make a bunch of strips of paper and have your kids each write down the name of each speaker and start making a chain. Combine everyone’s chains at the end to see how long it is. Conference Cash: This brilliant mom gives her kids fake money to cash in for treats if they are good.

Give them small treats or snacks when they hear the words, or make it even more fun (and long lasting) by setting up a general conference “store.” Choose words, names or phrases such as “prayer,” “faith,” “family” and “temples,” and give kids a notebook or piece of paper to write the words down on.Mar 17, 2016


How do I get the most out of general conference?

Here are five ideas for how to get the most out of general conference:Write down your questions before general conference. … Review messages from the previous general conferences. … Get to know the speakers. … Take notes and be ready to respond when answers come. … Start a fun family general conference tradition.

Is LDS general conference open to the public?

It’s the first general conference in two years that will be open to the public — with 10,000 people attending per session in the 21,000-seat Conference Center. Tickets for the conference are being distributed to stakes and districts in the U.S. and Canada.

What age is the priesthood session for?

ages 11 and olderSince 2018, the priesthood and women’s sessions of general conference have alternated — the Saturday evening session in April for all holders of the Aaronic or Melchizedek Priesthood and the Saturday evening session in October for all women and girls ages 11 and older.

How long does Mormon conference last?

What is a general session of conference? General sessions of conference are meetings where all members of the Church gather with Church leadership. In the past, these sessions generally covered three days, with two sessions each day. On occasion, meetings did extend to four days, making a total of eight sessions.

How old do you have to be to attend LDS general conference?

Children under the age of eight years, including infants, will not be admitted. If members require wheelchair access, accessible seating, translation support, closed captioning, or other services, they should inform the guest service ushers upon arrival at the Conference Center.

How do I become a good LDS parent?

First, parents can pray in earnest, asking our Eternal Father to help them love, understand, and guide the children He has sent to them. Second, they can hold family prayer, scripture study, and family home evenings and eat together as often as possible, making dinner a time of communication and the teaching of values.

Can Alexa play LDS general conference?

Audio of all sessions will be streamed live in English. First add Gospel Voice* to your Alexa: Say, “Alexa, enable Gospel Voice.” Then say, “Alexa, ask Gospel Voice to play general conference.”

Can people attend LDS conference?

Conference Center capacity will be 10,000 people per session; the use of public transit is encouraged. Due to parking and accessibility concerns related to the construction on and around Temple Square, seating at the April 2022 general conference (April 2–3) will be limited to 10,000 people per session.

Why did LDS conference end early?

In June, church leaders announced it would abandon the Saturday evening sessions. That decision, the leaders wrote Tuesday, “was based on changes in technology that make it possible for all members and friends to view each session of General Conference.”

What are the 5 sessions of general conference?

There will be five general sessions — three on Saturday, April 2, and two on Sunday, April 3.Saturday morning session, 10 a.m. MDT.Saturday afternoon session, 2 p.m. MDT.Saturday evening women’s session, 6 p.m. MDT.Sunday morning session, 10 a.m. MDT.Sunday afternoon session, 2 p.m. MDT.

How long is the women’s session of LDS conference?

two-dayThe women’s session, which hasn’t been held since October 2020, will take place on Saturday night of the two-day meeting for all women and girls 12 and over. “A limited number of tickets will be distributed to stakes and districts in the United States and Canada,” the top leaders said in a letter.

Is general conference a Mormon thing?

General Conference is a gathering of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), held biannually every April and October at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. During each conference, church members gather in a series of two-hour sessions to listen to the faith’s leaders.

Is the evening session of general conference for everyone?

“The Saturday night session now will not be audience-specific for anyone. It won’t be only a Priesthood meeting or only a women’s meeting…it will be open to everyone,” said Esplin.

Did President Nelson serve a full time mission?

Nelson, who became a renowned heart surgeon, did not serve a full-time mission. He grew up at a time when expectations about proselytizing service were different in the church. All young and senior missionaries “teach and testify of the Savior,” he said.

Are all members of Mormon Tabernacle Choir Mormon?

The Choir is composed of 360 volunteer singers ages 25-60 — all exceptionally talented musicians. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah at the headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Choir is composed of faithful members of the Church.

How many people can sit in the LDS Conference Center?

21,000Conference Center / Capacity

Can you go to general conference?

General Conference will include limited in-person attendance.

How do LDS raise children?

Principles for Successful ParentingFaith. Parents should teach children to have faith in Jesus Christ and use their growing faith in gospel principles to govern their personal lives (see Matthew 17:20; Hebrews 11:6; 3 Nephi 18:20; D&C 68:25).Prayer. … Repentance. … Forgiveness. … Respect. … Love. … Compassion. … Work.More items…

How do I become a better father LDS?

Spending Time with Your ChildrenPay Attention. You pay attention to your child by responding to his presence, particularly when he is speaking. … Share Your Experiences. Sharing takes place when you and your child talk and listen. … Do Things with Your Children. A child needs to enjoy family activities and traditions.

How can I be a better parent?

9 Steps to More Effective ParentingBoost Your Child’s Self-Esteem. … Catch Kids Being Good. … Set Limits and Be Consistent With Your Discipline. … Make Time for Your Kids. … Be a Good Role Model. … Make Communication a Priority. … Be Flexible and Willing to Adjust Your Parenting Style. … Show That Your Love Is Unconditional.More items…

Can we attend general conference?

In-person attendance at the general conference sessions will be limited due to the extensive construction taking place on and around Temple Square; however, a limited number of tickets will be distributed to stakes and districts in the United States and Canada.

Can you go to general conference?

General Conference will include limited in-person attendance.

Who can go to LDS general conference?

In April and October, two-hour sessions on Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon meetings are open to everyone. A Saturday evening session is designed for Latter-day Saint men and young men who hold the priesthood.

How can I attend general conference 2022?

Tickets will be available through stake presidents in the United States and Canada. A conference session ticket also serves as a ticket to ride any UTA transit option during conference weekend.

Why We Keep Our Kids in Church

We started out keeping our oldest in church as an infant because she was still napping during the service time. Rather than skip church and stay home, we wore her or held her in service so she would get her nap and we could both (Josh and myself) benefit from the teaching and community.

When Practice Pays Off

After almost five years of teaching our kids to join us in service, the Covid pandemic hit. During 2020, church services were closed for months at a time. Even when churches opened again, most nurseries and children’s classes remained closed.

Your Free Guide to Mealtime Discipleship!

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How to Teach Your Kids to Sit in Church

As I have discussed on Instagram and the podcast, so much of this comes down to cultivating a family culture that values the Word and the church community. Church is not something you do; it’s a family you’re in. How you as parents view the church has a direct impact on how your kids view church.

Answering Objections

When you start teaching your kids to sit in service, some people might have questions. In the three churches I’ve attended while a parent I have never once had pushback on this, but I hear some people do, so here are some ways to respond.

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How to get kids to listen to talk?

Listen and Do. Sometimes the best way to get children to listen is by providing them with quiet yet spiritually uplifting activities. While listening to the various talks, they are bound to have a little less wiggle in them by doing one of the following activities: Conference Squares.

How often do the Twelve Apostles hear from the prophet?

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are blessed to hear from a living prophet and each member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles every six months. While adults may appreciate the incredible blessing this opportunity is, young people might not.

What is a general conference notebook?

The General Conference Notebook is a great resource for teens to use before, during and after each semiannual conference session. The General Conference Notebook includes a section for premeditated questions, guessing games and a large section for notes (or doodles). You can download the notebook here .

What is a conference square?

Conference Squares is a Bingo-like game with spaces represented by different Church leaders, historic events and themes that one might hear in general conference talks. The game is played by listening to each talk. When children hear the topic of the square spoken, they get to cover it with a piece of candy or other marker.

Can personalized devices distract you during a conference?

Technologically Savvy. Personalized devices can be a distraction during general conference, but they can also be a blessing. Try encouraging teens to use different applications to uplift themselves and others while they listen along to the conference talks. undefined.

What is conference weekend?

Conference Weekend is a special time, full of the heavenly smells of homemade cinnamon rolls and special foods being baked, uplifting music coursing through the air, and the happy sights of fun crafts and activities that we reserve for this special time of year. The kids are always so excited. It’s like a mini-Christmas, but without the presents.

How long is a general conference?

There are four general sessions that are each two hours long, and by golly… that is a long time for them to sit quietly and just listen!

What are the common mistakes in parenting?

Here are seven common parenting mistakes—and how to fix them. 1. Not teaching your children how to work effectively. Even though most parents understand how important the concept of “work” is, very few parents today are willing to teach their children how to work.

What does raising the bar for missionaries mean?

Since parents have the primary responsibility for teaching their sons and daughters the gospel of Jesus Christ, raising the bar for our future missionaries means raising the bar for parents as well! Over the years as a family counselor, priesthood leader, and parent, I have noticed several key mistakes that many contemporary parents consistently …

How to teach kids to not quit?

Parents should do hard and difficult things with their children, such as running races, hiking, swimming, and other physically demanding activities. Teach your children not to quit.

What should children do each day?

Children should have chores to do each day, and when they become older, they should secure summer and part-time jobs. 2. Teaching children that obedience is optional. Children learn through media and other outlets that they do not have to obey teachers, church leaders, or even parents for that matter.

What does agency mean in parenting?

Many parents confuse agency and freedom. “Freedom” is to allow your children to do whatever they want, without any consequences. “Agency,” is the freedom to choose, but there are always consequences for those choices—both good and bad.

How to help children grow and develop?

For children to grow, develop, and mature, they must experience life’s demands and challenges —firsthand. Solution: Encourage your children to do hard and difficult things. Help them understand that real self-worth and confidence comes from engaging in things that are difficult—not easy.

When rules are broken, should children be disciplined?

3. Protecting children from anything they don’t want to do, or anything that is hard, uncomfortable, or inconvenient.


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